Plot Holy Moly: 40 Famous TV Shows That Needed More Time In The Writer’s Room

By Farah J

Who doesn’t enjoy binge-watching TV shows all night long? Yes, this includes nail-biting tension and crying into our pillows with a tub of ice cream and dozens of snacks accompanying us. And not to mention the cliffhangers at the end of every episode…such an unfair move to keep us hooked to the show!

Amid all the love triangles, unforeseen deaths of our favorite characters, friendships, and loyalty, our favorite TV shows of all time have this irritating habit: leaving annoying and questionable plot holes in the worst possible places! They try to make us look past their errors in the storyline by sparking romance between our favorite characters and initiating drama, but we never recover from these unfilled gaps in our minds! We’ve compiled a list of 40 famous TV shows and their plot holes. Do you think you could find the answers with another binge-watch of the series?

Grey’s Anatomy – brain tumors, not a big deal

Sure, love is blind. But is it blind enough to miss out on the clearly visible and very concerning symptoms of a brain tumor in one of your best friends? Especially when all of you are doctors and practically live with them 24/7?

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When Izzie was hallucinating and talking to her dead fiancé despite being a doctor or living among the greatest neurosurgeons, no one seemed to notice her out-of-character behavior, let alone detect a brain tumor. Well, not until she almost died.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – human-vampires?

The writers for a show really need to sit down and make sure that they all are on one page before airing the show. Oh, and kindly…stick to the freaking details! Because we don’t know if you know, but people notice things!

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We only have one simple question at the end: do vampires breathe or not? As presented in early episodes, we ask this because vampires can’t be resuscitated as they “don’t breathe,” but later they are choking underwater and “out-of-breath” after running?

Riverdale – twins, but of different ages

We didn’t know that there is still confusion somewhere in this world, especially in Riverdale’s crew regarding twins and their same age. It is hilarious that none of the cast and crew members seemed to notice the “older and younger” set of twins.

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This show truly is fictional when it comes to different ages of twin siblings: Jason is the same age as his ex-girlfriend, Polly. But Polly’s younger sister Betty is the same age as Cheryl – Jason’s twin sister… What

Glee – Quinn’s magical healing

As far as we’ve noticed, TV shows don’t back off when it comes to healing the main character’s severe physical injuries and magical recoveries. Whether it is a spine injury or broken bones, they always show up to the final dance all fit!

Image Source: YouTube/Glee Forever!

Quinn from Glee is a perfect example: after surviving a major accident that damaged her spine and left her in a wheelchair, Quinn was in the fittest of health by the end of the season! Walking and dancing (!!!), just in time for her final performance! 

The Flash – too fast yet too slow

We aren’t sure what the writers were thinking when they took a character called the Flash and made him fly like a normal person at NORMAL speed. Like, we can do that without any superpowers. Well, maybe a few, but you know what we mean. 

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The Flash can run at such speeds that no human eye can detect his movements, right? But instead of moving away from the bad guys before they can touch him, he just stops right in front of them and fist-fights? What a waste.

The Office – DNA test proved wrong

How does it happen: the DNA test results are overlooked over a simple statement of a person who lied to you? And you just believe them straight? We have some really serious questions about this plot hole in the show. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/gg_noob_master

Dwight took Angela’s word, especially when she confessed to lying to him over DNA test results showing that Phillip is not his biological son. In a situation like this, we would have a million questions before we burst into happy tears of being a parent.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – magical beard

There is not enough to say in this case of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The writers are in urgent need to make peace with the facts and traits of the characters they create. Write down the little things, crew members! We notice!

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Like, if you make up a character who is physically incapable of growing a beard, then don’t give him one through the entire show! That’s how it works! It makes us want to rip our beard out, not to be dramatic.

Vampire Diaries – vervain everywhere out of nowhere

We bet the writers forgot the extreme rarity of vervain as the show progressed. Stashed, hidden, and guarded like a treasure in the first season by the council, vervain, a medicinal herb, was like a power source for the vampires.

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However, suddenly, in the later seasons of Vampire Diaries, everyone had their own stashed vervain. Hidden, but it wasn’t considered rare anymore. Writers, was this medicinal herb a kind of garden weed that defied extinction? Any explanation would be nice.

Pretty Little Liars – Maya’s secret?

This was one of the most bizarre plot holes that, we believe, everybody noticed and had questions about. Maya, Emily’s girlfriend, was found deceased for having a secret about…well, we don’t know about what or who. And we may never find out.

