The Incredible Journey To Motherhood

By Moureen N

Undoubtedly, God has endowed females with a little something more in the emotional department. For whatever reason—hereditary physiology or social construct—a woman’s life is a roller coaster of emotions from the moment she leaves home as a bride until she finally settles on becoming a mother. 

Image credits: freestocks / Unsplash

The emotional roller coaster that is a woman’s transition from girl to mother is long and winding, taking her from the joy of having a child to the anxiety of giving birth, from a deeper connection to her mother to an existential crisis over her own identity. Overall, being a mother isn’t as rosy as one would think, but it’s also not as grim as it could seem.

Motherhood strengthens your relationship with your own mother, but it also improves you as a person in many other ways. Sleeplessness, mood changes, and morning sickness are typical pregnancy symptoms. In fact, there are moments when you may feel terribly afraid, irritated, and vulnerable; but the sound of your newborn’s scream may miraculously make all of those feelings go away. Motherhood instills in a woman a deep sense of responsibility and gratitude to her parents and a capacity for selfless love.

Image credits: Ömürden Cengiz / Unsplash

A new life, complete with little fingers and toes, gorgeous lips, and a head of silky hair, is a miracle you have been given the privilege of bringing into the world. Seeing them develop gradually is a joy to see. You are responsible for teaching them to speak, stand, crawl, walk, and eat. This is the most genuine, selfless, and purest relationship imaginable. The bond between a mother and her kid is the strongest and most cherished of any in the world.