The Story Of How Two Kids Became Brothers, Twins, And Cousins All At The Same Time

By Liezel L

We’ve all heard stories of twins feeling each other’s pain or finishing each other’s thoughts, right? In the previous centuries, people were afraid of these kinds of things, which is why many people were afraid of twins and their closeness. Today though, plenty of people are so interested in twins. In fact, there are many scientists out there who are dedicated to the study of twins and their connection. Unless you have a twin, though, we don’t think we’d truly understand how it feels to have someone that close to you in your life. Their connection is just different. It’s not something forged from years of working on their sibling relationship. It literally started right in the womb, and it’s something more profound and a lot more complicated than we can imagine. 

Twins Brittany and Briana Deane have that same connection, and they have fully embraced the twin aspect of their life. What’s more interesting is that their sons are considered brothers, twins, and cousins all at the same time. How in the world? Here’s the story.

The Twin Connection

There are tons of twins all around the world; however, when it comes to identical twins, that’s a different matter altogether. Today, the chances of having identical twins are about 3 in 1000. Another factor that makes them so rare is that they share not just 90% of 99.9% of their DNA but a complete 100%. Because of this, many identical twins have testified to having a strong “twin connection” unlike any other human connection. 

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Many twins have reported that they’ve felt this connection since birth and throughout history, many twins have maintained this bond until their deaths. 34-year-olds Brittany and Briana Deane have this exact same strong twin connection. They don’t only look alike but also have the same thoughts and likes and dislikes, which often leads them to wear the same clothes and do everything together. And by everything, we do mean literally everything. 

They Knew It Right From The Beginning That Their Twin Connection Was So Strong, and Others Around Them Noticed It Too

Ever since Brittany and Briane were young, they knew they had a solid twin bond. When they were kids, they woke up with the same thoughts and instinctively made the same moves even without thinking about it. Because of that, they were often mistaken for each other. 

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They were inseparable, and even in adulthood, they remain that way. They’re working together as co-owners of their own boutique wedding venue in their hometown in Virginia, which has been their dream ever since they were young. They did wonder if their bond was going to weaken as they grew older, but they found that it was actually the opposite. To them, they are “two halves of a whole.”

They Choose Their Outfits Alone, But More Often Than Not Land Up Wearing The Exact Same Thing

One of the things that could best demonstrate their bond is their outfits. Although they have separate closets and they choose their outfits individually, they amazingly usually end up choosing the exact same things by complete accident. So, to avoid any other complications, they just simply wear matching outfits every day.

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According to Brittany, it’s not planned. They just get up in the morning and somehow have the same outfit in mind for the day. She said that “More often than not, it’s very much a joint effort. I think that because we have the same brain, we will both wake up thinking, ‘OK, I want to wear X outfit today,’ or whatever the event is that we have going on that day.”

One Perk Of Having The Same Taste In Clothes Is That They Can Share Trying-on Duties When Shopping

Having the same taste in clothes may result in a bit of “borrowing” and some fights with some siblings, but for Brittany and Briana, it’s actually a perk. They love the fact that they have the same taste in clothes and that they end up wearing the same things. This also comes in handy come shopping time because they can split trying-on duties. 

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When they go shopping, they only have to try on half of the clothes each because if one item doesn’t suit or fit on one twin, it also won’t on the other. This makes shopping a lot more enjoyable and a lot less tiring for them. Their twin connection goes way beyond just clothes, though. ‘

They Were Joined At The Hip In High School, And They Also Attended The Same College

When it comes to their similarities, it wasn’t just limited to their appearance and taste in clothes. They were also both equally intelligent and were pretty good at school. They were joined at the hip through high school, but they had to make a tough decision about what college to attend when graduation came. 

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They both knew that they could attend different colleges if they wanted to, but they didn’t. They couldn’t bear the thought of being away from each other, so instead of forcing it, they just decided to both study law at Sweet Briar College. They didn’t want to let go of their “twin thing,” and they found just the right place where they could be fully themselves. 

They Were Religious Attendees Of The Twins Days Festival In Ohio Every Year, But 2017 Was A Special Year

Brittany and Briana weren’t afraid to show other people how much they loved each other and how deep their connection ran. However, they also knew that some people simply won’t understand their closeness and might even think it a little weird. To find more of their people, they traveled from Virginia to the city of Twinsburg, Ohio, every single year to attend the annual Twins Day Festival.

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The festival is the largest annual gathering of twins globally and has given the women a chance to meet others just like them. Every year, they go without fail, and it has helped them feel that they aren’t alone. While they made special memories each year, 2017 was the year that changed their lives. 

2017 Was When They Met Fellow Identical Twins Josh And Jeremy Salyers

Long before 2017, Brittany and Briana found and made friends with other twins and built up a network of people like them. However, in 2017, Josh and Jeremy Salyers attended the event for the very first time and captured the girls’ attention. 

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“We were sitting on the bleachers, and I saw these two amazingly handsome young men who looked to be about our age. And they were walking across the gym floor below.” Brittany said. The women were instantly smitten, and from then on, they wanted to know everything about them, from where they were from, to who they were, and how deep their twin connection went.

