Where Do Babies Come From?: Funny Kids’ Reactions To The Age-Old Question

By Jhoana C

Kids say the darndest things. They will ask questions about everything and anything. They will ask the dreaded question about where babies come from at one point or another. Some parents are excited about this opportunity to educate their children, but others avoid it as much as possible. Regardless of which group you belong to, there will come a time when you have to sit down and have this talk with your kids. You can sugarcoat your words or be as frank or scientific as possible, but the most important thing is to let them know the truth. You can bet the talk will lead to disgust, angry looks, disbelief, and disgust, as proved by these tweets of parents who went there with their children.

#1 Yes, we’d like to know what they get.

We like this little girl because you should always question the status quo and not just say yes to everything handed to you. She’ll grow up to make an outstanding president or prime minister someday, and we can’t wait to see her when she grows up.

Image courtesy of Elise.axon/Instagram

We understand your question, little girl, and until now, we are still waiting for an answer. It has been ages. Do they get cooties? They do get responsibilities to help raise the child, but not all of them have done it or are doing it.

#2 Is there another orifice where babies can come out of?

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that one of the most challenging conversations they have ever had with their children is about the birds and the bees. It’s not as straightforward as you think when you talk to children about it.

Image courtesy of Lisawiseman/Instagram

Most of the time, children’s reactions can be downright hilarious. Their young minds cannot process the information yet. A good example is this 5-year-old girl who ended up laughing after being told that she came out of her mother’s vagina.

#3 We bet it won’t be “ewww” when the child becomes an adult.

Things have a way of changing quickly. What seems so “ewww” when you’re little may no longer sound that bad once you become an adult. Just take a look at this funny exchange between mother and son about how the little boy came to be.

Image courtesy of Fumi_diversity/Instagram

He thought that the whole reproductive process was nothing short of disgusting but a few years from now, once he becomes an adult and starts exploring his sexuality, the subject won’t be so repulsive anymore. We’re willing to bet money on that.

#4 We never knew birthing could be upsetting to toddlers.

Childbirth can be upsetting or unsettling to mothers and fathers, but until today, we never knew that it could anger a toddler. After all, what do toddlers have to do with childbirth? They don’t go through labor pains, and they don’t certainly have to hold their mother’s hand while she is in the delivery room.

Image courtesy of Erinredgar/Instagram

He believed that babies exploded out of their mother’s tummies just like aliens in movies, and he was upset when his mother told him how babies came into this world. It was far too dull for him. We agree it would be more eventful if there were exploding tummies but think of all the mess the nurses and doctors would deal with!

#5 They should have opted for Amazon Prime.

Some parents dread talking to their children about the birds and bees, but we all must discuss it with clarity so that a young child can understand. You will need plenty of patience for this kind of talk, and it’s probably not a suitable talk when it’s almost bedtime.

Image courtesy of Svenjensfrey/Instagram

However, kids are kids, and sometimes they want to discuss crucial things when they are about to drift off to dreamland. This parent just told his child that babies come from Amazon, to cut the story short. But we do agree with the kid; 9 months is a long time. They should have opted for Amazon Prime.

#6 Where did his other siblings go?

We can’t help but notice that there seems to be something wrong with this situation, and one is how did the history teacher suddenly end up discussing reproduction with the students. Anyway, let’s ignore that for a second and focus on the bigger things.

Image courtesy of Theandersonsirl/Instagram

After being told that he has been intimate with his wife many times, his kids began tearing up and wondered where their other siblings were. Just think how densely populated the world would be if we had babies every time we did it.

#7 We think it’s a little early to get pregnant

Being pregnant only leads to two reactions: happiness and excitement or worry and dread. The former happens when you’ve been trying to start a family and the latter when you used protection because you’re not ready to be a parent.

Image courtesy of 2929_yuna/Instagram

This mom’s daughter walked in on her changing sanitary product, so naturally, the curious child asked her what she was doing. Suddenly, a few hours after the incident, the little girl runs to her mom with tears because she realized that she didn’t have her period and she was pregnant. Kids say the darndest things.

#8 Are we supposed to be doing it somewhere else?

This exchange between parent and child got us thinking, are we supposed to be doing it somewhere else? Perhaps a hotel? But why would we pay for a hotel room when our bedrooms are just as comfortable, and we can stroll right into the kitchen after the deed to get some refreshments?

