Penny-Wise Pampering: 35+ Quick and Inexpensive Beauty Hacks

By Ishita P

Alright, listen up, beauty buffs and wellness warriors! We all want to look fabulous without declaring bankruptcy, are we right? Maintaining your gorgeous self doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Sure, the beauty aisle is calling your name with its siren song of flawless skin promises, but let’s be honest—it can be a financial rollercoaster.

But fear not! We’ve got your back with a budget-friendly beauty and wellness manual. This listicle has 45 hacks that won’t make your wallet cry. These tricks aren’t just about looking like a million bucks but about feeling like a million bucks, too. Forget the pricey potions and lotions; we’re talking practical, down-to-earth tips that won’t leave your piggy bank in tears.

So, gear up for a journey into the land of affordable glam and well-being. Your bank account will thank you, and you’ll be strutting your stuff confidently without breaking the budget!

1. Discover the Versatility of Lipsticks

Lipstick—hearing this word will instantly make you think of a product used on the lips, but do not let its name deceive you because it has many hidden talents. Yes, you do not have to limit the usage of lipsticks solely to your lips.

Image courtesy of butterkoala/Reddit

You can dab some lipstick with nude or pink shades on your cheeks to add a hint of blush or apply it on your eyelid as an eyeshadow. So, from now onwards, you don’t have to spend money on lip color, eyeshadow, and blush separately; you can easily beautify yourself with just one product.

2. Clean Pores with Floss Picks

If you’ve run out of pore strips, head to the bathroom and pick your floss picks. Yes, they aren’t as costly as pore strips but deliver the same result, provided they’re used correctly. So, in the first step, soak your face on a hot towel for a few minutes to let the pores open.

Image courtesy of kidsdentalsmile/Glamour

Next, take two disposable floss picks and scrape them gently over your skin. It will clean the pores by removing the top layers of blackheads and dead skin cells, giving you clear, radiant skin. Unlike pore strips, it prevents you from tearing your skin, leading to scarring and skin damage.

3. Layer Perfumes with Vaseline

Smelling good is one of the keys to feeling beautiful, but often, our perfume can part us way sooner than we expect it to. However, with this simple and cost-efficient trick, you won’t have to worry about the short-lasting power of your fragrances anymore.

Image courtesy of redbookmag/Pinterest

All you have to do is take a dollop of Vaseline petroleum jelly and apply it to the pulse points of your skin. Follow this up by spraying the perfume on the same areas, and you’ll find that the scent stays much longer, making you smell aromatic and fresh all day.

4. Alcohol for Fixing Pressed Powder

With the wonders it does to our skin, a fine, compact powder is a must-have for most women. But situations where you drop this product and open it up to its disastrous destruction aren’t uncommon. It happens often in our busy mornings, so here’s a quick fix.

Image courtesy of diyscom/Pinterest

Take the broken compact powder, crush its tiny bits into a fine texture, and bring it into the desired shape. Now, grab an alcohol solution and spray it over. It will set the compact to its original form, and you can use it like before without having to rebuy a new one!

5. Get a 7-Hour Sleep

The modern generation is obsessed with being super-productive, but we often forget that certain habits we practice in the name of productivity cause us to be ineffective. It includes staying up late at night working, studying, or simply scrolling social media and depriving our body of the required hours of sleep.

Image courtesy of Brentwood Home/Pinterest

Every time you wake up after fewer hours of sleep, observe your body minutely; you will experience exhaustion and lethargy. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep is a healthy habit you should incorporate into your routine regardless of your tight schedule. It will balance your hormones and boost creativity, concentration, and attention span.

6. Glossy Hair with Mayo

We all love smooth, shiny, and glossy hair, but sometimes, fulfilling that dream for ourselves can’t seem real, even with the most expensive hair care products. However, worry no more because a trivial little tub of Mayo is here to save your hair!

Image courtesy of bustledotcom/Pinterest

Yes, you can get shinier hair with mayonnaise, and it’s not a drill. Spread some Mayo to your hair like a mask using a wide-toothed comb and leave the same for 20 minutes, covering it with a shower cap. Once done, rinse your hair and get the desired results.

7. Whiter Teeth with Banana Peels

We’ve all heard about the nutritional values of eating a banana pulp, but do you know its peel also has some beneficial qualities? If you’re looking for solutions to get brighter teeth on a budget, save your journey to the store and use a banana peel.

