Funny Mommy: 40 Super Moms That Have An Awesome Sense Of Humor

By Daniella C

No one is like our mothers, and most people can agree on this. Most of us worship the ground our mothers walk on. Maybe we did not see it when we were obnoxious kids or angsty teens, but as we grow up, we know now that these women are blessed angels. From a very young age, we see our mothers as strong women — starting from the beginning because conceiving, carrying a child, and giving birth is not a walk in the park. And if that alone wasn’t hard enough, mothers also have to deal with society telling them that they have to raise their children a certain way or else they’re not good moms. The truth is that no one has the right to decide who’s a good mother and who’s not. And we’re here to tell you that you’re doing just fine! In this article, we will celebrate the different types of mothers. With their unique personalities, these mothers shared special moments with their kids — moments that will be remembered and cherished forever. Here are 40 moms that continue to prove daily that not all superheroes wear capes! We love you, mama!

Mom knows everything

Coming out to the family is one of the hardest things that LGBTQIA+ people go through. The fear of rejection is real, but things don’t always work out for the worst. This mom showed her son that she already knew his destiny since he was a kid:

Image courtesy of Gingeraffes

When her son told her that he was gay, this mother wasn’t surprised. She decided to show him that she had already known his secret for a long time and she could prove it. We don’t even have to ask which one of the kids came out as an adult, right?

Let’s make a card for daddy.

Children can get pretty creative when giving gifts to their parents. They have no job; thus, they have no money — so they must use their creativity to craft gifts. And this little girl was no different. She made a card for her father, and this was the result:

Image courtesy of Dempster2000

Notice anything different about the card? After the little girl was done drawing a stick figure of her dad, she used some stickers to make the drawing prettier. When she ran out of them, she asked her mom for more —and the mother used the opportunity to prank her husband hilariously!


We love families and moms that are open-minded and allow their children, both human and fur, to explore their personal beliefs. Just because they are Muslim doesn’t mean the cat must be. How wonderful and kind of this momma.

buzzfeeds /Tumblr

As someone commented on the post, perhaps the cat practices CATholic. Although it’s a silly thing, it does reinforce the idea that her children know that she is open-minded and available to talk to them about complex topics like religion. Way to go, mama!

Missions In The Garden

When people want to solicit their advice, religion, or non-profit organization, we have one of two ways to deal with it. Some people walk away, ignore them, or hang up the phone. Then there are people like this momma.

puppiesmakemelol /Reddit

It is unclear how keen she was to have this conversation. Instead of saying she was busy in the garden and to leave she offered them to share their thoughts out back together. It is definitely a different way to bond and create connections. Respect goes a long way.

Oh, The Places You Didn’t Know You Would Go.

This clever son was headed off to study abroad for a year. He thought of a great way to pull a prank on his mom and family by sending them a giant cardboard cut-out version of himself. The mom took this joke to another level.

Instead of just sticking it inside his bedroom, she started bringing her “son” around to events. She tucked him in bed for a storytime. Set him up on a nice blind date with Barbie. He even joined a bunch of friends for brunch. I wonder if he expected his mother to take it that far!

Like mother, like daughter

Taking pictures is a complex act, especially when you’re a teenager. Young people always want to make sure they look perfect in their photos before posting them. You probably know that one person who takes 100 photos before choosing just one. In that spirit, these parents decided to show their daughter what she looked like when taking pics:

Image courtesy of

She was only trying to take a nice picture with her boyfriend, but her parents obviously couldn’t miss the opportunity to mock her and her selfie obsession. She may disagree, but their photo looks better than the original!

My baby is back!

One of the most challenging moments of parenthood is when we have to say goodbye to our kids. If they’re moving to a place that is close to us, parting ways is not as hard. But sometimes, they move to a distant place, and it becomes tough to see them regularly. This is precisely what happened to this mother who went to the airport to pick up her son:

Image courtesy of

She wanted to welcome her son in grand style, so she made a giant plaque and walked all over the airport with it under her arm. Do you think she cared that people were looking at her funny? Nope! The only thing that mattered to this mom was that her son was back!

