The Importance of Self-Care

By Ruby M

Self-care isn’t just about rest. Self-care is important to refresh your body and mind by stopping the everyday hustle and bustle of life to take care of yourself by giving yourself some much-deserved love and attention. Self-care can simply be taking a day off to read a book or having a nice long bath. But, incorporating beauty therapy into your self-care routine can elevate your mental state and wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as nourish your appearance. Who doesn’t want to feel good AND look good? So next time you think your lengthy skincare routine, yoga sessions, and long baths are a waste of time, remind yourself of these benefits of self-care:

Image courtesy of Unsplash/ Clay Banks

Anxiety and Stress Reduction 

Creating a self-care routine for yourself that incorporates beauty therapy and some important “me time” that you follow even once or twice a week can drastically reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to take care of your beauty wants and needs, like getting a pedicure or getting a massage, can be highly meditative and pull your mind out of the anxiety gutter. It’s like pushing a reset button and feeling refreshed and brand-new!

Boost Self-Love and Self-esteem

For women who battle with their sense of self-worth, taking the time to follow a beauty ritual and routine – like daily skincare, makeup application, and getting dressed up for the day even if you’re spending it at home – can create a sense of self-worth and actualization. Practicing self-care is a form of self-love, and the more frequently we take care of ourselves, the more we are essentially taking the time to love ourselves, and these actions will reflect how we feel about ourselves internally. 

Self-expression and Coming into Your Own

For many women who enjoy applying and wearing makeup, it is a way to express themselves to the outside world. Perhaps wearing bright colors or spending extra time on contouring is your personal way of expressing yourself. Or maybe it’s wearing a boldly colored lipstick. Trying different looks and styles can help a woman to express themselves daily. Taking care of yourself so that your glowing skin, body, and applied makeup represent your “armor” to take on the day. Many women feel empowered being able to redefine themselves through beauty and fashion. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash/ Valerie Elash