Image courtesy of Courtneygraf_/Instagram

Seriously though, you have to laugh at children sometimes, they are so innocent, and they come up with the most random questions and statements. Bless their little hearts! Occasionally, we don’t want children to remain as cute as they are forever.

#9 We wonder how long the parent can keep doing this

As much as we’d like to entertain every question our little one throws at us, sometimes we just don’t have the time or are too exhausted. Trust the little ones to come up with out-of-this-world questions just when you’re about to crash and are eager for them to do the same.

Image courtesy of Drjanicelimamaribona/Instagram

This parent thought it would be a good idea to answer questions with a single word, and she called on the Almighty’s name to put a stop to the flow of inquiries, but we wonder just how long she can keep this up. Sooner or later, the child’s going to want more than that.

#10 Believe us, it’s a lot of fun!

We don’t want to be crass over here as this kid is just young and doesn’t know much about the world, but it will always amuse us to think that kids believe adults only do the deed when they want to have babies.

Image courtesy of Rafa_translates/Instagram

What’s particularly interesting about this conversation is that he thinks it’s more fun to have babies than have sex. Babies and toddlers can be fun, but not all the time, especially when they throw tantrums and roll on the ground when you don’t buy them a toy.

#11 Everything in the household should be disclosed to the little boy

Although natural, some people feel embarrassed when they accidentally leave traces of their period in the bathroom or on a bedsheet. But for some, they may see it as a cause of concern for others, like this little boy.

Image courtesy of Joshuadayne/Instagram

He asked his mother what the blood in the toilet was, and his mom answered honestly. Instead of being disgusted by it, he acted like an adult and asked his mom when it happened and told her that she needs to run such things by him next time. We guess they have a very open home.

#12 Well, not all, just some of the babies.

With kids, you never know where your conversation will end up, but we can count that as one of life’s pleasant and sometimes unexpected surprises. We know we have to be honest with them, but there are times when we want to avoid embarrassing questions, so we resort to lying, just like what his dad did.

Image courtesy of Akivotrubova/Instagram

When asked where babies come from, he replied from mommy’s belly to cut the conversation short. However, that’s not what happened. After hearing the answer, the kid naturally thought that all the babies in the world came from his mother’s belly. We’d love to see the condition of that belly if such was the case.

#13 Sometimes, kids can be the sweetest.

Children may believe in magic and fairy tales, but not everything that comes out of our mouths is credible to them. They may have such an active imagination, but there is still a limit to it, and if they hear something alien to them, they won’t stop asking you about it.

Image courtesy of Jannikaedemyr/Instagram

However, this little boy just let it go as if the words exit pathway are things he hears every day. We bet you that the mom was happy he didn’t give much thought and switched to kissing his first home real fast.

#14 Well, we know most people would want to do THAT!

Adopted or biological, we love all our children the same. We don’t love one less and the other more but try as you may, there will be differences when they ask you where they come from because you didn’t give birth to your adopted children.

Image courtesy of Renata.dinizo/Instagram

This lady could escape the dreaded birds and the bees talk because she adopted her kids, and her kids hastily concluded that it’s better that way. Honey, we hate to break it to you, but most of the time, people don’t do the deed because they want babies.

#15 Maybe it isn’t wise to question mommy’s wisdom on this one.

We ask our parents for advice because they have been on this Earth longer than us, and they have a treasure trove of experience from which we can learn. So as children, we probably shouldn’t question their wisdom if we know what’s best for us.

Image courtesy of Ash_gervais/Instagram

This woman has been through where babies come from talk twice, so when her third child asked her, she was pretty confident and flawless with her answer. Her child, however, asked if she was sure. Perhaps she should call a friend for help?

#16 They must have disliked the demonstration.

They say you learn better when you see things with your own eyes instead of just reading or hearing about them. That must have been the case with this little one who got a front seat to a vet breeding a mare.

Image courtesy of Heathermayq_/Instagram

So, when she asked where human babies came from, she was told they came to life similarily to the animal she had just witnessed. She didn’t hesitate before she let out a huge ewww. Is this going to turn off teens too? Maybe it would make a good sex education alternative.

#17 Trust us, little guy, there are many ways around it.

Kids may ask the strangest questions, but instead of admonishing them, we should indulge their curiosity because this is how they learn things. Patience is one of the most important things you must possess when dealing with inquisitive little minds.