Image courtesy of wikihow/Pinterest

Rub the fruit’s peel gently on your teeth for a few minutes. The high magnesium and potassium content in a banana’s skin will help fade the stains and make your teeth appear shinier and brighter, allowing you always to have a Colgate smile.

8. Define Your Cupid’s Bow with Highlighter

Cupid’s Bow refers to the upper part of your lip with a central indentation. It is one of the main areas responsible for making your lips seem fuller and more defined. But you can only achieve this look with the right makeup trick, that is, by using a highlighter.

Image courtesy of 303 Magazine/Pinterest

Highlighter, the magician’s wand of beauty! Sure, it’s the VIP on cheekbones, but let’s spill the glittery secrets: Cupid’s Bow joins the glam squad. Swipe a bit, and voila—plumper lips! Bonus trick: a dab on the lower lips’ center for that extra pouty mic drop. Who said makeup isn’t a bit of sorcery? Sparkle on!

9. Even Skin with Lactic Acid

Uneven tone is one of the most common skin problems people suffer from. Although many are proficient at evening out their skin tone using makeup, there are better long-term solutions. A better way out would be to opt for lactic acid-based skincare products.

Image courtesy of LaksamonBut/

Pure lactic acid not only covers the uneven skin tone but also addresses the issue directly. It evens out the complexion while making the skin brighter. Besides, it’s not very expensive and thus saves you the need to apply foundation daily.

10. Coconut Oil Shaving Cream

If there were an award for the most multifaceted ingredient, it would go to coconut oil because of how it comes into use for several beauty hacks. Here’s another exciting benefit, adding to the versatility of coconut oil—it acts as a cost-effective alternative for shaving creams.

Image courtesy of experthometips/Pinterest

So, if you want to save money buying shaving cream, grab a small bottle of coconut oil and generously lather it on your skin. Shave the concerned areas and rinse them off. You’ll undoubtedly see the glow and feel your skin to be super soft and smooth.

11. Layer Glue and Nail Polish

Imagine you give your hands a nice manicure and paint your fingernails with your favorite shade. It’s all nice and done, but as you start doing your household chores, the nail paint gets chipped off within a day. Sounds familiar, right?

Image courtesy of osagaz/Pinterest

Although many expensive undercoats are available, this hack will always satisfy you. All you need is a bottle of PVA glue. Put it on your fingernails as an undercoat, and then apply the nail polish. The glue will create a stronger base for the nail paint, making the color last longer.

12. Use Old T-Shirt to Dry Hair

That old cotton tee gathering dust? It’s time to recruit it for a second act! Say goodbye to microfiber towels and hello to the multi-talented tee. Soft? Check. Absorbent? Double-check. It’s not just a shirt; it’s a domestic superhero, proving that fashion can save the day in the world of chores!

Image courtesy of Beauty Stock/

Thus, it can dry your hair naturally in a gentle manner without causing any damage to your hair roots or strands. So, if you don’t have a microfiber towel or don’t want to invest in one right now, put your old stocked cotton Tees to use.

13. Remove Sand with Baby Powder

Hitting the beach on a warm day, soaking up the sand, and walking bare feet sounds fun and relaxing until it’s time to leave, and you realize you can’t just get the sticky and scratchy sand off your skin. Thankfully, we have an easy hack for you!

Image courtesy of inquirer

While this may be unheard of, baby powder can dry off the sand and help you dust it off from your body. It also makes your hands and feet soft and smooth, rendering you baby-soft skin. So, the next time you plan to visit the beach, carry baby powder along.

14. Best Time to Apply Deodorant

Deodorants have been a holy grail product to keep us smelling fresh regardless of how hectic our day has been. But there is a right time to apply it, not in the morning. Instead, the best time to apply deodorant is at night, right before going to bed.

Image courtesy of Voyagerix/

Experts reveal that we sweat less when asleep, decreasing the activeness of our sweat glands. It causes the glands to absorb the deodorant better and work more effectively, offering better protection the next day. Hence, you won’t have to reapply the product time and again, enabling it to have a longer shelf life.

