Texts You Can Use to Calm Someone Down

By Divya G

After a long day at work, you decided to make your Friday evening fun by watching Squid Games on Netflix. Suddenly, you hear your phone buzzing, but you choose to ignore it, but after some time, it buzzes again.

Porapak Apichodilok /Pexels

You look at it and find out that it’s your best friend, and she’s panicking because she believes that her boyfriend is ghosting her or was having a meltdown at work.

You might be wondering how you can calm down a person through text when facing some problems or issues. Honestly, there are some brilliant phrases you can send through text to calm down a person. They are:

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Parting Thoughts

When you feel that someone you know or your close buddy is feeling pretty overwhelmed, you should always ask them how exactly you can aid them. You can also express empathy by validating all their feelings. By using some useful phrases through text, you can instantly calm that person down and make them feel relaxed. Listen to what they have to say, and then think of providing your advice, tips, or thoughts on it.