Suffering From Hyperpigmentation? Here’s What You Must Do!

By Divya G

Everyone has had to deal with hyperpigmentation at some time or the other in life – be it sunspots, melasma, or the reddish-brown bumps left by zits. Regardless of the reason behind your hyperpigmentation, you can try getting back the actual skin color by following three simple steps.

Shutterstock / Poomipat

1. Calm the inflammation down 

The first thing you need to do is to help the inflammation calm down, especially when it’s a case of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So, you need to select products containing: 


It’s a type of vitamin B3 that helps to quell inflammation. It’s gentle on all skin types, even the acne-prone ones.  

Licorice root extracts:  

Almost the same as niacinamide, licorice root extract helps to soothe your skin and lessen inflammation. Additionally, it also comes with skin brightening properties.

2. Stop pigment production 

In the next step, you need to block the production of any abnormal pigmentation. Get products that have: 

Vitamin C:  

Shutterstock / LADO

It is one of the most trusted brighteners you can use for your skincare and hyperpigmentation removal.  

Kojic acid:  

As Kojic acid blocks tyrosine formation, it prevents excessive melanin production.  


This one is another ingredient that inhibits tyrosinase and prevents the production of excess pigments.  

3. Improve cell turnover 

Increased cell turnover can help the skin shed all the cells that are heavily pigmented already. So, look for the kind of products that have: 


A star skincare product that remarkably improves cell turnover. 

Glycolic acid:  

The alpha hydroxy acid prevents slow cell turnover and keeps the skin looking fresh.