Pajama day!

On the topic of school photos, let’s not be unfair and say that every student hates them. Some students enjoy getting dressed up for the yearly school photo, especially when they’re younger. Well, most young students like photo day.

Image courtesy of KillerKenyan

This photo may be a globally famous meme, but its story is also quite funny. This mom thought that her son would have a pajama day at school, but it was the day to take the yearly photo. He took a picture dressed up in his Spongebob pajamas — and we understand why he looks so displeased!

Oops, I pea’d on the floor.

Our favorite kind of people is the kind that thinks they are so hilarious. The ones that laugh harder at their jokes than anyone else does. The ones that sometimes can’t even get the stunt across because they’re laughing too hard. But once you finally get there…

ncteaser /Twitter

Everyone is struck in awe, barely laughing, and unsure what to say. However, looking back at moms reaction, you just start laughing so hard, even though it was not even funny in the first place. Those are classic memories we share with our moms.

That’s my daughter!

Choosing a career is always a delicate moment for younger people. After all, they’re choosing what they want to invest in, perhaps even for the rest of their lives! Some people can’t count on their parents’ support to make matters worse. The lady in the picture below clearly didn’t have to deal with that. On the contrary, her parents were way too supportive:

Image courtesy of

Judging by the picture on her parents’ shirts, it’s clear that this lady is not just any fighter — she’s one of the best, at least in their eyes! We can also tell that her parents don’t care how many times she has won — they would be proud of her anyway. And we bet she loves their support, despite the face she’s making!

I love this beet!

For parents, mealtime is usually a complicated matter. Children want to eat what they want to eat, and they typically have a preference for unhealthy foods. Because of that, parents have to come up with different mechanisms to get their children to eat healthily, and this mother might have just had one of the best ideas to accomplish that:

Image courtesy of Reddit

Andrea was trying to develop ways to encourage her children to eat vegetables and other green foods. She told them they would get “Beats” — but they had no idea that she meant “beets”! The children were probably disappointed, but we can’t deny that her idea was simply genius, not to mention hilarious!

Say cheese!

When it comes to smartphones or any other electronic device, children always want the best ones — no matter how much money their parents will have to pay for them. This mother was trying to understand why her child wanted something so expensive, and the result was remarkable:

Image courtesy of

She tested every phone in the store to check what was special about them. On top of that, she took a picture of herself on every single phone to compare which one was the best device. Her son was probably embarrassed, but he was more than happy when he got the phone he wanted!

Two for one.

In elementary/middle school, you probably had to participate in special events to celebrate parents. The thing is: not everyone has both their mom and dad present at these parties. For children, it’s pretty difficult for them to understand why everyone else’s dads (or moms) are present but not theirs.

Image courtesy of

This single mom proved why mothers are considered superheroes even though they don’t wear capes. She didn’t want her child to feel upset about not having his father during a Father’s Day celebration, so she dressed up as a man and surprised her kid. While she was probably the talk of the party, she didn’t care — for all that mattered to her was that her kid was happy!

Here for you

For some parents, having a child that is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community is a delicate topic. It’s not that they don’t accept their children; it’s just that parents know how society treats minorities. However, it’s at times like these that parental support means the most to the child, and this mother made sure her son knew that she supported him:

Image courtesy of

Not only did she buy a “Pride” shirt for herself, but she also bought a rainbow outfit for the dog to show her child that he had all of their support and love. She didn’t hesitate to post the picture online — maybe she’ll even help other parents think of ways to express their endless love and support for their LGBTQIA+ children!

I’m too old for this, mom.

No matter how many years go by, mothers will always see their sons and daughters as children. Even if you have your own life, we bet your mom still treats you like a baby sometimes, doesn’t she? Or maybe she gives you gifts like this:

Image courtesy of ainsma

This mom was so happy that her son stayed with her for Christmas that she decided to knit him a winter hat. The only problem is that the hat design makes it look like it was meant for a kid — but her adult son indeed loved the gift anyway!

