45 Funny Tinder Profiles That Cracked Us Up!

By Larissa C

Dating is something that a lot of people have trouble with. It’s not easy finding the perfect person to date — or at the very least someone who matches our personality. Luckily, mobile apps such as Tinder were developed to help single people find love. Well, that’s the purpose, at least. Some people are on Tinder to find friends, and some other people are on this app searching for casual flings. Some take online dating apps quite seriously and will meticulously create detailed profiles. On the other hand, some people just want to have fun and will create some of the funniest Tinder profiles we’ve ever seen! And what’s better than finding that special person who you can laugh with? Your relationship will certainly be a lot of fun! Here are 45 funny Tinder profiles that will crack you up and make you wish you could find a partner as hilarious and creative as these people!

A funny, smart, and cute woman? Sign us up!

If you’re a person that is usually serious and not so outgoing, you would probably benefit from dating a fun person. They do say that opposites attract, right? And what’s more opposite than being a serious person in a relationship with a fun person?

Image courtesy of eBaumsWorld/Pinterest

Even if you are a funny person yourself, we’re certain that you would love to go on a date with this girl from Tinder. We do love her pickup line — she’s candid and in a funny way, which is great. With her looks, she’ll take your breath away. And as a respiratory therapy student, she knows just how to help you get your breath back!

The bar is on the floor!

As much as we try not to be “picky eaters,” we all have a mental image of the ideal person we would love to date. Who wouldn’t love to be with a beautiful, well-adjusted person with a great personality, anyway? However, life is not that simple!

Image courtesy of fakesteph/Fiverr

Even though there are 7 billion people on this Earth, it’s tough to find that one ideal person to date. Because of that, it’s no wonder that some people have dropped the bar to the floor when it comes to picking someone to go out with.

Be realistic!

Finding someone to be date is hard, but it becomes even harder once you get to your 30s and 40s. Lots of people in that age range are already married or in a serious relationship — and there’s an issue with those who are still single.

Image courtesy of ojoaopestana/reddit

The issue? Single men in their late 30s/early 40s prefer to date younger girls rather than finding a woman their own age! Anastasia is well aware of that, and she advertised herself on Tinder in the most clever way possible: getting men in her age range to realize that their time to date young girls is gone and that a woman like her is what they need!

I just want to chill with you!

When we’re getting to know someone and interested in dating them, we usually keep some information that may push them away to ourselves. Some things should only be revealed once you’re in a serious relationship, such as our bad habits of leaving the wet towel on the bed or something like that.

Image courtesy of Blog Michelle Taques

However, Casey thought the best approach to dating is to be honest upfront and let any potential lovers know that her last dating experience didn’t go so well. This is a funny and smart way of getting attention because we’re sure some guys swiped right just to learn more about this episode of her life!

She’s really clever, we got to give her that!

Writing the bio section in dating apps is quite difficult. Forget choosing the perfect picture to catch men’s (or women’s) attention — talking about yourself without sounding arrogant or over-confident is the real tricky part of Tinder! This woman, however, found the perfect way!

Image courtesy of merseypanic/Reddit

Instead of writing about her hobbies or her interests, she managed to describe some of her best assets in the funniest and in a kind of subtle way. Advertising yourself as a car? That’s a genius idea! We can only hope she found a responsible driver to take her on a journey!

Okay, then…

As absurd as it may seem, some people use Tinder, a dating app, to make new friends. In fact, that’s actually quite common, and you’ll often come across a profile that says “in a relationship, just looking for friends.” However, we assure you it’s not every day that you’ll find a profile like this one:

Image courtesy of Gal Vallo di Diano

Using Tinder to find an enemy? That’s new! We’re certain you have heard that story before — but if you missed the reference, he’s describing the plot of Romeo and Juliet. When you look at his profession (he’s a filmmaker), Justin’s profile starts making sense!

She’s just joking…right?

