Shake It Off With Taylor: 40 Facts Every Swiftie Should Know

By Ruby M

From her childhood tales to her quirky taste in home decor, Taylor Swift, the superstar, never fails to sprinkle a little surprise into our lives. Despite pouring her heart and soul into her music and lyrics, there’s still a treasure trove of Taylor trivia that even the most dedicated Swiftie hasn’t unearthed.

Taylor Swift’s journey from a country sweetheart to a pop sensation has been one heck of an evolution, and it’s a rollercoaster ride we can’t get enough of. With every album drop, she shape-shifts like a musical chameleon, keeping fans and critics alike guessing what’s next. It’s not just her melodies that have us hooked; it’s her one-of-a-kind style and personality that have us singing along.

So, gather your guitars and kitty cats because we’re about to venture into the uncharted corners of Taylor’s world. This is Taylor’s life, Taylor’s way. So, get ready to shake it off and dive in!

Triumphant Since Her Early Days – She Clinched a Talent Contest at Just 11!

At the tender age of 11, she rocked the local talent competition stage with a show-stopping rendition of LeAnn Rimes’s “Big Deal.” Little did we know, her heart was set on Rimes, and that influence seeped into her own music, painting her sound with a familiar brushstroke.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Similarly, Taylor pens profoundly emotional music that delves into the highs and lows she has experienced in her own life. Some of her other personal favorites when it comes to musicians are Tom Petty, Snow Patrol, Stevie Nicks, and Hanson.

Practice Makes Perfect – She Taught Herself Guitar

Taylor’s tenacity is a lesson for us all. When this gifted singer puts her mind to something, she goes full throttle. Singing is a talent she effortlessly showcased from a young age and is a prime example of her determined spirit.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Spending a minimum of four hours a day honing her craft, she achieved a remarkable feat at the age of 12—mastering the 12-string guitar all on her own (well, with a little help from a friendly repairman who showed her three chords).

Lost Love – She Has Over 20 Songs About Her Exes

Our singing sensation has penned a treasure trove of over 20 songs inspired by her former lovers, ranging from Harry Styles to John Mayer and even the short-lived spark with Taylor Lautner. Taylor’s musical genius shines as she gracefully weaves her love, heartbreak, and raw emotions into her tunes.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

One thing’s for sure: our musical virtuoso has built an entire empire by mining the gold from her past relationships. These songs have been the rocket fuel propelling her to the ranks of the fourth most accomplished female singer in history.

Lucky Number 13 – That’s Her Lucky Number! 

Unlike those who steer clear of superstitions tied to the number 13, Taylor Swift embraces it as her lucky charm, mainly because it aligns perfectly with her birthday (December 13th). As we’ll soon discover, there are some intriguing connections that make it abundantly clear why the number 13 is so special to this megastar.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Taylor’s very first album hit gold status in a swift 13 weeks. Her delightful dalliance with the number didn’t end there—she snagged an award from the lucky 13th row, and as the cherry on top, her debut chart-topper came complete with a 13-second intro. It’s like 13 was her musical muse all along!

Her Namesake – She Was Named After James Taylor 

Are you ready for another delightful little nugget of information about Taylor Swift’s life? This one might come as a bit of a surprise. Did you know that Taylor’s parents are avid admirers of the legendary Rock and Roll singer James Taylor?

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Such admirers, in fact, that they decided to name their daughter after him. Along with the name, Taylor inherited a similar career path, and in a heartwarming twist, the two had the opportunity to share the stage together at a benefit event in 2011. How thrilled her folks must have been!

Charming and Compassionate – She Truly Adores Her Fans

In a heartwarming display of compassion, Taylor Swift noticed the trending hashtag #ShakeItOffJalene on Twitter and took swift action (get it?). The hashtag was dedicated to a courageous four-year-old named Jalene, who was bravely battling terminal brain cancer and had a cherished dream to dance to Taylor’s Shake It Off with the pop star herself. 

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Without a hint of hesitation, Taylor connected with Jalene via FaceTime, turning the little girl’s dream into a beautiful reality and creating a moment of sheer joy and inspiration for them both. This touching gesture showcased Taylor’s genuine kindness and willingness to make a positive impact on the lives of her fans.

Stream Wars – She Used To Be Against Streaming Sites

When most artists were embracing the emergence of streaming platforms, Taylor Swift took a different path by withholding her album Red from streaming giant, Spotify. Eventually, she relented after taking the unusual step of withholding her songs, engaging in a three-year dispute over issues of low song royalties.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

While her decision to release music on these streaming sites was partly attributed to her album 1989 surpassing $10 million in sales, some speculate that it may have also been influenced by her rival Katy Perry’s plan to debut her new album on the same streaming service.