You are getting a car!

It’s a fact that kids are too slow to respond to their parents’ text messages. Not because they don’t want to answer, but maybe because they haven’t seen it or are doing other activities requiring their attention. But this mother had a great idea to make sure her son would answer her:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

He certainly didn’t appreciate that it was just a joke, but saying that he would win a car was an excellent way to get his attention. At least now, this mother will be sure that he has read all the messages and the tasks will be done, just in case.

Don’t you want me?

Every parent knows that having a teenage kid is not a simple task. And we’re not even talking about the temper tantrums and attitude — it’s not easy to see our kids grow from wearing colorful and lively clothes to wearing darker shades. When this mother found this piece of clothing that belonged to her daughter, she found a funny way to teach her a lesson:

Image courtesy of

When she decided to buy this piece of clothing, this girl probably forgot that her mother was the one who did her laundry. The mom wrote this note as a hilarious way of showing her daughter that, while she’s living under her parents’ roof, she has to follow their rules!

He’s a prince.

School photos are loved by many, but they’re also hated by many. Remember when you were in high school and had to stress over getting ready for the yearbook picture? While we may not like them, our parents, on the other hand, love school photos.

Image courtesy of iMad13Report

Our parents love school photos so much that they go as far as getting those photos framed so they can hang them on the wall. This mother couldn’t find the ideal frame, so she decided it was a good idea to buy this Disney frame. Well, at least it looks like he’s a prince, and all the princesses are in love with him, right?

And the award for Best Costume goes to…

Halloween is one of the most awaited dates for families. Not only is this a fun celebration, but it is also the perfect opportunity to dress up in creative ways to impress family and friends. This mother had a great idea for Halloween, and she didn’t even spend a single penny to make her costume:

Image courtesy of Flintor/ Reddit

Her inspiration for this costume had always been right by her side, and it was her son. It wasn’t hard to copy his style, for she knew every detail of her kid by memory. We’re sure that no one else had the same costume as this mother at their Halloween party, so kudos to her!

Adventure time!

We all know that children don’t like going to school, no matter how hard we try to make them understand that education is one of the most essential things in life. Parents have to encourage their children to study constantly, and this mother had a great idea:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

It’s safe to say that this mother just raised the bar on so many levels. Not only is it clear that she’s uber-dedicated to her children but also that she’s a talented person. Her idea is brilliant because her cartoons will help her kids look forward to school!

Mommy, that’s mine!

One of the most precious moments we share with our kids is when we play with them. This is especially true for working moms, who have to make the most of the time they have to be with their kids. But this mom took playtime a little too far:

Image courtesy of paintnwood

Instead of letting her kid ride his tricycle, this mom took the toy for herself once she saw that it could handle her weight. The kid may not look too happy to watch his mom not sharing his toy, but we’re sure he will keep this memory forever!

We’ll be together all the way.

What is more complicated than raising a kid? Raising two kids! Siblings don’t always get along, and it’s always hard for parents to deal with their kids’ fights. One kid will always blame the other, and their arguments can seem endless. Parents have to be firm at times like these and show the kids that they’re in charge.

Image courtesy of

This mother might have just come up with the perfect idea to deal with her kids’ arguments. By making them wear this shirt, she’s helping them solve their issues with one another while also making their bond grow stronger. But, in reality, her goal is probably just to make her children think twice before fighting again!

Santa Claus has come to town!

“Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.” Whoever said undoubtedly was not a mother! During this day, mothers have so many things to do. They have to cook, decorate the house, and set up the Christmas tree — among other things. Even still, this mother found the time to do something special for her kid:

Image courtesy of

After a challenging year, she prepared a garland just for her child. In this garland, she put all the decorations that their deceased loved ones wished that the kid keep as a memory. We’re pretty sure that her kid felt filled with the Christmas spirit and their relatives’ love for him!

Where is the money?

