Spain Becomes The First Ever Western Country To Offer Menstrual Leave

By Divya G

Happiness knew no bounds for the female citizens of Spain when the government introduced a new law for menstrual pain. It is probably the first country ever to approve and offer menstruation leave at the workplace. So women suffering from severe menstrual pain can take up to three leaves every month.

Image credits: Sasun Bughdaryan / Unsplash

Various news reports suggest that only a handful of countries grant vacation to women during menstruation. Countries that reportedly offer menstrual leaves include South Korea, Japan, Zambia, and Indonesia. There are, in fact, certain companies in the United States who offer menstrual leave to women every month.

The progressive measure of this European country is undoubtedly a part of the reform plan. This guarantees three days’ leave for those suffering from excruciating period cramps. However, menstrual leave is not entirely federally mandated as paid time off in the United States. Hence, only a handful of private companies in the US offer this benefit to women employees with incredibly varying limitations.

Image credits: Erol Ahmed / Unsplash

The Spanish government introduced this policy for women workers suffering from debilitating pain every month during periods. The Spanish Gynecology and Obstetrics Society reveal that almost one-third of menstruating women experience dysmenorrhea. It is a condition of excruciating cramps occurring before and also during the menstruation cycle.

Several reports significantly state that the symptoms of dysmenorrhea vary from person to person. However, the basic symptoms typically range from diarrhea, headaches, and fever to severe stomach pain. On the other hand, this reform package has pledged to make tampons and sanitary napkins highly accessible.