The Trend Of Ear Seeds And How They Help

By Moureen N

The term “ear seed” refers to any small object, such as a seed, bead, or pellet, that is affixed to the outer part of the ear using adhesive. Tiny seeds are often harvested from the blooming Vaccaria plant. Beads made of metal or ceramic that stick to themselves have become popular recently.

According to TCM, the quality of your health is determined by the balance of the qi (energy) in your body. The paths this energy takes are known as meridians or channels and are named after the body parts to which they are believed to lead.

Image credits: Kristin Corpuz / Allure

Your ears, like the rest of your body, are equipped with these channels. Seeds are planted at acupoints that have been shown to restore hormonal harmony, soothe the nervous system, and unblock blocked energy pathways. Clearing blockages in these systems may improve health in many ways.

As a representation of the complete body, the ear is researched by acupuncturists, and its map is used to guide treatment (an upside-down fetus). Ear lobe for head and face, antihelix for the spine, and apex for feet.

According to popular belief, rubbing the seeds into the skin increases peripheral blood circulation, which in turn carries more oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. The body’s ability to digest food, think, adapt to stressful circumstances, sleep comfortably, and eliminate inflammation naturally are all enhanced by this induced state of calm.

Image credits: Kristin Corpuz / Allure

If a point is “active,” the ear seed around it will likely be painful, tender, and somewhat sensitive. Taking some deep breaths and practicing some mindfulness to help you feel more centered may assist with this “active” point. It’s important to have “active” points since they indicate the need.