Image courtesy of Iknowshilo/Instagram

This boy listened attentively when he was told how he came to be. He didn’t bat an eyelash from the sperm meeting the egg, fertilizing it, dividing it into various cells, and the entire process. The only thing that got him a little piqued was that people had to take their clothes. It can be cone with clothes on, but it’s better with them off…

#18 So, that’s what leads to babies!

We would have loved to be a fly on the wall during this conversation because it’s certainly interesting how this tiny tot concluded that little youngsters came from wine. Perhaps because some people were inebriated when they did the deed?

Image courtesy of Ali.manno/Instagram

Is it because alcohol helps you let go of your inhibitions and act extra flirty? Well, we can only guess, but we will acknowledge that, yes, alcohol is a contributor to babies being born in this world, whether intentionally or not.

#19 Opening a can of worms

When you reply to children’s inquiries, you have to be careful what you say because the last thing you want to do is open a can of worms. One question could lead to another and then another, and before you knew it, two decades have passed since the last time you got some sleep.

Image courtesy of Singh_kitchen24/Instagram

Seriously though, this mother thought that the scene from a TV show would be an excellent way to explain where babies came from, but then it led to other questions about eggs. And, of course, this little one happens to absolutely love eggs!

#20 Be careful what you say

This is somewhat related to opening a can of worms. It would be best if you were careful what you say to little ones because they don’t stop after you answer them. They will think of other things to say and believe us, they don’t run out of things to ask.

Image courtesy of Shiba.cairo/Instagram

You may have plenty of grit, but we can guarantee you will buckle down once they start chipping away at your determination to hold the fort. This has got us laughing, especially when her child asked if she could watch the next time they made babies. Oh, my Lord!

#21 Aren’t you lucky…

Where does this mother get the time and the energy to explain to her two toddlers everything about reproduction, from periods to births to babies? Because seriously, we don’t have the time. Just a little talk about periods, and we already want to doze off.

Image courtesy of Thatnursecancook/Instagram

Let’s face it, it’s not the most entertaining of subjects, but this kid made the subject a little livelier with his unexpected reactions. He thanked the heavens that he won’t have to go through childbirth as he will be a man.

#22 Did the parents dodge a bullet on this one?

As parents, we’d want one of the most critical discussions in life to be left to us. This kind of responsibility should not be given to the babysitter because what if she says the wrong things? What if she doesn’t know how to answer the follow-up questions?

Image courtesy of Nicoleemerging/Instagram

Anyway, this babysitter told the kids she babysat about where babies came from. Naturally, they had plenty of questions after, specifically if their mother and father went through the same process. Luckily, the older sister was there to save the day.

#23 Childbirth has never been hilarious, you psycho kid!

Ask any woman what their labor story was like, and we bet you they would tell you about the painful contractions, as well as the feeling of being in pain and not knowing what to do. It’s not called labor for nothing.

Image courtesy of Ivana.turcinov.dragas/Instagram

If you have high pain tolerance, good for you. However, not all people are like that. This kid thinks that contractions and screaming for more than 14 hours is funny. But he did guess correctly; he isn’t going to get a sibling.

#24 What a sweet little boy!

Children are basically miniature versions of adults, but they have the innocence and sweetness that most adults no longer have. When this little boy found out from his mom where he came from, his reaction was totally unexpected and hilarious.

Image courtesy of Ri_gregory/Instagram

He wasn’t paying attention to all the little things after the long and probably difficult explanation. The only thing that registered in his young mind was all the things his mom had to go through to have him. Such a sweet little boy!

#25 Yes, mom, that topic is not appropriate for dinner.

We can always learn a lesson or two from our little ones, so we should always keep an open mind. This mom learned a valuable lesson the day she decided to discuss reproduction at the dinner table, and that lesson is not to discuss reproduction at the dinner table.

Image courtesy of Thetravelnova/Instagram

First off, discussing the creation of life can be complicated when discussed with kids. Furthermore, it’s a subject that probably doesn’t make you want to eat more. On the contrary, it might just make you lose your appetite altogether for a little while.

#26 Sometimes, sex can be hilarious!

We understand why this kid laughed when his mother explained to him what sex was because, let’s face it, even sex can be hilarious at times. Not all times, though. However, that wasn’t the reaction anyone could have expected.