15. Orange Fragrance for Well-Being

Enter the citrus serenity squad! Orange essential oils: the maestros of calming aromatherapy, like a spa day for your senses. Feeling budget-friendly? Grab an orange—the poor man’s aromatherapy is still rocking that nerve-soothing magic. Who knew citrus could be the zen master we all needed? Peel, inhale, and let the calming vibes roll!

Image courtesy of sciam/Pinterest

Packed with vitamin C, this citrus fruit is a healthy snack and a source of happiness. It alleviates all your stress and elevates your mood. Thus, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, smelling a fresh orange a day can effectively keep your stress away!

16. Ice Massage for Face

Ice cubes not only help us enjoy cool drinks but also benefit our skin. Soaking our face in ice water for a few minutes can reduce puffiness and smoothen fine lines. Making this practice a part of your skincare regimen can have long-term anti-aging benefits, too.

Image courtesy of Stylecraze/Pinterest

Sometimes, we have sleepless nights and end up looking pale and dull like a blood-deprived vampire. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend time and money using color correctors and concealers on your undereye bags to reduce puffiness. With this little hack, you’re good to go!

17. Longer Lashes with Baby Powder

Long and luscious lashes are something we all desire, but like every dream, it’s hard to achieve. Even though we’re fascinated by the results of a particular mascara in advertisements, they don’t turn out the same for us when applied in reality. So, here’s how you can get the desired outcome.

Image courtesy of elle/ideiasincriveis/Pinterest

Before using the mascara, dip a cotton bud into some baby powder and dab it gently on your lashes. As you apply the mascara, you’ll notice it sticks better and looks like you’ve just gotten some professional extensions. No wonder this is a handy trick to appear expensive without spending a hefty amount!

18. DIY Lip Color

Anything that adds a tint to the lips should be a must-have in every woman’s makeup routine. A hint of color on your lips instantly makes you appear happier and brighter. However, if you can’t find the right shade you’re looking for, here’s how you can become your artist.

Image courtesy of knkl30/Pinterest

First, take a pigment color and some lip balm of your choice. Next, mix both ingredients with a small makeup brush, and in no less time and money, you will get the perfect lip color you’ve desired to have all along.

19. Use Socks for Voluminous Curls

If you want to get some curls in those long hair but don’t intend to spend bucks on expensive curlers, this hack is just for you! Open your closet, grab some clean socks, and turn them into hair curlers by wrapping them around strands of your hair.

Image courtesy of Unknown User/Pinterest

Secure them by fastening a knot at the bottom, then go off to bed with them tied overnight. When you wake up, you’ll be amazed to see the natural, glossy waves, adding volume and shine to your hair. However, do not brush along the curls, or they will disappear.

20. Turmeric Paste for Brighter Skin

Turmeric is a crucial kitchen ingredient that can help you achieve an instant healthy glow and brightness. Mix some turmeric powder with milk or water and make a fine paste. Apply it on your face, leave it on for a few minutes, and rinse it off.

Image courtesy of SuperGirl15/Reddit

When you look in the mirror, you will be surprised by the results. This natural, cost-effective face mask reduces hyperpigmentation, swelling, wrinkles, and irritation, improving overall skin health. However, ensure you leave it on for only a short time to avoid its yellow stains.

21. Fresh Shoes with Tea Bags

Stinky shoes are the enemies of every cupboard. If not taken care of, the foul smell can spread throughout your home, making sitting there tricky. But if you have some tea bags in your kitchen cabinets, you have an antidote ready for this smelly issue!

Image courtesy of hilayoseph/Pinterest

Put the herbal tea bags into the footwear and leave them overnight. It will absorb the odor and freshen your shoes the following day. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone by using your old tea bags and saving bucks from buying odor-destroying products.

22. Water for Fast Drying of Nails

Adding some colors to your nails can instantly make your hands look manicured, but only if the nail polish sits on your nails obediently without getting smudged here and there. This is easier said than done because drying nail polish takes ages!

Image courtesy of Unknown User/Pinterest

But worry no more; you only need water to overcome this hurdle. Just take a bowl of cold water and dip your freshly painted nails in it for 15 seconds, or you can also wet your hands in cold running water. Trust us; it will give you salon-like nails at home at no charge and time.

23. Avoid Caffeine After 2 P.M.

Beware the caffeine monster! Science spills the tea: cut off the caffeinated shenanigans post 2 P.M. The evening caffeine rendezvous isn’t the night owl’s BFF. So, if your mug starts whispering sweet nothings after the afternoon, resist the siren call for a peaceful night’s sleep. Sweet dreams, not coffee-fueled nightmares!

