45 Classic Examples Of Sibling Rivalry At Its Finest

By Sachin P

The finest aspect of being a family member is knowing that somebody comprehends and recognizes who you really are at your core. It’s both our best asset and our biggest flaw. When you get past the lovey-dovey and cute stuff, you discover that your closest friends and family have an unbelievable amount of knowledge about how to get under your skin and keep you happy at the same time. This is where harmless pranks enter the picture. Growing up with siblings means that pranks are unavoidable. Based on how much you enjoy practical jokes, this could either be a never-ending nightmare or a fantastic roleplaying experience. Whatever the case may be, we won’t mind being pranked by our siblings at the end of the day.

Shock and awe

You hear a weird knock outside of your door. You look at the time. It’s pretty early in the morning. With a frown, you open the door to see who it is, but you don’t see anyone at eye level.

Image courtesy of RexFry2005/Reddit

Then you look down and see this almost Firby-like thing. No arms, only legs, all cute. Well, it’s your little sister! It did give you quite a fright, but seeing her happy face makes you happy too. All good fun!

Prosthetic bling

Losing a limb can be a harrowing experience for the parties involved. Just because the limb is not there, that doesn’t mean they are over it. Amputees get phantom limb pains and go through many things while putting on a brave face for the world.

Image courtesy of stalnoypirat/Reddit

They require our help, care, love, and less of our pity. That’s what is happening here. The sister is treating her brother in a way he doesn’t feel like he’s something special. His condition is normalized, and they get a good laugh from it.


Now, how excellent is this idea? This is an instant ice breaker where ever this guy wears it to. People are bound to look at his shirt and ask him questions like, “Hey man, is that you on the T-Shirt?”

Image courtesy of GeorgieWashington/Reddit

To which he would probably answer with a big smile on his face. Just look at him in the pictures. He’s happy as a puppy. And to think that they have continued doing this for seven years is pretty impressive.


This is as heartwarming and cute as anything can possibly get. We really wanted to know how she felt when she finally heard the reason HR summoned her for. It must have been sweet when she knew it was because of her little sister.

Image courtesy of deployedinspiration/Reddit

Here you are dreading if you have done something you shouldn’t, only to realize that your 11-year-old sister wants you to be treated better. If this isn’t the most adorable thing you all have heard, well, then we can’t be friends.


Babies have their own way of communicating. Until they pick up on thoughts and one day, all those incomprehensible “goo-goo gagas” become very understandable. But, way before that, if they happen to be twins like this, they have their own way of communicating.

Image courtesy of parksandtheoffice/Reddit

Now, it is practically obvious that the sister (on the right) has told some raunchy baby joke to her brother (on the left). She’s cracking up by looking at his expression. He’s all uncomfortable because what if mommy and daddy heard it?

Going all Chi-Fu on her brothers

If this cartoon seems a bit out of context for some of you, let us explain. So, the regal-looking tall guy on the left is the Emperor of China. The comical guy on the right is the emperor’s advisor, Chi-Fu.

Image courtesy of librarian-byday/Reddit

This can be seen in the 1998 animation film Mulan which is a beloved classic. Apparently, the sister here adores it to the point where she takes the chance to recreate it with her brothers. Now that is really adorable!


Best friends bring with them unforgettable memories to last a lifetime. Sometimes, our best friends happen to be our own brothers and sisters. If the connection is real, the bond will stand the test of time, and you’ll have amazing memories with them.

Image courtesy of russian-florida-man/Reddit

Which is what we see here first hand. This little dude got stuck in his swing. So in the most authentic sibling way, they opened the showers on him. If this doesn’t explain sibling dynamics to you all, we don’t know what will.

Opportunity given, opportunity taken

To us, life is all about the opportunities that you take and that you don’t take. In a way, the decisions we make along the way shape everything that happens around us. By that, we live a life that is unpredictable.

Image courtesy of Christina A. Meador/Facebook

That is the case you see here. This lady jumped to the chance that was offered to her and made the best out of it. After all, the bride did say, “whatever she wants,” so why not seize the opportunity if it’s there?

