These Amazing Morning Stretches Can Make You More Flexible

By Divya G

Feeling lethargic and stiff right after waking up in the morning is experienced by almost everyone. This typically happens to those people who haven’t exercised in a while. While you are stuck in traffic, sit at the desk, sleep on your bed, or binge on your favorite shows for long hours, your connective tissues and muscles tend to tighten.

Source: @runffwpu / Pexels

Further, it can make your joints have less lubrication, becoming ineffective. Sleeping or sitting in the same position becomes the real culprit behind the lack of movement. That is why physical trainers suggest incorporating morning stretches to kick-start your day.

The first thing to do once you’re out of bed is to practice stretching. People can do this right after waking up from bed or post-workout. This basically helps in enhancing blood circulation within the body. Besides, it also assists in making your muscles effective and supple and triggers a feedback loop between your muscles.

Stretching enables the nervous system to signal your muscles and helps them relax. This deliberately results in magnificent ease of movement and less stiffness. Fitness experts always share the best stretches to practice in the morning.

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Most importantly, people don’t really need any special equipment to master the stretching techniques. These typical static stretches involve stretching and holding on to a position for a particular amount of time. Some of the best morning stretches all beginners must consider practicing are:

Now that you know that stretching is highly effective, you should consider practicing them regularly.