Top 6 ASMR Cooking TikTok Accounts

By Divya G

While some people choose bath bombs and champagne as a way to relax, some decide to cook a delectable yet nourishing meal. And some people turn to scrolling their social media feeds where they watch meal-making videos.

There are plenty of soothing food accounts on TikTok, which have the potency of keeping you up at night. Or sometimes even provide you with specific ideas on what to make for your lunch. Food videos on TikTok tagged with #ASMR food has more than 4.5 billion views. Each shot of the videos is intentionally made from chopping veggies, stacking them, and preparing delectable dishes.

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

For appreciating the sensory delight of ASMR food on TikTok, you can follow these top 11 accounts:


The queen of the For You page shares educational and appetizing food videos. Mariko has seamlessly mastered the splashing and crinkling sounds.


The tattooed chef whips bougie restaurant meals while his hands engage in an elegant dance. The perfectly clanky kitchen sounds make the videos very appealing to watch.


The mellow tunes of her videos seem like she is dancing while kneading, rolling, whisking, and mixing. The videos are incredibly calming.


You will find lots of satisfying chomping on new food items every day. The King of Crunch is enjoyable to watch while he eats his way across the world.

Artem Oleshko/Shutterstock


You will find delightful food organization videos which will leave you amazed. Nothing on earth can be as perfect as this woman’s food cabinets and refrigerator.


You won’t know that candy cutting can be incredibly satisfying until watching this Australian hard candy company video. The oddly satisfying videos will keep you hooked as you watch the confections being snipped and shaped.