The Importance Of Clarity In Dating: Setting Expectations Before The First Date

By Divya G

Dating someone means getting to know them. It’s important to take your time learning about a potential partner because you certainly don’t want to date a person who is a walking red flag and is against everything you stand for.

Source: @dtanpt/Pexels

It’s important to have some similarities when it comes to ethics and even standards. That’s why discussing the dating values/dealbreakers is something you must do before taking the next step.

It’s not that you shouldn’t date someone who doesn’t like K-pop or Marvel comics. Dealbreakers and Preferences are not the same. There is no need to date someone who doesn’t value the things that you believe are important.

Besides that, you will also find these dealbreakers are mainly focused on things like political views, marriage, religious beliefs, and children. This is something that Damona Hoffman, a dating expert, agrees to.

She believes that people who hurriedly get into the dating scene become way scared to ask all the difficult questions to their partners. It’s mainly because they don’t wish to get rejected.

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These obstacles will fall in front of you once you and your partner move forward with the relationship. You will likely come across something that you have completely overlooked before, and this is really frustrating after you have put in a lot of effort to make the relationship work.

That’s why it’s pretty important to discuss all the things right before you start dating someone. You need to check whether or not there is something to look forward to. You might not have any dealbreakers in mind, but at least you will have a firm knowledge of what to expect from your future partner.