Youtube Sensation – Taylor has Two Videos in the Top 20

Taylor Swift has pulled off something extraordinary—she’s notched not one, but a whopping two of her beloved music videos onto the hallowed list of the most-watched music videos in YouTube history. Now that’s what we call double the YouTube charm!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Blank Space and Shake It Off stand as shining examples of her immense popularity, each garnering a staggering two billion views, firmly cementing her status as a YouTube sensation.Her ability to captivate global audiences through music videos is truly spectacular.

A Great Hostess – She Hosted a Listening Party for Her Fans

Ahead of the launch of her album “1989,” Taylor Swift extended a heartfelt invitation to 89 of her most dedicated fans, welcoming them into her home for an exclusive listening event. Taylor treated her fans to a captivating performance and showcased her culinary talents by baking delectable pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies for her guests.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Going above and beyond, she transformed the gathering into a dance party, making it an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. This extraordinary gesture was substantiated by Swift enthusiast Sammie Carter, who documented the unique encounter on her Tumblr account.

Bosom Buddies – She Still Has Her Childhood Friends

A celeb’s authenticity shines when they keep lifelong friendships alive. Take Taylor Swift, for example. She has stayed super close to her childhood friend, Britany Maack, and even got the honor of being her maid of honor back in 2016!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Sharing a heartwarming group photo from the wedding, Taylor reflected, “I’ve known her since I was just ten days old, and him since kindergarten. And now, they’re married, and I couldn’t be happier serving as the maid of honor. Congratulations to @britmaack and Ben!”

Her Best Friends Have Fur – She Has Three Cats

Taylor Swift is a devoted feline enthusiast, sharing her life with three adorable furry companions. Her senior cat is named Olivia Benson, a tribute to the iconic character from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Following suit, her second feline companion is named Meredith Grey, drawing inspiration from the renowned figure in Grey’s Anatomy.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

In a heartwarming gesture, in 2019, Taylor welcomed a new addition to her pet family, a rescued kitty named Benjamin Button, adding an extra dose of cuteness to her household. We love how they all even have their own last names!

Modeling Shmodeling – She Modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch

Taylor Swift’s unmistakable Abercrombie & Fitch aesthetic is not just a coincidence. In fact, she dipped her toes into the modeling world early on. Back in 2003, she graced the campaign for Abercrombie’s ‘Rising Stars,’ marking her first notable foray into the modeling industry. 

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Little did she know that this incredible opportunity provided her with a significant platform to gain a large amount of recognition and set her on a path to becoming the multi-talented and iconic figure that we know and love today.

Self-Made Riches – She’s Made the Richest Self-Made Women Under 40 List

Last year, in 2022, Taylor Swift achieved a remarkable feat by achieving the third position on Forbes’ esteemed “Richest Self-Made Women Under 40” list, with only entrepreneur Lucy Guo and the affluent Kylie Jenner in first and second place. Wow!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

With a jaw-dropping net worth of $570 million, Taylor Swift’s financial success is like hitting the jackpot in the superstar sweepstakes. It’s not just a testament to her profound influence on the entertainment scene, but also a sparkling trophy showcasing her extraordinary achievements over the past decade.

As a Musician, She Can Really Bend Those Notes – She Has Double Jointed Elbows

During an enchanting Vogue 73 Questions interview, Taylor spilled the beans with her signature candor and let us in on her secret: she’s got double-jointed elbows! Yep, that means she can bend those arms further than your average person, adding a fun twist to her already impressive repertoire of talents!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

This hypermobility in her joints is a little quirk that affects about one in four folks out there. It’s like a delightful sprinkle on top of Taylor Swift’s already long list of distinctive qualities and talents, making her personality even more vibrant and multifaceted!

Monologues and Mayhem – She Wrote Her Own SNL Monologue

With Taylor Swift’s hands-on approach to co-writing all her tunes, it was a no-brainer that she’d want to take the reins and steer her own ship while hosting the legendary comedy extravaganza, Saturday Night Live, back in 2009. She’s all about crafting her own story!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Usually, the show’s resident writers are the ones cooking up the monologue magic, but Taylor Swift decided to stir the pot herself with the unforgettable “My Monologue Song.” She put her personal stamp on it, showcasing her creative flair and one-of-a-kind individuality. Now that’s a showstopper!