If you’re unsure how to write your Tinder profile, one popular strategy these days is simply writing something funny in your bio and letting it do its work. Instead of writing about yourself, you’ll get people’s immediate attention with your sense of humor.

Image courtesy of funny-ok-xi.blogspot.com

This woman decided to follow the funny path. She used one of the most common memes we see on the internet these days, which is joking about not being alive. While not everyone enjoys these types of sarcastic jokes, we’re sure she got some likes!

She took that pickup line way too literally.

If we asked you, “what is the world’s most used pickup line?” you would probably have a couple of answers to give. Creative pick-up lines are tough to come up with, so most people tend to stick to the cliché ones, such as asking if it hurt when a woman fell from heaven.

Image courtesy of Legendary—/Reddit

Bailey probably took that pickup line way too literally. We’re just kidding; she’s not an actual angel — but she did a great job in using that cliché pickup line in her favor! We only have one question about this Tinder profile: how did she manage to look cute even in this injured state?

That’s a huge accomplishment!

We’re all tired of hearing that we live in the technological age, but it’s the truth. Most things in life revolve around technology and the internet, and the way we feel about things has changed. For instance, if we use the internet a lot, we get excited about things that other people may not care about.

Image courtesy of dogtrainingobedienceschool.com

Scoring a front page on Reddit is a huge thing if you’re an avid social media user, but it doesn’t mean anything if you’re not on Reddit. Kate managed to accomplish that, and she’s obviously proud of herself. Now, her profile is funny because she’ll probably look like a nerd for the guys that don’t use Reddit!

No, thanks!

When you create a Tinder profile, you have to be aware that you’ll come across all kinds of people and all kinds of humor. Some bios will crack you up, while some other bios will just make you cringe. And then there are the bios that will creep you out and make you laugh at the same time!

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

See what we mean? This girl used her Tinder profile to describe her idea of a perfect date basically. The first parts of the date are just like any other regular date. But then her ideal date takes a dark turn, and you end up being robbed by your date! We wonder if this girl got any matches at all with that funny-yet-scary bio!

Kudos for the creativity!

Some Tinder profiles are so funny that you may wonder how that person managed to develop such a creative bio. This next guy, for instance, took funny to a whole new level with his Tinder profile! The creativity here gets top marks!

Image courtesy of queenarkham/Reddit

One really has to be funny to write these things out of nowhere. Thus you know you’ll be dating an actual hilarious person and not a phony person who copied and pasted a joke from the internet. We would swipe right, even if just to say kudos to this funny guy!

Each date will feel brand new with her!

One of the worst things you’ll find on Tinder are people who say they’re looking for someone with “personality.” We all have a personality, even if it’s not as strong as some other people’s personalities. This girl decided to make a joke for the people who say that:

Image courtesy of Awesome Inventions

Even Vanessa’s profile picture is a way of taking a jab at the cool guys/girls who want someone with a personality. A personality? What about multiple personalities? Because that’s what Vanessa has to offer — and we hope all her personalities are as fun as this one!

Being friends with benefits sounds cool!

As we said before, people use Tinder for different purposes. Some people are on this app trying to find the love of their lives. Other people are lonely and looking for new friends. Some Tinder users genuinely just want to laugh at different profiles, looking for casual encounters.

Image courtesy of ebeth15/Reddit

This guy, on the other hand, is looking for a friend with benefits. But it’s not the kind of friend with benefits that you’re probably thinking of. When he says benefits, he really means benefits — including medical, dental, and eye care benefits! Some would even say he’s actually looking for a job…

These are desperate times!

While some people have a hard time scoring a date with someone, some of us suffer from the opposite problem and have too many dates. It’s kind of hard to fathom, but it’s a real concept — some people date a lot, even though their relationships are not always successful.

Image courtesy of Martin Pakos

You know things are not looking so good for you when your grandfather decides to create a Tinder profile to help you find a nice man. Cheri’s grandfather was tired of seeing her making poor choices in the dating department and did this for her. It’s hilarious that he did this, but it’s also adorable how much he cares for his granddaughter!