Through sickness and in health

Because you haven’t seen each other before the wedding, that very first sight as you walk down the aisle will become more memorable than ever. The custom, however, has no romantic history. Arranged marriages were once normal and functioning, more like a family contractual relationship.

Image courtesy of chosenplatypus/Reddit

That’s why this prank gets the reaction it gets. Here the groom is all ready to welcome his wife and out pops his brother in a wedding dress. We do have to say that the dress fits him perfectly. Plus, the tiara is a nice touch.

All for one, one for all

Chihuahuas make wonderful domestic pets. They enjoy being noticed and are devoted to their masters. Despite their reputation as lap dogs, they are lively and prefer to be kept happy. When treated with respect, Chihuahuas make will love you unconditionally.

Image courtesy of la_baconator/Reddit

They have a notoriety for snarling at outsiders or little kids who could be a threat to their tiny stature. But this guy right here found a way to make his time with these furballs entertaining and really funny. He nailed it.


We all need motivation, in whatever form, at some point in our lives. To keep the grind and the hustle going, you need to plow forward. Once what needs to be done, you can finally look back with content.

Image courtesy of frekkenstein/Reddit

That was the case here. The sister was struggling when it came to her studies. Then her brother gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse. She went on to graduate, and they both attended the ceremony in matching dresses. Now, how sweet is that?

Drama Llama

Keeping to a promise can be a tricky thing sometimes. But, if you are willing to stick to it and fulfill it when the right time comes, it results in so much satisfaction that no amount of wealth can buy.

Image courtesy of uk.style.yahoo.com

Now, look at these siblings here. The brother kept his promise! Like something from the Emperor’s New Groove, he brought a llama as promised. And look how dapper the llama is here. His outfit is on point with a crisp, tailored tux.

Blocked vision

Those of us who use glasses know how much they mean to us. Without glasses, everything seems like you’re looking through a wet windscreen with a broken viper. Glasses present everything around us in HD and navigate us through the world.

Image courtesy of undercoverantichrist/Reddit

Knowing that is what makes us laugh through the pain when we see this prank. No way can the person getting pranked can put these glasses on because they won’t stay sturdy on the nose bridge. We hope they found the key to open the lock.


There’s a reason why you should not be leaving certain items around if you have cheeky siblings. Real siblings are on the constant prowl to one-up their brothers and sisters by some prank. So, exercising caution is always good.

Image courtesy of southern_ell/Twitter

This is one of the best and the most hilarious examples of what we said earlier. In a way, the sister did ask how the product was, so the brother naturally helped her out in the most hilarious way imaginable. We love him.

Grudge vibes

Remember The Grudge movies? The story follows those who have been impacted by a curse brought about by the fury of a murdered family in a home in Suginami, Japan, which wrecks the lives of everybody who makes contact with it.

Image courtesy of funny/Reddit

This curse, called “the Ju-on,” causes its sufferers to become gravely ill, then generates a fresh curse to be created and spread like a virus to all who visit the family dwelling. We really hope the person getting pranked didn’t have a heart condition.

Mug (shot)

So, one brother gets the family new, shiny black mugs. Nothing to suspect here. All looks innocent. For a moment, you forgo all the nagging doubts because, from the brother’s point of view, it is a very thoughtful gesture.

Image courtesy of @Dilicious23/Twitter

But they didn’t know that the mugs were the heat-sensitive kind. To even think of doing such a prank, you really need to have a unique brainwave which was confirmed in this case. It must have been priceless when the joke worked.

Top (koala)ity work

Most of the time, little kids vent their frustrations by crying. Sometimes, this behavior is considered an advantage and is taken as a luxury by most pre-teens. They can cry and make a scene, and from that, they get what they want.

Image courtesy of redditrunner2/Reddit

That’s what seems to have happened here. The older sibling, on the other hand, had the perfect response. They placed this koala mask on their little sister. The real funny thing is that even the koala mask looks offended.

Find the difference

Martin Handford invented the Where’s Waldo? collection of kid’s puzzle books in the United Kingdom. The publications are composed of a series of realistic double-page layout pictures featuring scores or even more individuals doing a range of entertaining activities in a specific place.