Radio Silence – She Has Her Instagram Comments Turned Off

To keep the negativity at bay and ensure her mental well-being stays on point, Taylor Swift came up with a clever trick – she turned off the comment section on her social media profiles. It’s like creating a virtual zen garden, allowing Taylor to cultivate a healthier outlook on her online world.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

In an interview with Elle, she explained, “One way I combat this odd insecurity beam is by disabling comments. Yes, I keep comments turned off on my posts. This allows me to share updates about my life with my friends and fans while simultaneously training my mind not to rely on external validation, like someone affirming that I look.”

Momma’s Dreams – Her Mother Wanted Her to Become an Equestrian

During her younger years, Taylor deeply admired horses and dedicated countless hours to riding, a passion she shared with her mother. She even participated in riding competitions, but around 12, she expressed to her mom that her enthusiasm for the equestrian world had waned, and she no longer wished to pursue this hobby.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

In an interview, Taylor recalled, “That was sort of my mom’s domain… I was more interested in making music and performing in theater. So, I guess I became quite the letdown.” Her mother, Andrea, sarcastically chimed in, “Oh, I’ve finally managed to get over the heartbreak.”

Big Dreams – She Once Dreamed of Being a Broadway Star

Prior to delving into songwriting, Taylor’s sights were set on the grand stage. With a background in acting and singing lessons since her early years, she aspired to merge her dual passions by gracing the stage on Broadway when she is all grown up.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

However, after facing countless setbacks in the bustling metropolis of New York, Taylor shifted gears and embarked on a journey into the world of songwriting instead. A decision we are sure she now does not regret, given her flourishing career and soaring fame.

Before Big Dreams Came Reality – She Wanted To Be a Stockbroker 

Before Taylor Swift fell head over heels for music, she was ready to don a suit and follow in her dad’s footsteps as a stockbroker. But fate had a different plan—a family move to Tennessee turned her world into a musical wonderland, and the rest is country-pop history!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

It’s pretty clear that stocks and investments always tickled Taylor’s fancy. After her singing career soared to new heights, she dipped her toes into various properties, and every one of them turned out to be a hit! Talk about making sweet music with her money moves!

Real Estate Pro Right Here – She Has a Property Empire 

Taylor Swift demonstrates astute financial investment decisions. She has made her mark in the real estate market by acquiring not just one but a whopping eight properties across four states, with a total value exceeding $81 million—yes, you read that correctly!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Her impressive real estate portfolio encompasses a Beverly Hills estate and house, a penthouse, townhouse, and condo in New York, an estate with a condo in Nashville and last but not least, her mansion in Los Angeles valued at over $25 million.

“Cherished” Memories – She Has a Framed Photograph of Kanye West

Prepare to be amazed by this unexpected Taylor Swift revelation! Surprisingly, she keeps a framed photo of her infamous feud with Kanye West, depicting his rude interruption of her 2009 VMAs acceptance speech—a moment Swifties remember “All Too Well” (see what we did there?).

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Beneath that picture frame, you’ll find a handwritten note that says, “Life is full of interruptions.” Even though this was one of Taylor’s stickiest moments, it’s turned into a daily dose of motivation for her. Who knew a little hiccup could become a superstar’s secret sauce for success?

Strange Taste – Taylor’s Interior Design Taste is… Well, Unique

Alongside the iconic framed image capturing her unforgettable encounter with Kanye West, Taylor showcases an intriguing and eclectic assortment of items in her personal space. One standout feature is a meticulously maintained fish tank overflowing with an assortment of vintage baseballs.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

As if that weren’t quirky enough, Taylor keeps a collection of white nightgowns reserved just for when her buddy Lena Dunham drops by, turning her place into a blast from the past, like a scene straight out of “pioneer women” history! It’s all part of the unique Taylor Swift charm!

Writer From a Young Age – She’s a Self Proclaimed Novelist

It seems that writing has always been a part of Taylor’s life in some shape or form. At the age of 12, while many kids were focused on the latest craze and gossip, Taylor was diligently crafting her very own novel titled A Girl Named Girl.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

This non-autobiographical literary work still resides in the possession of Taylor’s parents. It is an intriguing thought that if it were ever to see the light of day, it might just become a best-seller purely because of its writer’s fame.

She’s a Giver – Taylor Has a Very Charitable Side

While some celebs might dip their toes into charity waters for the tax perks, Taylor Swift’s philanthropic heart beats to a different rhythm. She sweetly chipped in a whopping $15,500 to help a fan whose mom had been in a three-year coma. Now that’s a melody of genuine compassion!

Image Courtesy of: Twitter/taylorswift

Additionally, Taylor’s philanthropy extends beyond her music career. She donated $17,000 to her hometown library and contributed $10,000 for a service dog to assist a young boy with autism. These gestures exemplify her ongoing commitment to charitable causes throughout her career.