Image courtesy of Antonio Guillem/

We usually think of evenings to begin after 4 P.M., and that’s when we assume to avoid our cup of coffee. But consuming caffeine earlier than 2 P.M. will give the substance enough time to travel through our digestive system before hitting the bed and prevent us from being sleep-deprived.

24. Perfect Contour with Fork

Proper contouring gives our face an immediate sculpted look. Even though multiple tutorials exist online for the same, mastering the art of contouring may seem difficult. But worry no more because the key to achieving this lies in your kitchen.

Image courtesy of makeuphousehold/Instagram

Take a fork and place it on your nose in this way. It will guide you through the areas you need to highlight and shade. Once done, blend the areas neatly with a brush and get the perfect contoured look without spending time, money, and energy on those makeup tutorials.

25. Trick to Apply Undereye Concealer

The area surrounding the eyes is very sensitive. Along with dark circles, this is where signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, start to become visible early. Although a concealer can help conceal these issues, you can only get the right coverage through the correct application.

Image courtesy of bloglovin/Pinterest

The best way to apply concealer under your eyes is by gliding it in an upside-down triangular shape and blending it downward. It will make your eyes appear brighter and more youthful. However, ensure you’ve moisturized your skin and applied foundation before doing this.

26. Toothpaste for Plump and Glossy Lips

For ages, toothpaste has rendered us a brighter and shinier smile, but here’s a surprise reveal — it can also help you get fuller and glossier lips. So, if you’ve run out of lip balm but want to add shine to your lips, head to the bathroom.

Image courtesy of BonSlime/YouTube/

Take any toothpaste, whether Colgate or Crest; it doesn’t matter because once you apply some paste to your lips, you will instantly see them turn glossier and plumper. It is an excellent alternative to your lip balm, and you might not even have to buy one anymore!

27. Patch Test Foundation on Neck

We use the tester on our wrists or arms whenever we head to the store to get a foundation. We believe this is how we’ll get to know the correct shade. But to make a better choice, you should test the foundation on your neck instead of your arms and wrists.

Image courtesy of vupload94/Pinterest

Matching your foundation to the skin tone of your neck will enable you to buy a more accurate shade for your face, helping you achieve a smoother and clearer look. So, if you’ve always wondered why your bought foundation never produces the desired results, it’s probably time to switch the patch trial sessions to your neck!

28. Apply Eyeshadow for Thicker Hair

Have you ever wished for that celebrity-level hairline magic? Voila! Dive into the fabulous pool with an eyeshadow that’s your hair’s BFF. Matching the hues means joining the ranks of photo-ready hairlines. Who needs Hollywood when your eyeshadow is the backstage pass to red carpet perfection? Give that hairline a standing ovation!

Image courtesy of Cosmopolitan/Pinterest

Ensure to be gentle with the application and move it upwards. In minutes, you’ll have a hairline that looks fuller and thicker. At times, when you need a quick fix for your beauty regime, opting for illusionary tricks like this one can be the best decision.

29. Lighten Your Foundation with Moisturizer

Once we buy a new foundation, we’re thrilled to try it, but this excitement can soon become a disappointment if the shade turns out too dark for our skin. You’ll no longer have to stick to the wrong foundation shade once you’re introduced to this trick.

Image courtesy of FEMALE Magazine Malaysia/YouTube

Take a bit of your foundation and a drop of a light-colored moisturizer. Start blending the two to lighten the foundation’s pigmentation. However, to get full coverage, add a dash of color corrector and mix them well until you get your desired shade.

30. Spoons to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

The value of cold teaspoons cannot be underestimated when treating puffy eyes. Whether the cause of the swelling is because you’ve stayed up all night or have undergone a crying session, all you require is two spoons from your cutlery drawer.

Image courtesy of Marie Claire/Pinterest/Etsy

Freezer to the rescue! Forget pricey potions; wield the magic of frozen spoons! Apply those chilled warriors to your under-eye bags, and voila! Puffiness vanquished, brightness restored—thanks to the superheroes in your kitchen. Why splurge when your freezer can be the spa retreat for those tired eyes? Spoon power: saving dollars and eyeballs!