ElleonNotnomis / Reddit

Basically, you have to spot Waldo out of hundreds of other characters. Odd man out. Now, look at these two and try to figure out the differences between each picture. This is what you call seamless copying of a photograph.

Meme material

As kids, we weren’t that self-conscious when it came to posing for photos. In a way, it was good because we were happy the way we were and more accepting. But somehow, that positive nature gave rise to some iconic photos.

Image courtesy of Murttu/Imgur

Just like what you see here. Even though she looks like an extra from The Shining as a kid, as an adult, she looks charming like a ray of sunshine. Now, that’s what we call a glow-up of the highest regard.

Heart and sole of the joke

Again, like many of the pranks that we have looked through so far, this one also takes the cake. It’s simple. It’s effective. And, it’s really funny. We have to hand it over to the groom’s brother for being so quick-witted.

Image courtesy of emilybowser/Reddit

As far as the story goes, the bride was a little skeptical as to why the groom’s brother was suddenly kind enough to shine the groom’s shoes. Even though the bride’s side was tight-lipped, the groom’s side had a good laugh.

Rock solid brotherhood

Few things even come close to the feeling when you’re given a gift by someone you know. It adds more if the gift is given when you least expected it. Remember opening Christmas presents as a kid? Now that’s bliss.

Image courtesy of Jordanc369/Reddit

This is something else entirely. These brothers have a contest to see who can give the present that was the hardest to open on their birthdays! This guy must win because there is no topping a solid block of concrete as a present.

“Grown ups”

Ahh! Black Friday. It’s the most hectic and chaotic day when it comes to capitalism and consumerism in general. People go into a frenzy over all the deals available, and fights breaking out isn’t uncommon. Also, watch out for the stampedes when the doors open.

Image courtesy of mpantone/Reddit

On a day like this, what these brothers did was absolutely hilarious. Everyone is on the hunt for bargains, and there is a lot of stress in the air. So, why not laugh at the stress whenever possible? Great job, guys!

Season’s Greetings

Sure, it’s just the end of fall. But, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas these days. Nothing like the season. Nothing like waking up on Christmas day in your family home and opening the presents over some eggnog.

Image courtesy of scrambelina/Reddit

And there’s this way of welcoming your loved ones to your home in a truly sibling-centric way. We sure hope they didn’t decorate the room with red lighting as it could give the wrong impression. People won’t think that’s Rudolph over there.

Shirt game on point

Just like best friends, siblings really know what to buy for each other. Sometimes, it’s something they really want and have been looking forward to, and through pranks or jokes, siblings deliver. That is not really the case here.

Image courtesy of TheIndulgery/Reddit

This guy’s sister went full prank mode on him. He must have been like, “Oh cool! New T-shirt!” and happily put it on. Then, he laid eyes on the wording. His wife, on the other hand, looks like she’s entirely on board.

Who pranked who?

Lego sets keep getting more and more intricate. That just adds more to the fun. Those who know, know how awesome it is to build a technic set or an architecture set from scratch. Finding the correct piece can be a headache, though.

Image courtesy of sneki_snek/Reddit

When you look at this image, we are truly lost as to who is pranking who. Sure, this person just wrapped every single piece with paper, and unwrapping them can be considered as a prank. But doesn’t wrapping take longer than unwrapping?

Well played

Tricking your family members into believing something takes skill is a talent in itself. Plus, it’s definitely not something that you can teach. You have to bide your time, think through, and must have quick wit to get away if the tables turn in their favor.

Image courtesy of stepsister69/Imgur

So, that is why this prank can be considered a masterclass. The sister wanted to gorge on chocolates (who doesn’t), and she wanted to keep her brother out of this. What’s the best way to do it? Apparently this. Well played indeed.

Pre french fries

The Mcdonald’s fries are by far the most popular menu item at the fast-food restaurant, topping out staples such as the Big Mac. They’re great as a side dish or a snack, and they go well with almost any sauce.

Image courtesy of @kyundscammer/Twitter

But it’s not vegan, so people who do not consume meat products should shun McDonald’s fries as it uses “beef flavor.” Now imagine all that hype surrounding the fries, only to be punked by your little sister into having a raw potato.