Collision of Stars – She’s Feuded with Many Celebrities

There is no denying that Taylor is beautifully charming, but some may be surprised to learn that beneath her popstar persona lies a pretty feisty side. After all, she’s a prominent celebrity who has found herself entangled in various controversies over the years. 

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Taylor Swift has been right in the middle of some A-list celebrity showdowns, from her famous feud with Katy Perry (they’ve kissed and made up since then!) to spats with Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, and even a tiff with Kanye West. It’s like she’s the referee in the ring of pop stardom!

Talent is in Her Blood – Taylor’s Grandmother Was An Opera Singer

When it comes to musical talent, Taylor Swift has got it in her genes! Her grandmother, Marjorie Moehlenkamp-Finlay, rocked a successful career as a pro opera singer back in the day, and she passed down that harmonious heritage to our pop superstar extraordinaire!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Marjorie had a big impact on Taylor, lighting up her passion for singing and setting her on the path to a musical career. This family connection to the world of music was like the guiding star that helped shape Taylor’s journey to stardom.

Over Ten Awards Over Here – She’s a Whopping 11-Time Grammy Award Winner

At the age of 32, the Folklore star boasts an impressive collection of 11 Grammy Awards. In a groundbreaking achievement back in 2010, at just 20 years old, Taylor made history as the youngest solo artist ever to claim the Album of the Year award for “Fearless.”

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Although Billie Eilish later stole the record-breaking spotlight, Taylor Swift still proudly boasts not one but two Billboard “Woman of the Year” awards, earned in 2011 and 2014. That’s a double dose of honor no other leading lady in pop music can claim!

Even Idols have Idols – And Her’s is Shania Twain

Well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t adore a bit of Shania? For those of you who don’t know, She’s one of the top-selling artists in history and the leading female artist in country music, earning her the title “Queen of Country Pop.”

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Taylor is captivated by the country star and has been vocal about the profound impact Shania has had on her music. The admiration flows both ways; Shania herself openly expressed her appreciation for Taylor’s honesty in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Her First Rodeo – Taylor Made Her First Debut On The Screen in CSI

Surprisingly enough, Taylor Swift’s reputation extends beyond her exceptional vocals, captivating stage presence, and songwriting prowess; she has also made notable appearances on the screen – both in TV series and in movies, she has acted in front of many cameras.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Taylor’s cinematic adventure began with her debut as Haley Jones in CSI, and from there, she made a quick but memorable cameo in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Then, she sprinkled her star power into films like Valentine’s Day, The Giver, and even Cats! She’s been quite the on-screen charmer, hasn’t she?

Show Fued

Taylor Swift’s dating history has long been a topic of public discussion, often criticized for the number of relationships she’s had. One television show that poked fun at Taylor’s romantic life was Ginny & Georgia, which included a line in a heated mother-daughter argument: “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Taylor swiftly responded to this joke with a biting tweet, saying, “Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called, and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back… How about we stop demeaning hardworking women by categorizing this nonsense as ‘funny.’ Also, @netflix, after ‘Miss Americana,’ this outfit doesn’t look cute on you 💔 Happy Women’s History Month, I guess.”

Afraid of Getting Inked – Why She’ll Likely Never Get a Tattoo 

Here’s a fascinating tidbit about Taylor that might surprise you: while many celebrities proudly sport tattoos, this starlet has a crippling fear of needles. In 2019, Taylor unveiled a sizable back tattoo on the cover of her single “You Need To Calm Down,” but the stunning ink turned out to be nothing more than a clever illusion.

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/taylorswiftvevo

Taylor did open up about the unlikely possibility of getting a real tattoo, expressing that if she were to ever take the plunge, it would likely be an homage to her lucky number, 13. She candidly remarked to Taste of Country, “I don’t think I could ever commit to something permanent.”

Moms Are the Best Therapists – She’s Never Been in Therapy

Rather than seeking solace from a certified therapist, Taylor opts for heartfelt conversations with her mother. Throughout all her triumphs and tribulations, her mother has been a steadfast presence, the one person who truly comprehends her experiences and her identity.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor opened up, acknowledging the challenge of condensing 29 years of experiences. “Gosh, it takes ages to catch someone up on the past 29 years of my life, and my mom has been there for it all.”

Jet-Setter – She Owns a Private Jet

When it comes to jet-setting, Taylor Swift has taken things to a whole new level. In addition to her extraordinary success in the music industry, she’s now the owner of her very own private jet. Swift’s preferred mode of transportation is a Dassault Falcon 900 private jet, a testament to her status as a top-earning celebrity. 