31. Remove Blemishes with Aspirin

We commonly look at Aspirin as a painkiller and limit its function to the same. But this pain-relieving medicine does not only care about your physical well-being; it has other benefits, too, particularly in maintaining your skin’s beauty and wellness.

Image courtesy of heathertallody/stylecraze/Pinterest

Just grind some Aspirin tablets into a powder, mix it with water, and turn it into a fine paste. Then, apply this mixture as a face pack and leave it in for a while. It will soothe irritated skin, reduce acne, and smoothen wrinkles.

32. Face Wash Using Dandruff Shampoo

Ah, the acne saga—a confidence ninja and a peace pirate! The solutions? They’re like highway robbers, demanding a toll on your wallet. It’s a skincare showdown where your face battles pimples, and your wallet battles bankruptcy. Who knew clear skin came with such a hefty price tag? The struggle is real!

Image courtesy of cmoisant/Pinterest

Well, it’s time to save your money and restore your self-esteem. Take an anti-dandruff shampoo and apply it to your face as a cleanser. Be sure to wash it for at least a minute. Zinc is a common ingredient with antifungal properties so it can treat acne just as well as dandruff.

33. Switch to a Silk Pillow

Enter the unsung hero of beauty sleep: the silk pillowcase! It’s not just a fabric; it’s a wizard for your hair and skin. Move over ordinary pillowcases; silk’s here to sprinkle its magical, face-friendly dust. Beauty sleep just got an upgrade, and your hair and skin throw a silky soirée every night!

Image courtesy of Stylecheat/Pinterest

Silk does not soak moisture and is much gentler than cotton, thereby being kinder and healthier for your skin and hair. While some hacks mentioned here are quick fixes, this one’s more of a beauty tip that will serve you well in the long run.

34. Brighten Grey Hair with Baking Soda

Undoubtedly, grey hair is becoming a trend, but regardless, it can appear dull and dry if you don’t take proper care of it. So, to achieve flawless grey hair, open your kitchen cabinet now and pop out some baking soda.

Image courtesy of waewkid/

Mix the baking soda with a hair conditioner and prepare a hair mask. Leave it on for two minutes and rinse it off. Apply it with gloves on your hair strands, not your scalp. It will add more shine and brightness to your locks, making them appear luscious.

35. Draw a Hashtag for a Beautiful Smokey Eye

A well-done smoky eye look can instantly elevate your personality and make you seem gorgeous. It adds a bold feminine power to your appearance. However, getting that flawless smokey eye makeup can be challenging without smudging it all over the lid.

Image courtesy of jessnicwil/Pinterest

So, here’s an expert tip to ace your smokey eye game—draw a small hashtag on your eyelids with an eyeliner and start shading it with a similar hued eyeshadow and smudger brush. Indeed, you won’t get Insta-worthy smokey eyes, but at least you will be saved from making a mess.

36. Dry Shampoo Before Sleep

Most beauty hacks that work wonders have a common time frame… before going to bed, and this one is no exception. Like deodorants, the right way to use a dry shampoo is to spray it on your hair at night.

Image courtesy of shopify/Pinterest

When you’re asleep, it will absorb all the oil your hair produces, eliminating the need to wash it the following morning. So, once you wake up, all you have to do is brush through your hair and style it the way you want.

37. Brighten Nails with Toothpaste

Toothpaste is undoubtedly an item that can be regarded as the Jack of all trades because it comes in handy for multiple hacks. From making your dirty shoes sparkly white to reducing pimples effectively, it turns out that this oral healthcare product can brighten your nails, too.

Image courtesy of elsierabalais/Pinterest

Squeeze some toothpaste on an old toothbrush and gently scrub it on your fingernails. Leave the paste on and rinse it off to get bright, salon-like, manicured nails at minimal cost. However, please note that if you’ve sensitive skin, scrub using your fingers rather than the brush.

38. Pedicure with Saran Wrap

One of the keys to taking care of yourself is getting a pedicure done occasionally, but its expense can make you drop the idea of going to the salon. So, if you want to give your feet tender love without spending much, get some Saran wrap and olive oil.

Image courtesy of Unknown User/Pinterest

Owing to olive oil’s anti-inflammatory properties and Saran wrap’s heat-trapping nature, this hack will moisturize and soften your feet effectively. So, first, lather your feet with olive oil. Next, lay the Saran wrap all around and secure it with tape. Leave this mask overnight; you will have smooth, silky feet the following day.