Frequent yoga practice improves the clarity of mind & causes relaxation, promotes bodily consciousness, eliminates high cortisol causing tendencies, calms the mind, focuses concentration, and improves mental alertness. These are all but a few of the many benefits that yoga offers.

Image courtesy of soulcityyoga_ /Instagram

So no wonder she wanted to showcase her yoga skills near this scenic fountain—perfectly harmless setting. But when you hand over your phone to a sibling, be on the alert for any pranking situations that might occur. Out of nowhere, if we are to add.

Macho man time

It’s a staple in some movies, mainly action movies, for heroes or villains to walk away with their back to the destruction they caused. It does look really cool if the cinematography and the camera angles are on point.

Image courtesy of damwards/Reddit

Which is not the case here at all. This is not the next James Bond after the departure of Daniel Craig from the franchise. This is just a groom who was photoshopped into a setting like this by his cheeky sister. What a riot!

Heckin’ bamboozled

Ferrero Rocher is a chocolatey and hazelnut delicacy made by the Ferrero company in Italy. Michele Ferrero, the former owner of Ferrero SpA, is credited with inventing the confection in 1979. One whole roasted hazelnut is enclosed in a delicate wafer shell.

ambadatusername / Imgur

It is then filled with hazelnut chocolate and topped with melted milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. We explain this description to give you an idea of the bitter disappointment the guy would experience when he bites into one of these anomalies.

Caught in the act

It’s not always climbing that is hard. It’s actually getting down that is the hardest thing. When you look up, all you see is the place you have to get to so you can be done. When you look down only, you start to panic.

Image courtesy of degrudv/Reddit

Which is what happened here. The little boy used the stool to maybe get some water from the tap. The little girl saw this, took her chances, and picked up the stool. She seems annoyed because daddy is disturbing her fun.

Trust issues in 3,2,1…

This is the oldest prank in the book. Effective also. It’s almost instinctive for people to look into the opening of a water hose if the water stops coming out. Remember that behind-the-scenes part where Luke Skywalker looks into the lightsaber? Something like that.

Image courtesy of kitaro53085/Reddit

We really hope that the water pressure was manageable before the little girl let go. Not only he will be left with surprise and trust issues, but he might also have to use an eye patch like a pirate. Safety is vital with pranks like these.

If abstinence had a face

Well, there’s always the option of never using it. Or, they could use it as a doggy blanket. We are sure that the dog would be appreciative of this gesture. It offers more square footage for it to roll over and sleep.

Image courtesy of McChillin8/Reddit

For sure, this fleece would prevent any misbehaving when it comes to his sister and her fiancé. Can you even imagine spicing things up and then letting your sight fall on your brother-in-law watching you like some weirdo? Instant turn off.

Never let your guard down

Those of us who have siblings know the value of keeping our guard up at all times. Because they will prank or strike the moment, you let your guard down. So, always be on alert because you can’t anticipate anything.

Image courtesy of Alomba87/Reddit

She, on the other hand, let her guard down. She let her brother take an ugly picture of her. He took the chance and got it duly printed onto a heat-changing mug. Whatever is said and done, it seems like they are having a good laugh.

Hardly noticeable

There’s a reason why dentists advise people to keep their teeth clean. Not to boost business. Come on, don’t be that shallow. It’s because it’s one of the very first places people notice when they look at someone else’s face.

Image courtesy of mandrew32183/Reddit

That’s why she thought it would be a good idea to use a face mask. Because it promptly covers the gap in her teeth. Well, apparently, her brother had other plans and made her the face mask that we see here. Hilarious!

He’s a little confused but he’s got the spirit

Kpop, or South Korean mainstream pop music, has its own formula for international success. The key component, a memorable hook tune, is combined with a distinct dancing technique and presented in a spectacular video. The whole program is designed to be shared on social media.

Image courtesy of SayMarin/Reddit

The music takes on an existence of its own on social media thanks to a dedicated fan base. Well, this brother took the opportunity to prank his Kpop loving sister. She doesn’t seem too amused, but we hope she gets the gist!

