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The Hows And Whys Of Facial Stones

Stone facial rollers have taken the beauty market by storm, and there are some pretty legitimate reasons why. So if you’ve been wondering about that strange-looking rose quartz gadget in your best friend’s bathroom, here are some whys and hows on sculpting your face at home. 

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First of all, what exactly is it?

The gadgets vary in shape but are usually made out of jade or rose quartz. Some are attached to little handles that allow you to roll them onto your face, and some of them are just neatly shaped stones that come in various shapes and sizes. 

What does it do? 

Facial rollers have health benefits, and while some are not proven, some are, such as stress reduction, lessening puffiness, and even temporary facial contouring. Overall, they aren’t harmful at all – just don’t be fooled by claims that aren’t necessarily true. 

Proven Health Benefits

  • Mood improvement: it has been studied and yep, facial rollers can actually help to reduce anxiety for some.
  • Stuffy sinuses: some ENT professionals have suggested that using a facial roller can help to alleviate swollen sinuses and open them up, allowing for better breathing.
  • Product delivery: facial rollers are able to help to deliver moisturizers and oils deeper into the pores of the skin, helping those products to absorb even better into your skin.
  • Decreases puffiness: by stimulating lymphatic drainage, facial rollers can help to reduce puffiness in your face.
  • Increase circulation: Facial rollers can increase circulation in your face, helping the blood flow and also helping to get rid of any toxins in your face.


Like all great beauty products, there are just some statements about them that are not quite true. Here are some things to be aware of if you’re thinking of buying yourself one of these stone rollers.

  • They do not slim your face. While facial rollers are great for temporary contouring and getting rid of some puffiness, there is no actual proof that they can help to make your face physically thinner.
  • They also can’t cure medical conditions. They can help to alleviate sinus issues, but they are certainly not a replacement for needed medical treatment.

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