Giving money to kids is a delicate matter. Some parents are all for letting their kids have a monthly allowance, while others only give their kids money when they deserve it. This mother, on the other hand, came up with a different way to give her child some money:

Image courtesy of cunt_dooku

While she didn’t say no to giving her child money, she didn’t make his life easy either. Looking at this picture, it’s not easy for us to figure out what was more complex for the kid — was it finding the money, or was it un-rolling all the bills?

Let’s play!

Going to a game conference is like a dream come true for the kids that like video games. Now, imagine going to one of those, but you can’t play your favorite game. Not because you’re not old enough, but because you’re not tall enough!

Image courtesy of RangerLt/ Reddit

This mother was willing to do anything for her son, and she wouldn’t let his dream slip through his fingers. She sat on the floor for hours holding a giant bag so he could stand on her legs and thus be able to play. For this kid, winning or losing didn’t even matter anymore — all because he knew that his mother would support him through it all!

Something isn’t right.

What is the one thing that children ask the most? For gifts. It’s hard even to tell how much money parents spend on buying gifts for their kids through the years. And the presents tend to get more expensive as our kids grow up.

Image courtesy of heaverdini

The thing is: sometimes, our kids don’t deserve an expensive gift. Especially if they’re in this girl’s situation, she didn’t have good grades and still expected to get a new phone for her birthday. Instead of saying no, the mom decided to pull a prank on her daughter. We just wish we could see her disappointed face when she found this phone inside the box!

Cover girl moment!

Stay-at-home moms are always so busy making sure that everything in their household is in order. Hence, it’s so rare to see those moms getting dressed up. But some children don’t let things stay that way. What’s more fascinating than watching our mom getting dressed up? It’s playing dress-up with them!

Image courtesy of Pinterest

If you want to unlock a core memory for your kids, this is one of the best ways. The funniest part about this picture is that the mother lets her kid do all the work — from the hairdo to the makeup to picking the accessories. These are the moments that will forever stay in that kid’s mind!

Time to go!

As we said before, one of the most challenging moments for parents is when they have to say goodbye to their kids. However, not everyone feels the same way — some parents look forward to the day their kids will leave and start their own lives. With that in mind, this mother found an amusing way of telling her son that it was time for him to go.

Image courtesy of

What’s a better way of learning that your parents want you gone than getting a birthday cake telling you that it’s time to leave their house? Safe to say that this guy has a lot of things to plan as soon as his birthday is over!

Mommy-child time!

There are so many different types of families nowadays. You can either have a two-legged or a four-legged kid these days. Actual children will let you dress them up, but only when they’re little. A dog (or a cat), on the other hand, will let you do anything to them without questioning your choices.

Image courtesy of

This beautiful dog, for instance, seems thrilled to be wearing matching outfits with its human mother—fun fact: she made the costume herself. There’s nothing as sweet as wearing a shirt with your mother’s face on it, and vice versa, right?!

Trick or treat!

There are so many reasons why children love Halloween. Not only do they get to wear fun costumes, but they also get to eat plenty of candy. The only problem with trick-or-treating is that their dog may scare children away for some families. This mother had a brilliant idea to make children feel comfy around her dog:

Image courtesy of

Technically, it was her daughter’s dog, but having a child means you have to love their pet. This supermom dressed up as the dog for Halloween and helped children see that the dog meant no harm. Kudos to her for the unique costume and the glasses, which are amazing!

Reading time!

You know that getting our children to read is quite a delicate task. We must introduce them to literature from a very young age to improve their comprehension and oral abilities and become better thinkers. Reading habits should be encouraged even after our children have grown, and this mother had a fantastic idea:

Image courtesy of GreenPantSuit/ Reddit

She made sure to give her children bookmarkers with her picture on them. She made them herself and gave them to her children so that they wouldn’t skip reading time. The best thing about these markers is her picture — the raised eyebrows surely will get her children reading the books and remembering their mothers’ words! The mom guilt is going strong with this one!