This is a great pickup line!

If you’re a fan of boxing, you may have noticed that it’s not unusual for boxers to have a lisp. Many people don’t know this, but that lisp is actually brain damage that is caused due to the physical impacts of being a fighter. Still, that doesn’t stop people from joking, especially when it comes to Mike Tyson!

Image courtesy of illumeably.com

This girl on Tinder, for instance, realized that her foreign name sounds just like “kiss me” when it is said by someone with a lisp, like Mike Tyson. We’ve got to admit, she was really clever for this joke — and it also works like a pickup line, which is great!

5-star reviews!

When we’re about to buy something or visit a place, we always make sure to read the reviews before making a final decision. This is a great way of avoiding having any regrets later on — and now you can also read reviews of the man you’re thinking of dating!

Image courtesy of hilariousimagesnew/Blogspot

We’re just kidding. But this guy was really creative on his Tinder profile and added different reviews from “credible sources.” The advantage of using this method on your profile is that the only way of checking the veracity of these reviews is for someone to go out with you!


One of our favorite childhood games was, for sure, Marco Polo! Most of us have incredible memories of playing this game with friends in the neighborhood or at the local community pool. But it’s all fun and games until you’re a person who is actually named Marco, and you’re lost!

Image courtesy of sarcasmgoal.com

At the same time, Marco’s story can make us feel empathetic towards him; it also makes us laugh — if this is true, it is genuinely a funny story. Now, why would he share that on his Tinder profile? Maybe he’s hoping that empathy from girls will lead to nice dates?

This is what Aussie Tinder is like.

Australia is a land of surprises; we all know that. You’ve probably seen news of bizarre animals, like gigantic spiders, being found inside Australian homes. The Australian fauna may be peculiar, but we weren’t aware that Aussie Tinder was…unique as well.

Image courtesy of rita-am/Reddit

Some people use their Tinder bio to make jokes, while others just plainly describe the kind of person they’re looking for. This Australian decided to do both — he described his ideal partner while making a joke. If you’re an eight-legged woman, you might just have a chance with him!


Catfishing is the act of pretending to be someone you’re not online. Many people create fake profiles and catfish others on Tinder, though it’s kind of hard to tell what they get out of doing that. What would you do if you came across a catfish on Tinder?

Image courtesy of Vikingdude99/Reddit

And we’re not talking about people pretending to be a different person — we’re talking about a real catfish! This is an actual profile that was found on Tinder, and it’s hilarious. The good thing about this type of catfish is that you know what you’re getting yourself into from the get-go!

Help him, ladies!

Some guys are really close to their mothers, even though not every woman wants to date that type of guy. While some men don’t enjoy that, some other men crack hilarious jokes about being their mama’s boy, just like this guy did:

Image courtesy of typicalstudent.org

Let’s just ignore how this guy allegedly takes his mother to costume parties as his “date” — instead, let’s imagine how cute he and his future girlfriend would look dressed up as two halves of the perfect sandwich? That’s a perfect metaphor for soulmates!

Let’s fight society’s standards!

If you are a man and you have ever used Tinder, one of the things you probably saw the most on that app are girls talking about height. It seems like every Tinder woman wants to date guys that are over 6 feet tall — but this next girl is here to break that mold!

Image courtesy of SlightlyDrooid/Reddit

Instead of wanting tall men, Katie from Tinder only wants to date men if they’re under 6 feet tall. Her profile bio is super short, but it sure is attention-grabbing. We are certain that Katie must have scored at least a date or two with that joke — good for her!


Some Tinder profiles are plain boring. Some are just not well-managed. There are also plenty of funny profiles, and then there are Tinder profiles that are nothing but confusing. And it seems that this next guy decided to follow the confusing path.

