The Espresso Martini: An Energetic Cocktail

By Moureen N

The choice to order an espresso martini at breakfast, dinner, or happy hour—the It cocktail of the moment, upsetting waiters everywhere—is motivated solely by a desire for pleasure. The two finest drinks and legal mood-altering medications are combined into one sugary, satisfying whole. It’s a good way to get out of bed. It has a euphoric effect. It has a sweet flavor, too. Seriously, what’s not to like?

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One major drawback of Espresso Martinis is that they’re just so darn good: It’s fantastic to have coffee, and it’s even better to have vodka and a martini glass.

The following martini recipe may be used to make a single drink or scaled up to serve a crowd. It’s ideal for making a big impression on your friends and proving that you have the best Christmas party ever. Making it in bulk is as easy as combining all the ingredients in a large container with ice and then pouring it through a strainer or sieve before serving.

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Here is the recipe in full:


The easy steps to a refreshing hangover

When you’ve finished pouring the hot espresso into the cup, gently add the caramel sauce and swirl it until it’s completely melted.

After the espresso mixture has had time to cold, pour it over the ice in the cocktail shaker and then add fifty milliliters of Tia Maria and one hundred milliliters of vodka. Shake well.

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Give it a good workout by forcefully shaking it to see how it responds.