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In contrast to the storyline where her secret would’ve been an opening to the central plot, Maya’s secret wasn’t worth mentioning. And later on, she was not worth mentioning enough. Everyone simply forgot about her. Well, we guess the secret died with her. 

Gossip Girl – gossip “boy”

It’s such a famous show with such an annoying plot hole! We are confident that when the writers thought of the title or the storyline, in contrast to what we thought, there was no actual “gossip girl” chosen for the task.

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When they chose Dan as the secret “gossip girl” blogger, even after showing multiple logical reasons that he simply could NOT be it, we believe the writers just spun the wheel and chose the blogger at random. Completely “impossible” and annoying twist!

Friends– same apartment, different numbers

Here are another one of Friend’s bizarre plot holes. Any Friends fan would’ve noticed the change of Monica’s and Chandler’s apartment numbers in season one (five and four, respectively) and season two (20 and 19, respectively). This plot hole was kind of a must.

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There is no way their apartment building had only one or two rooms per floor – the cast was shown to live on the sixth floor! Apparently, someone in the production crew was intellectual enough to change the numbers to acceptable ones. 

Boy Meets World – Mr. Turner…Poof!

Mr. Turner was everyone’s favorite. Super cool outfits? Check. Wonderful teacher? Check. Incredible person? Check. Shawn’s favorite? Um, we aren’t sure about that. Because when your legal guardian gets in an accident, you go and check upon them. 

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Well, the writers simply removed him from the show after the motorcycle accident at the end of season 3. Nobody knew or talked about what happened to him or where he went. It was like he never existed, unfortunately!

That ‘70s Show – ghost sisters

One of the most common plot holes that have been brought up about the ‘70s show is Donna’s familial status. At first, the show brings in Donna’s two sisters, Valerie and Tina. But after a few episodes, “Donna’s an only child.” What?

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It is one heck of a plot hole that needs to be addressed to the audience because every time we watch it, this annoying misinformation just leaves us questioning the writers and their intention. What were they even thinking

The Office – spilled tea concerns

Even though we do this all the time: we do something and regret it afterward, especially due to privacy concerns. But it seems really odd when the office workers are suddenly concerned about the spilled tea in the documentary of ten years!

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Like, you have been willingly doing this for the past TEN years: spilling private tea to a random man behind the camera. And now you’re suddenly shocked how much your private life is out? It just doesn’t make sense.

Games of Thrones – white walkers can’t swim!

It is sort of foolish to think that people won’t notice these kinds of things. Again, we do notice, and we won’t stop. You, writers, need to gear up when you leave small details and logic hanging. Just like when you left out the swimming logic of white walkers!

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We are really confused about how white walkers were able to “swim” down… to the bottom of an almost frozen lake… to fasten huge iron chains around Viserion. Or did someone do it for them? We require answers!

FRIENDS – ages

We don’t have enough fingers to count the shows that have trouble setting their characters’ ages consistently. It seems like a simple job to remember the ages of the characters the writers created themselves, right? 

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Well, FRIENDS’ crew members had a little struggle with that. Like, in the first season, Joey is presented as the “youngest” of the group. Although, as the show progressed until season seven, Rachel became the “last one” to turn thirty. Confused?

The Modern Family – Jay’s unlimited cars

Just like characters’ clothes in movies and TV shows never get repeated twice, Jay’s cars were new every time he went out. But wearing different clothes in every episode is understandable, unlike having brand new cars every single day…just no.

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An easily avoidable plot hole is left to get criticized. Sure, the guy was extremely rich. But not even billionaires who live in a mansion have these many cars! Where is the hint of realism in the shows? We guess that’s why they call it TV.

Legends of Tomorrow – Not-so-heroic

We aren’t sure where to start with this one. Not to be a hateful critic, but this whole show is a plot hole itself. The “heroes” in this show wearing fancy suits and a cape act more like children. 

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Also, they need to grasp the idea that cleaning their mess is not very heroic. What is the point of “saving the day” when it is your mess every time? Especially when these “heroes” have no clue what they are doing.

How I Met Your Mother – when’s the wedding?

The ending of season 8 of HIMYM closes with the wedding that is said to be on May 25th, Saturday. While, the next season opens with “55 hours before the wedding, Friday,” which makes the wedding on May 26th, Sunday. 

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We don’t know if the crew of this show had a mathematical error about the wedding date or it was simply a confusing plot hole. Because it is annoying either way. The fans had many unanswered questions about it too.