Welcome back home!

When we’re adults, we move out of our parent’s house and start our own lives. And there’s nothing quite like visiting your parents after you’ve moved out. The homemade foods that await us are enough to make us want to see our parents multiple times a year.

Image courtesy of whatislife4

The only problem is when your parents get too excited about your visit and forget that you’re no longer a kid. This guy was undoubtedly shocked to see the tiny bed that his mother made for him. She forgot that he’s a 27-year-old man and not a 7-year-old boy anymore! But at the same time, at least they still smell like childhood memories, and the nostalgia is enough to have any grown adult hop right into bed.

Ain’t no mountain high enough!

Cooking is an art that not everyone can master — except for mothers. It’s almost as if mothers can cook anything, especially if they’re cooking for their kids. When our children live far away and come visit us, they surely want to enjoy a homemade meal. This mother, however, was having a bit of trouble in the kitchen, so here’s how she handled the situation:

Image courtesy of

All this mother wanted was to bake a cake for her child, but the mixer in her kitchen wasn’t helping at all. And what’s the next best thing? A drill, obviously. This mother indeed lives by the “means to an end” philosophy.

So delicious!

When we have small kids at home, we always tell them to put things down or not to put other things in their mouths. Children are still trying to get to know the world around them, and it’s our jobs as parents to protect them from any harm while they’re at it.

Image courtesy of fishfishfishf

But there’s no problem letting the kids do their own thing and not get in the way. This mother saw that her daughter had grabbed a bag of onions and, instead of stopping her, she stood by and watched as the kid took a bite of an onion. Safe to say that this adorable baby will not go anywhere near onions again, right?

Let’s work, mommy!

We all know that children follow in their parent’s footsteps and are bound to copy their behavior. In the past couple of years, many parents have been working from home and spending more time with their kids. This mother wanted to distract her kid so she could work in peace, and here’s what she came up with:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Instead of excluding her child from her work activities, this mother made a “laptop” for her kid and gave him his own workspace. He immediately started copying her ways, and he had a lot of fun while at it! So cute!

I’m your masterpiece!

Mothers are such an important part of our lives, and they know their worth. Hence, moms want to be present in the most critical moments of their children’s lives, even if it’s just from a distance. And that’s precisely what happened here:

Image courtesy of milkyboi1/ Reddit

For reasons that were beyond her, this mother couldn’t be physically present at the family reunion. But that didn’t stop her from being there. While the family left a spot to add her to the picture digitally, she didn’t think that was enough and added herself to the spotlight!

This is what happens when our kids go to college.

For most parents, sending their kids away to college is one of the hardest things ever. You’ve spent 18 years of your life doing everything to take care of your kid, and now it’s time to say good. Lots of mothers adopt dogs to cope with the absence of their kids.

Image courtesy of Ryan3772

If you tell a middle-aged woman that she pampers her dog way too much, she’s likely going to tell you that, to her, the dog is like a kid. And much like mothers like to take pictures of their kids in embarrassing poses, this mom decided to take a picture of her dog in a funny outfit. We bet she even sent it to her real kids!

Use your brain!

One of the biggest steps for young adults is moving into their own place and living alone. Some of us are really used to having a mother at home doing everything for us. With that in mind, this mother gave her child a handy tip:

Image courtesy of

Her son was certainly not expecting such a sincere goodbye gift. But we are confident that the mother was more than happy to get her message across so clearly. Otherwise, she wouldn’t take the time to craft a blanket with its message!

At least mommy tried!

If there’s one thing that doesn’t change over the years is the fact that kids think their parents can do no wrong. That’s because our mothers do everything they can to ensure that we have the things we want and need. But who said that they don’t forget things sometimes?

Image courtesy of iCeCoCaCoLa64

When this woman’s kid’s birthday came around, she realized that she had forgotten to buy an essential item: the birthday candles! She found a solution to stick one of her Bath & Body Works candles right into the cake. This may not have been ideal, but at least she tried to make up for her mistake, right?