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

This high-end aircraft allows her the flexibility and convenience to travel wherever and whenever she desires, eschewing the need to rely on rented private planes or traditional first-class travel. It’s yet another example of the luxury and comfort that accompany her superstar lifestyle.

Lover – She Loves Disney

Taylor has, in fact, never outgrown her deep affection for all things Disney, and this passion remains an integral part of her life even to this day. It’s easy to understand why, given the timeless appeal of Disney’s magic and creativity that continues to captivate audiences of all generations.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

If you were wondering what her favorite Disney film was, it is Beauty and the Beast. Now, with this knowledge, it is probably unsurprising to note that her all-time favorite character from the beloved children’s franchise is nonother than Belle.

Cheesy Indeed – She Loves Cheesecake

Here’s a tasty tidbit about Taylor Swift: she’s got a sweet spot for good ol’ American cheesecake! While Taylor’s known for her dedication to a balanced diet, she’s not one to resist the occasional indulgence, especially when it comes to a slice of drive-through cheesecake heaven!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Her tried-and-true order consists of a mouthwatering cheeseburger, a side of crispy fries, and a delicious shake. It’s safe to say that her culinary choices make her the ultimate best friend goals when it comes to sharing a classic comfort meal!

Her First Rodeo – Taylor Made Her First Debut On The Screen in CSI

Surprisingly, Taylor Swift’s star power doesn’t stop at her amazing voice, captivating stage magic, and songwriting wizardry. Nope, she’s also a silver screen sensation, gracing both TV shows and movie screens with her camera-friendly charisma. Taylor sure knows how to work those lenses!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Her on-screen journey commenced with her debut as Haley Jones in CSI, followed by a short but notable cameo in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Subsequently, she also graced films such as Valentine’s DayThe Giver, and Cats with her presence.

That’s What You Get – She Once Won $1 million in a Lawsuit

Allegedly (because we have to say that), Taylor Swift experienced unwanted physical contact during a meet-and-greet in Denver, involving Radio DJ David Mueller. Notably, Taylor did not seek financial compensation but aimed to bring attention to the incident, aspiring to serve as a role model for other women. 

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Subsequently, the DJ took legal action against the Folklore artist, accusing her of damaging his career, although his actions appeared to have done so independently. In response, Taylor initiated a counter-suit, ultimately prevailing with a verdict awarding her precisely $1 million in the lawsuit. That’s what you get for messing with Tay-Tay.

Mental Health – She Suffered From an Eating Disorder

Taylor is among the many celebrities who have struggled with eating disorders. While she has since recovered, her journey has been far from easy. Taylor is open that she once was caught in an unhealthy cycle, restricting food intake due to the relentless scrutiny of her industry.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

In her documentary, Miss Americana, she candidly shared, “I used to believe that I was supposed to feel like I might faint at the end of a performance. Now I understand that you can carry out all these performances without feeling drained by nourishing your body, gaining energy, and growing stronger.”

Friends with Friends – She Relaxes By Watching TV

What’s the perfect recipe for winding down, you ask? Well, how about a side of light-hearted comedy, a big ol’ bowl of popcorn, and a dash of Taylor Swift? In a candid chat with GQ, Taylor spilled the beans on her post-performance ritual, and it’s more movie night than party night!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Instead, Taylor prefers to return home and unwind by treating herself to a mini-marathon of the beloved TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S after gracing the stage. It is her way of decompressing after the adrenaline rush that comes with her live performances.

Growing Up Merry – She Was Raised on a Christmas Tree Farm

Believe it or not, Taylor’s holiday spirit shines bright as Rudolph’s nose. Her childhood was straight out of a festive fairy tale – she actually grew up on a Christmas tree farm! Yes, you heard it right, Swifties. Taylor spent most of her wonder-filled childhood in this magical place!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

She was actively involved in assisting her dad, and it was her job to debug the trees to prevent any unwanted infestation inside the house. Aside from the next greatest musical hit, when it comes to getting a new tree this season, it’s clear who to turn to.

The Taylor Swift Code – She Has a Secret Code for her Lyrics

Taylor Swift’s music spans the gamut from country to pop, tackling themes of heartbreak and female empowerment. In her acceptance speech for the Songwriter-Artist of the Decade award, she unveiled her unique approach to categorizing her songs into three distinct genres.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

“Quill Lyrics” for literary-inspired, nostalgic themes; “Fountain Pen Lyrics” for modern stories with poetic twists and vivid details; and “Glitter Gel Pen Lyrics” for fun, carefree, and bouncy compositions that don’t take themselves too seriously. These genres offer a glimpse into Taylor’s creative process and her ability to capture diverse emotions in her music.