FRIENDS – how rich is Phoebe?

We all can imagine how expensive living in the US can be, especially in the areas of Manhattan. And living alone…with the salary of a masseuse and freelance work? Whoa. We believe there must be an explanation for her financial stability.

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Either that or the writers absolutely failed to mention a stable source of income for Phoebe, leaving us with another annoying FRIENDS plot hole. Others’ career and job life are explained well. Wonder why they left out Phoebe’s.

Lost – Walt got lost

Trust us when we say that this story – or plot hole – is going to sound very, very familiar. This is that cliché plot hole that almost every show has, and none of them has addressed their fans with any explanation whatsoever. 

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So, this plot hole, too, goes like this: creating a character, Walt, and making him seem like an important one with a central role in the beginning. But as the story progresses, he slowly fades out of the picture forever. 

Orange Is the New Black – messed up the timeline

As much as the show is great, its timeline is completely messed up. And we are not even exaggerating. As the 2013 show presented, Piper only goes to prison for 15 months. And the whole show, for all the seven seasons, represents these 15 months. 

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And according to the prison happenings, it’s proven that only ten months have passed from season 2 to 6. However, as it is only 2013 in almost the whole show, the show-life is NOT supposed to know real-life events of 2016!

Supernatural – Demon phrase

It might sound a little familiar when we tell you a really common plot hole that the writers forget as the story prolongs: an important fact stated in the beginning season gets completely forgotten in the next seasons like it didn’t exist.

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Yes, the supernatural had a simple phrase, “Christo,” that could identify a demon for them. No spells or charms, just a statement could get them out of multiple demonic situations. Yet they never used it again after season one.

FRIENDS – Phoebe’s real dad

We can write a whole article for the plot holes in FRIENDS. Here is another major one that simply cannot be overlooked! Who doesn’t know Phoebe’s past life; she discusses it multiple times during the whole show. Including the story of her dad.

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Like, how “my real dad was the one that ran out on us before I was born.” But in another season, she meets up with the guy, and he “used to sing her lullabies at night.” Oh, and they “inspired” the famous Smelly Cat!

Gossip Girl – half brother?

Another plot hole where a new character, who has awfully close relations with the main character, is brought in for some reason, who is never to be seen or talked about again. Like, what are the people behind the scenes trying to do? 

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What is the point of bringing in the half-brother of Serena and Dan and just throwing him out of the picture? He didn’t even appear at Serena’s wedding! Her half-brother! And no one talked about him either.

The OC – 2 years, 3 summers?

Another messed-up timeline. This show is an all-time favorite. The plot is excellent and everything. But, we guess, not everything is perfect. The imperfection of this show is its timeline of the last two years of high school.

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Starting from junior year of high school in season 1, this show prolonged to season 3, in which they graduate. We believe the three seasons of the show confused the writers with three summers each season. Another school year would’ve easily removed the plot hole.

The X-Files – Wedding ring without a wedding?

The appearance of a character wearing a wedding ring without any storyline about the guy dating or marrying anyone at the moment in the show…out of nowhere…why do you have to confuse the whole audience with a horrifying plot hole?

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Although, later, the actor revealed the intention of wearing his real-life wedding ring “just for fun,” which happened between the periods of two seasons. But personally, we do blame the actor for confusing us by bringing his personal life into the show.

Rules of Engagement – Deportation due to US citizenship

How is it that the writers forget their whole storyline? Aren’t writers supposed to know every little detail that they created about their characters’ life? A plot hole that is as simple as this one… is just disappointing. Embarrassing, too.

Image courtesy of Monty Briton/CBS

The last few episodes in season seven of Rules of Engagement revolve around Timmy being so anxious about his deportation after his visa expires, despite him finding out in season four that he’s been a US citizen for years.

Teen Wolf – from third grade to senior year

So, you’re telling us a girl with only third-grade level education was able to easily jump straight into the senior year? And also, being trapped as a coyote from the ages of nine until 17 did nothing to her?

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How does one comprehend this kind of plot hole; we would appreciate the suggestions about Malia being able to step STRAIGHT into senior year of high school with almost no problem at all and doing all that human stuff so easily.

That ‘70s Show – messed up timeline no. infinity

We now believe that most writers struggle with having the timeline of their stories straight. They get confused and try to cover it up with some logic or just leave it there for us to fill in the gaps.

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Like, in this show, Eric turns 17 in season one, but he celebrates his 18th birthday in season six…it is kind of embarrassing. Also, how come there were five Christmases over four years…? Any logical explanation?