Image courtesy of Moms_islet/Instagram

The majority of children’s reactions about where they came from are usually disgust and confusion, but count this child out. He finds it laughable, and he thinks that it can only be something incredible that doesn’t happen in real life.

#27 Putting the responsibility on mom

Now, this is one way to dodge uncomfortable questions. Act like you don’t know anything when your child asks you, and for sure, that child will find the other parent to get sensible answers. We see what you did there, dad.

Image courtesy of Xbodycarebeauties/Instagram

This dad told his son that babies come from mixing baby oil with powder, which isn’t true of course. Unicorns are the result of mixing baby oil with powder, not babies. We pity the mom who has to explain most things to this little guy.

#28 Only THREE times?!

We have some big news for this kid, and that is the fact that his parents have done it at least three hundred times because if they had only done it three times, they would indeed be divorced right now. Where’s the fun and pleasure in that kind of marriage?

Image courtesy of Thingabouteva/Instagram

We can only assume that this lady has three children because the kid thought they had done it three times. Kid, every time they do the deed doesn’t necessarily result in babies, and adults don’t only get down because they want babies.

#29 Here you go again with the weird questions!

Honesty is not always the best policy, and parents worldwide can attest to this. There are times when you have no choice but to tell your child little white lies to get them to shut up or stop the conversation.

Image courtesy of Danielle.ricci/Instagram

This mother was quite proud of herself for telling her 6-year-old the truth about where babies come from, but they had many follow-up questions, primarily weird ones. This child’s question tops them all; he asked if the doctors watched his parents procreate.

#30 Because it’s pleasurable.

Some surprises in life are pleasant while others are not. You can count yourself lucky if you always have delightful surprises; don’t we all want that? This kid was a pleasant surprise for his parents, and when they let him know that he was, he met them with confusion.

Image courtesy of Sarahellensellschs/Instagram

You see, he already knew that having sex could lead to childbirth, but his young mind believed that people only did it because they wanted babies. But we adults know that’s not always true; sometimes we do it for lack of better things to do.

#31 Yes, they suck the life out of you sometimes.

We adore babies, and we think they are blessings. They coo, grab you by your hair, and do the cutest things at times, but you also can’t deny that you have to agree with this girl. Sometimes, babies are vampires.

Image courtesy of anna.rds/Instagram

Sometimes, they suck the life out of you! You can’t sleep straight for more than 3 hours, you can’t take a bath, you can’t eat your meals in peace, and sometimes you can’t even do your business in the toilet in peace because they always want to go with you wherever you are headed.

#32 Now, that’s an announcement!

This is the way to make an announcement. We bet all the other family members wondered what led to this moment. Even the mother questioned because it’s been days since he was given the talk about the birds and the bees.

Image courtesy of Yogazelle_/Instagram

But children are like that. You can tell them something, and they will forget about it immediately, only to remember it and tell people about it during the most inopportune moments. Life would be boring without these moments, though.

#33 This conversation is going to take days.

Science is complicated, and a child’s young mind won’t be able to comprehend things if you explain them scientifically. At times, you have no choice but to resort to overly simplified explanations to get your point across, and that is okay.

Image courtesy of Gouthami23.p/Instagram

This guy’s little brain must have been in overload that he could think of nothing more to say than the possibility of asking a few more questions a day after. We are not even sure what to expect from future conversations.

#34 Yes, they probably did it when he was fast asleep in his room.   

We’re pretty sure that most, if not all, 14-year-olds already know where babies come from and how they are made. There’s a great probability that reproduction has been discussed in one of their science classes and that they have listened to the whole talk by their parents.

Image courtesy of Kelly_deneen/Instagram

This teenager couldn’t hold his tongue and had to ask if their parents did the deed while he was at home. Yup, big guy, there’s a significant probability they did it while you were sleeping in your room. However, the younger sister was confused as to what their parents did. That’s going to take a whole lot of explaining.

#35 Wow, that’s one funny child!

Cute kids make you want to hug them forever and smother them with kisses until they say ewww and kick you in the nuts. On the other hand, some kids are cute in their own way that you just have to appreciate.

Image courtesy of Harveyweines/Instagram

This kiddo is wise beyond his years, we would say. Although mom might feel a bit slighted, this little one is only six, so we have to give him a break. Hopefully, mom and dad had a united front on this one.