39. Pulse Points for Perfume

Ever splurged on perfume, expecting an aromatic symphony, only to feel betrayed by its disappearing act? Fear not; it’s not the perfume’s fault! Sometimes, it’s all about the application game. Perfume: the diva of scents, demanding a red carpet rollout for that enduring fragrance magic. It’s not just spritz and go; it’s a fragrance ballet!

Image courtesy of Unknown User/Pinterest

We have specific points in our body that are more reactive to perfumes, called pulse points. These are the areas located on our neck, wrists, behind the knees, and ears. The blood pumping on the skin’s surface of these pulse points generates adequate heat, activating the perfume molecules to emit an intense, long-lasting aroma.

40. Pop in Vitamin D Daily

Intaking vitamin D is the simplest way to ensure your overall well-being, from achieving better skin and eradicating potential bone problems to boosting your immune system to reducing fatigue. Rightly named the sunshine vitamin, it is packed with innumerable benefits.

Image courtesy of popsquared/Pinterest

Ah, the sun—a Vitamin D chef for our skin. But wait, UV rays are the photobombers! Enter Vitamin D supplements, the daily superheroes. Pop that pill, let the magic unfold, and give those sneaky rays the boot. It’s like a sunbath in a capsule, minus the sunscreen drama.

41. Saline Solution to Restore Dry Mascara

Mascara tubes often dry out because whenever we use them, air gets pumped in. It makes you pick up the product and throw it in the bin, but hold on before you do—here’s a cost-effective fix to this problem: the Saline solution.

Image courtesy of kristinalstahl/Pinterest

Grab a saline solution and pour a few drops into the mascara bottle. Shake it a bit so that the mixture can dissolve. Your mascara will work like usual in no time as if you just freshly brought it off the store. And the best part is that it is perfectly safe for your eyes.

42. Use Toothbrush to Tame Flyaways

Ever crafted the perfect hair symphony, only to be upstaged by unruly frizz rebels? Fear not, for the mighty toothbrush comes to the rescue! A quick fixer-upper for those rebellious strands—consider it your frizz whisperer. Because sometimes, victory comes in small, bristly packages. Hair harmony is restored!

Image courtesy of popsugar/Pinterest

Take a clean toothbrush and gently comb your hair to keep the flyaway frizz at bay. Once you’ve given it a good brush, fix it with a final spritz of hairspray, and voila! You’ll achieve the classic sleek and neat hairdo that will make you look like a celebrity freshly walking out of the salon.

43. Brighten Underarms with Potato

Having dark armpits can take a severe toll on your confidence and self-esteem, particularly when you want to wear sleeveless outfits. But worry no more; all you need is a common kitchen ingredient to unlock the door to brighter and smoother underarms.

Image courtesy of positivemed/Pinterest

Grate some raw potatoes in a bowl and scrub them on your armpits for a while. The starch in the vegetable will eventually start lightening your dark pits. Although it might seem messy, it is undoubtedly the easiest and cheapest way to brighten your underarms.

44. Treat Oily Face with Eyeshadow Primer

Applying makeup on oily skin is pointless because it seems to get off as soon as you’re out and about. So, to ensure that you look flawless all day, using an eyeshadow primer and then layering your makeup is a better idea.

Image courtesy of Vladimir Gjorgiev/

Meet the superhero sidekick for your eyelids: eyeshadow primer! It’s the MVP in the makeup game, engineered to tame those oily eyelid creases. Blend it with foundation, and voila—long-lasting magic and a farewell to that oily shimmy. Because in the makeup world, oily eyelids are so last season! Primer, the unsung hero of the beauty brigade.

45. Prevent Blisters with Tape

Ah, blisters, the party crashers of outdoor fun! Fear not, for hikers unveil their secret weapon: tape, the superhero of fixing and gifting. Now, witness its magical transformation into the guardian shield for your precious feet. Blisters meet your kryptonite—nothing stops the adventure train like sore feet! All aboard, tape warriors!

Image courtesy of Gnashez/Reddit

Just take a simple piece of tape, wrap it over your feet soles in a couple of layers, and put on thick socks. It will facilitate better padding and keep the potential blisters at bay so you can enjoy your walk without pain.