How I Met Your Mother – where’s the Mother?

Has anyone ever encountered such a show where the whole freaking show that ran for an entire decade seemed like a huge plot hole? Imagine building up a whole show over the premise only to trash it at the end.

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We wonder what the reactions of this show’s audience have been, especially the die-hard fans who remained loyal to the show throughout the decade, only to watch “the Mother” die at the end and Ted ending up with Robin!

The Walking Dead – mysterious fuel

One of the top shows, yet still leaving confusing plot holes that just don’t make sense. The show ran a whole decade, and not once did the writers decide what fuel abandoned cars were running on. 

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Logically in the dystopian zombie world, the cars couldn’t have been drivable because of the empty fuel tanks. Nine whole seasons we watched them run on anonymous fuel until they hinted to us at the end that corn was converted into ethanol. About time!

Big Bang Theory – elevator mystery

The 12-season show was a hit in the 2000s, but all these seasons were a waste when it came to solving the mystery of the infamous broken elevator. Even though referenced multiple times during the show, but of no help.

Image courtesy of Sonja Flemming/CBS

The writers probably couldn’t get on the same page about the mystery: in season 1, Leonard told the gang that it broke down two years ago, while the story renewed to “elevator breaking down by Leonard’s failed experiment seven years ago”…

Gilmore Girls – minor girl missing, no big deal

The central plot hole of this show that pops up on the top is Lorelei – a 16-year-old – running away from her home after leaving a single note for Emily and Richard, and NOT A SINGLE SOUL doing anything about it!

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Sure, she dropped out of school legally but being a minor, Emily and Richard would’ve reported her as a missing person. If not, go find her yourself. Or even just check up on her if she is safe wherever she is. Anything literally!

True Blood – Sookie’s mystery guy

When the writers decided to collapse the love triangle they had been building up since the beginning of the show, they made Sookie leave both Eric and Bill and happily got pregnant with another random guy they didn’t even show…

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We need to ask this urgent question about this mysterious and bizarre plot hole of True Blood: why make us go through all that heartbreak, angst, and pain? Why make us choose teams? What was the point? Such a disappointment.

True Detective – Detectives being dumb

Yes, we know that it seems questionable: detectives Wayne Hays and Roland West suddenly lose their sharp detective skills and “superpower” ability to piece together the details – but…oh well. Season three somehow makes us question their “true” detective skills.

Image courtesy of What Else is On Now?

It started when the two bumped into Lucy. They somehow don’t realize that she is Julie’s daughter! Despite being the “photocopy” of her sharing her grandmother’s name, AND being the daughter of Mike, Julie’s childhood “friend.” Now that is dumb.

Charmed – Paige’s changing age

Charmed is known for its “dynamic trio.” But when one of the three left the show, the writers had to come up with the solution for the continuity of the “trio.” Although, they brought in the character of Phoebe’s half-sister, Paige.

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The show left some serious plot holes and confusion during its mission to the “trio completion.” At one point, Paige is introduced as the youngest sister, while at another point in the show, she is the same age as Phoebe…? 

FRIENDS – Ben absent from Ross’s wedding

Ben, Ross’s only child with ex-wife Carol, has had a major role throughout the show. Ben, from a baby to a six-year-old boy, showed up a handful of times, and not to mention the times when the episode’s story revolved around Ben!

Image Source: YouTube/TBS

Yet, we didn’t fail to notice his absence at Ross and Emily’s wedding! It went on for two whole episodes of the season 4 finale, and not once Ben is mentioned or missed, despite him being Ross’s “world.” 

The Walking Dead – forgotten zombie trick 

We want to beg the writers to NOT include facts, details, and logic that they can’t continue in their storyline. It is confusing and annoying for the audience, especially if the show is fictional, fantasy, apocalyptic, or in the dystopian era. 

Image courtesy of Josh Stringer/AMC

Like, when the writers included the fact that zombies can be drawn and kept in hordes in one place by loud noises – yet no one’s ever used it to their advantage. Please explain why this rule was introduced and not used?

Pretty Little Liars – murder suspects?

The only question is why these “pretty little liars” didn’t go to the police, or any adult authority, or parents, as soon as the stalking began, who could’ve helped them get out of this mess?

Image courtesy of

And to answer our question: the only logical reason that comes to our minds is that all of these high school teenage girls were somehow deeply involved in the mysterious murder of their friend. “The pretty little killers.”