Image courtesy of winkgo.com

See what we mean? He lost us at hello, that’s for sure! If only this little story made any sense, it could’ve helped him find a girl, but we highly doubt he got any woman to read all of that, let alone actually message him first!

She’s got a point!

Having a significant other means you have someone who’ll always be by your side supporting and loving you and cheering you on. Those are the three top reasons people want to date, but other reasons why people go on Tinder.

Image courtesy of PotoHawk/Reddit

Sydney obviously needs more than just to having a loving man to share her life with. She needs a real partner, someone who will be there for her at all times — but especially when she’s at the gym singing the iconic Fergie song and needs a duet partner!

Don’t ask for those kinds of pictures!

One of the worst parts about Tinder is the thirsty men and women who are not looking for a serious relationship and just want to find something casual. Instead of being polite and subtle about it, some of them straight up ask for nude pictures, which is not something you want to send to a stranger you’ve met online!

Image courtesy of i_theodora/Reddit

While Victoria is trying to be funny on her Tinder profile, she does have a point. Sharing nude pictures of yourself on the internet is a huge mistake, and you probably shouldn’t do that. The opposite is true for people who ask for those pictures — stop doing that, fellas! 

I don’t need a man…just kidding!

If you’re on Tinder, that’s probably because you want to find someone to date. Unless you’re one of those people who join a dating app to find friends (with no benefits). Even still, some people make jokes about not needing a man/a woman.

Image courtesy of niklas_s_b/Reddit

Amanda, for instance, tried to make a pun about being an independent woman using her name. Call her “Da” because she doesn’t need “Aman” — it’s actually pretty funny. But what makes it funny is the statement between parenthesis because it shows how she actually wants a man in her life!

Yep, seems legit!

This next profile has got to be one of the funniest profiles we found on Tinder yet. It’s another catfish profile, but they are trying really hard to prove to other users that they’re “a real human.” Even their name is an attempt to trick you, so be careful!

Image courtesy of WinterPixel/Reddit

It seems like a legit profile, doesn’t it? They like breathing air just like other humans, so there’s nothing to be suspicious of here. This Tinder user also enjoys taking walks on leg — and so do we. We guess we would definitely swipe right for this real human!

You’re a really clever man, sir!

If you’ve never used Tinder, there are two terminologies you need to know: “swiping right” and “swiping left.” When you see a profile that you like, you swipe right to get a chance to chat with this person. If you don’t like what you see, you can swipe left and move on to the next person.

Image courtesy of streetsheep/Reddit

This guy decided to use the swiping mechanism in his favor. He took a picture of himself trying to reach a cupboard and ask for help in his Tinder profile. Apparently, you can help him by “swiping up,” and while this is a clever move, he may have forgotten that you don’t swipe up in Tinder!

Shakespeare is shaking in his boots!

Tinder bios have a maximum character limit of 500. However, it’s quite rare to find someone who makes the most of that limit and who gets anywhere near reaching it. In fact, dating coaches advise users against writing long bios, as the chances of someone reading it are really slim.

Image courtesy of _Genghis_/Reddit

When people see long bios, they usually just swipe left and move on to the next profile, but this guy doesn’t seem to mind. He used his Tinder profile to write a whole story where the characters (him and his Tinder date) meet and fall in love before tragedy ensues. We’re not sure how many girls swiped right for the story, but we imagine that Shakespeare is turning on his grave, wishing he was that creative!

Has she watched that one movie?

Have you ever watched that Brad Pitt movie called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? In that movie, Pitt’s character is an infant that looks like a very old man. As the years go by, Benjamin Button ages backward until he becomes a baby and passes away.

Image courtesy of richiguada/Reddit

Well, Mio from Tinder wishes she could live a life like that. While her Tinder profile is quite funny, we can’t help but wonder if she’s watched that movie. Benjamin’s life is far from perfect as he reaches his final years as a baby — so we’d prefer to live like a regular person. Thank you very much!

The first part got us, for sure!