Off key

The QWERTY design was devised for the Sholes and Glidden typewriter, which E. Remington and Sons purchased in 1873. It gained popularity after the triumph of the Remington No. 2 in 1878, and it is still widely used today.

TheBK_1er / Reddit

Now you know the history of the keyboard layout. So imagine getting up one morning and just starting to type an important document. You’re so used to touch typing it puts you off when you see wrong letters. What a top-tier prank this is.

That’s one way to do it

We remember Sunday schools. We had friends there, and it was a school in a way, but it was on a Sunday. That sucks. Sunday’s are for sleeping in after a hectic week, and what comes after Sunday? Monday! So you need the energy.

Image courtesy of CharlesButtlet/Reddit

But, we have to admit the comedy spirit on this guy. He went all this way to troll his brother in Sunday school, in full view of his close mates. What an absolute legend he is. We sure hope he was able to pull it off.


Most of you know what this is. This is a wheel boot, Denver boot, parking boot, or a wheel clamp. It’s a gadget which is used to keep cars from moving. At its most basic form, it comprises a clamp that covers a car wheel.

Image courtesy of greengiantj/Reddit

It is aimed at preventing both the clamp and the wheel from being removed. So, can you imagine the surprise and dismay of the person when they see this? Panic and hilarity are abundant in situations like this all over.

Long game

Patience allows us to look deeper into things and circumstances than they appear to be. Considerate people can be incredibly popular because of their ingenuity, calm, empathic conduct, and self-control. Also, it offers them internal serenity, which matters the most.

Image courtesy of screaming_bagpipes/Reddit

The ability to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity is another important aspect. So with this intro, we can assume how patient the person who instigated this prank is. It takes some real skill to think through and plan something like this.

Wafer roll mania

Wafer rolls. They seem quite innocent and inconspicuous at first. It does look like a striped cigarette in a way. What seems to be the apparent appeal with these things? Then you take one and have a small bite.

Image courtesy of Asackofgiantpotatoes/Reddit

One leads to another and another until the entire tin is empty. You will go through these like the cookie monster. That’s the appeal of wafer rolls. No wonder it came to this. It’s a pretty ingenious way of hiding the fact there’s nothing left, though.

Between a rock and a hard place

Few things can compare to the joy of receiving a present from somebody who you know. It adds to the surprise factor if the present arrives when people least suspect it. When you were a youngster, do you recall unwrapping Holiday gifts? That’s pure joy.

Image courtesy of Knot_Much/Reddit

This, on the other hand, is something else. They put the gift they got for their little brother inside a bucket of concrete. They should have gotten the poor guy a mallet and a chisel as well from the looks of it.

So vicious!

Remember that Powerpuff girls meme? Where Mojo Jojo and HIM hear about an evil plan, and Mojo Jojo, with tears streaming from his eyes says, “that’s the evilest thing I can imagine.” Well, this actual situation is a worthy contender.

Image courtesy of charleswalsh207/Reddit

We mean, what diabolical genius thinks of cutting up a block of soap, which looks like cheese, into cheese cubes and presenting it to their brother. Can you even imagine the level of chaos when the victim of the prank takes a bite? Instead of tasty cheddar, it’s Nivea!

Someone call a priest!

Ever seen a human form from the corner of your eyes? Just for a fleeting moment? Like you’re passing a room, and you see this shadow of sorts from the corner of your eye, but when you examine the room, there’s nothing.

Image courtesy of aurore_du_ciel/Instagram

The human brain picks up on visual cues like that. Plus, it is not something you want to see really early in the morning or at night. This is why if this prank were to succeed, it could have given a nasty shock to the person getting witnessing it.

Rock on!

Remember the TV series Metalocalypse? This TV program revolves around Dethklok, a larger-than-life melodious deathrock band, and frequently depicts grim and morbid topics, such as brutality, killing, and the downsides of celebrities, with exaggerated black comedy. It has good meme potential.

Image courtesy of thedarcy/Reddit

This is exactly what happened to this guy right here. He was expecting something really lovely only to be punk’d by Metalocalypse memes. In a way, this situation itself is a meme. Just look at the poor guy’s face. He’s really disappointed.