As indecent as it may sound, some people are literally only attracted to someone if they are in a relationship. We don’t know what they get out of that, but many people are looking for married folks, even on Tinder!

Image courtesy of crwnhm/Reddit

Jayr is not one of those people, even though he sure got us in the first part of his profile. He says he’s looking for a married woman, and you may think he’s a shameless man, but then you keep reading and realize it’s actually a prank.

Sorry, I’m not looking for a three…oh, wait!

Another phenomenon that is really common on Tinder these days is couples looking for a third person to be their companion. Maybe they’re trying to spice up their relationship, or maybe they’re genuinely into that kind of thing — but none of those couples are like this next one:

Image courtesy of LordHrothmund/Reddit

When you see the picture of a couple on Tinder, your thoughts immediately wander in a certain direction. On the other hand, this couple was not at all talking about what you may have thought they were talking about. They just want friends to play Monopoly with them. We’re just not sure if Tinder really is the place to find that!

Came for the man, stayed for the dog!

Beauty plays a major role on Tinder. We’re swiping left or right mostly based on the person’s appearance, as all we can see are photos sometimes. However, there are times that we swipe right for people who we think are really attractive and end up staying because of their other qualities.

Image courtesy of Frankie_Bike_Dog_HFX/Reddit

With Garry, women usually swipe right for his looks but stick around because of his good qualities — but, more importantly, they stay with him for his adorable dog! Apparently, this happens to him often, as he even mentioned it on his profile. We hope Garry can find someone who’ll love him and his dog equally!

She’s not necessarily wrong.

Finding love on a dating app is not easy at all. There are so many people using Tinder these days that it’s kind of hard to compete with them. Of course, there are exceptions to that, and many people engage in long-term relationships after meeting on Tinder.

Image courtesy of Sky-Puppy_King/Reddit

However, even when you find someone, the relationship may not work. This girl may have just found the reason why it’s hard to find love on Tinder. You’ll find that there are so many guys fishing in lakes and so many girls hiking up mountains on this app.

That’s hilarious and really clever!

Imagine that your future wife finds a way to visit you in your current timeline. She’s here to save your life and prevent you from dying an untimely death in the future. Sounds kind of impossible, doesn’t it? Well, maybe it’s not!

Image courtesy of VoldLoldermort/Reddit

This girl claims to be whoever is seeing her profile’s future wife. Her purpose on our timeline is to do exactly what we mentioned in the previous paragraph — save her spouse’s life in the future. Out of the ways she could’ve imagined, Tinder seemed like the best option to contact her spouse!

We’re so disappointed!

Every man and every woman likes a different type of person. Even if you claim not to have a type, you probably do. Some girls like sensitive, kind men. Some girls like masculine, rough men. And everyone likes a certain green man that goes by the name Shrek!

Image courtesy of that wyvem/Reddit

If you don’t know who Shrek is, you must have lived under a rock for the past 20 years. This big green ogre won our hearts the very first time we saw him. He knows that the ladies would prefer to date the hilarious ogre, and we really love this type of humor!

A woman of few words!

Tinder profiles are not all about the bio section. Pictures in Tinder are essential, so you have to choose wisely before making your profile go online. This next woman took this task very seriously and did an amazing job!

Image courtesy of Sir_cocconut/Reddit

Well, she didn’t take the task seriously at all — she made a hilarious job out of the task of choosing her best photos! Why should she use words to describe herself and her personality when many funny pictures do the trick? We would definitely swipe right just to congratulate her for being so creative!

She didn’t lie!

As we mentioned before, finding everlasting love on Tinder is pretty hard. You have much bigger chances of talking to someone for a couple of days and never talking to them again. This happens to most people, but nobody seems to mention this part when they’re talking about Tinder.

Image courtesy of rutinuti611/Reddit

This girl was straight to the point and used her profile to tell the cold hard truth: not every Tinder match will lead to a solid relationship! Most of the time, you and the other person will gradually stop texting and just liking each other’s photos on Instagram from time to time as life goes on.

Help her grandma!

This next profile is hands down one of the funniest Tinder profiles we have come across so far. Every person has their own strategy to catch other people’s attention on Tinder, but very few are more clever than this one.

Image courtesy of luwenan/Reddit

Now, we’re completely sure you’ve never seen anything like that on Tinder before! This girl came up with one of the funniest ways of getting people to swipe right — after all, who wouldn’t want to save that adorable old lady?

You’re not special.

Clichés are one of the things you’ll always see on Tinder. Some people use funny descriptions on their profiles that they found on the internet, and those who are too lazy to do that just use their bio to mention one hobby or two.

Image courtesy of bigsmily/Reddit

This girl’s profile is both hilarious and brutally honest at the same time. She’s basically calling out all the basic people on Tinder who can’t come up with anything more creative on their profiles other than saying they love food and traveling — which are two things we all love!

Do you like sassy girls?

If you don’t know this yet, meaningless flirting has become a huge thing lately. Meaningless flirting is the kind of flirting you do when you’re bored and don’t actually want anything with the person you’re texting. With Tinder, meaningless flirting is even easier!

Image courtesy of e-udon/Reddit

When you meet someone on Tinder, they know nothing about you except your name, age, and maybe the place where you work/study. They won’t know your address unless you tell them, so you’re free to do as much meaningless flirting as you want, and there will be no consequences!

Yeah, you know, just a husband!

Lots of people on Tinder are not looking for anything serious. It’s not hard to meet someone who’s just looking for a casual date and nothing else. The thing is, not everyone can handle casual dating! For instance, check out this next profile:

Image courtesy of m_hyper/Reddit

Judging by her profile, this is a woman that can’t do casual dating because she probably always wants more. Instead of taking herself too seriously, though, she decided to crack a joke — and it’s hilarious. She’s not looking for anything too serious…

What did you say? I’m too tall to hear you!

Remember that Tinder profile we showed you with the girl who wanted to date short men? While she was funny, she also took a jab at the girls who only care about height. For those girls, being a tall man comes before having a personality — so it’s no wonder there are so many jokes aimed at them!

Image courtesy of memeking-of-angmar

This guy also joked about it. Instead of having an actual personality, all of his answers involve mentioning his height. The thing about his joke is that we’re not sure whether he’s ironic or if he’s desperate to get girls to see he’s a tall man — it could go both ways, really!

Wait, what?

This next Tinder profile seems more like a fever dream. At this point, it doesn’t even surprise us anymore — people seem to prefer to use their profiles to make silly jokes and show they have a sense of humor. 

Image courtesy of murat1993/Reddit

Waking up next to someone you love and who loves you back is a privilege that not everyone has — including this girl. She kissed the person next to her and, while that should’ve been romantic, she apparently forgot that she was on an airplane and he was a stranger!

Why are you judging me?

Even though Tinder is wildly popular, there’s a lot of taboo surrounding this app. If you tell your family you’re on Tinder, you’ll probably have to deal with questions about going out with people you met online. If you tell your friends you’re using this app, they may think you’re desperate to find a date!

Image courtesy of runt-of-the-web.com

But the worst judgment comes from the other people who are using Tinder. Are they really in a position to judge other people who are using the same app as them? Besides, there’s nothing wrong with using an online dating app to find a partner. We live in the technology era anyway, so it’s only fitting!

Every basic girl on Tinder ever!

If you’re on Tinder, you’ve probably come across your fair share of girls who are stereotypical even on their profiles. We’re not sure how they think being bitter is cute, but it works for them as they get hundreds of likes on dating apps.

Image courtesy of Inverse

Brett, however, was obviously tired of being turned down by these mean girls and decided to edit his Tinder profile. He added everything that basic white girls add to their bio, and it’s hilarious. He’ll probably start getting tons of matches now!