While The Women Were Instantly Both Attracted, They Were Hesitant Since They Weren’t So Lucky In Love Before

When they spotted Josh and Jeremy, neither woman had to say a word to tell the other their thoughts or their feelings at the moment. Briana said that Brittany simply grabbed her by the wrist which was something they always did when they got excited. 

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However, they didn’t have the opportunity to approach the men immediately. The event was large, and there was a chance they wouldn’t see Jeremy or Josh again. In addition to that, they were a little hesitant since they hadn’t been so lucky in love in the past. 

The Women Hated Each Other’s Boyfriends In The Past

When they were teens, all of the boys at school had no trouble being attracted to the twins’ blonde hair and bubbly personalities. They also didn’t seem to mind that the two were joined at the hip, so Brittany and Briana really had no trouble finding boyfriends. It’s just that although guys didn’t mind that the two were always together, they didn’t seem to fully understand how deep the connection between the two sisters really went. 

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Briana admitted that they hated each other’s boyfriend’s when they were younger. “So often, we were in relationships with singletons who didn’t understand our twin sister bond. I think there was some underlying stress that if one of us got too serious with a singleton guy, then it would ruin this dream we had, which was always our hope, even though others told us it was unrealistic.” This dream of theirs was to marry identical twin brothers. 

The Girls Thought They’d Never See Josh And Jeremy Again, But Fate Found A Way

With this dream of theirs, the two always couldn’t help but wonder if they would find their future husbands at the Twins Days Event. This dream suddenly seemed closer to reality when they spotted Jeremy and Josh from their perch on the bleachers. While they did lose hope momentarily after not spotting the men for the next few days, this hope was reawakened when they met them again on the event’s final night.

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It was at the part of the closing night when the four of them found themselves all in the same room together. Briana said that “They were there at the end of the hall. They smiled at us, and we all started talking.” By the end of that night, Briana and Brittany were impressed. Josh and Jeremy weren’t only attractive, but they were also gentlemanly, funny, and everything they looked for in men. 

After The Festival, Josh And Jeremy Traveled From Tennessee To Virginia Just To See Briana and Brittany Again

From the beginning, it was clear that Briana and Brittany were smitten by the men but little did they know that Josh and Jeremy were also over the moon. In fact, the men were upset that they all had to leave the next day, so they decided to keep in touch with the women through social media. The men told the women that they couldn’t wait for next year’s festival, to which the sisters replied, “Why wait?”

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With that, the twins realized that despite living in different states, they could meet up again outside the festival. So, the Salyers twins decided to drive all the way from their home in Clinton, Tennessee, to the sisters in Virginia. It all seemed it was meant to be since they all got along swimmingly well, and the two couples’ relationships blossomed from the trip. Briana started dating Jeremy and Brittany began to date Josh. 

Josh And Jeremy Also Dreamed Of Marrying Twins

Josh and Jeremy also had a strong twin connection going on, and much like the girls, they were also often found sporting matching outfits every day. In addition to that, they also dreamed of marrying identical twins, so when they started dating Brittany and Briana, it wasn’t strange at all. It was actually the most natural thing in the world. 

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Jeremy said, “You know when you know. We’ve always known in our lives that if we were going to be married that it was going to be to twins… We’ve always felt blessed to have each other, and now we have two other twins who are just like us… but they also add their own contributions that we couldn’t have. Together we can accomplish anything.” 

The Men Planned To Propose At The Exact Same Time At The Exact Same Place

Much like the girls, Josh and Jeremy also did everything together, so it didn’t make sense for them to propose individually. They also wanted to embody their identical twin vibe with their proposal, but they just needed a perfect time. When the time came, they planned to make their proposals at Twin Lakes State Park near the women’s home in Virginia. 

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To get the women to the location without them knowing of the guys’ true intentions, the men pretended that they were booked to star in a commercial at an on-site wedding venue. This had both the men arriving in matching outfits that were a perfect fit for the occasion. 

The Men Proposed To The Sisters At The Exact Same Time, And Brittany And Briana Didn’t Have To Think Twice About Their Answers

When Brittany and Briana arrived at the location in their matching blue gowns, they thought they were simply going to take some photos with their boyfriends. So when the two men got down on their knees at precisely the same time to ask their respective partners to marry them, the sisters were pleasantly surprised. 

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Of course, the women didn’t need to think twice about their answers. They immediately accepted the proposals. They also couldn’t believe that the brothers could pull off such a stunt without them knowing. “We have done so much in life together. We’ve gone through it all… having twin loves of our lives and to accept their marriage proposals at the same time made it that much more special,” Brittany confessed. 

Brittany and Briana Also Had The Same Vision For Their Special Day

Never did it cross the women’s minds to have separate weddings. It was a dream come true for them, and they knew they needed to make their wedding one to remember. They also knew that they had to make the day an ultimate celebration of identical twins.

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The couples decided to have their wedding in Twinsburg, Ohio, where they first met Josh and Jeremy. “A lot of the wedding planning was enjoyable and even peaceful for Brittany and me to do together because we have the same taste, “Briana told People. “We had the same vision of what our double wedding day would look like. We work well together, and I would say the hardest part is planning everything across state lines.”

They Had Their “Twice Upon a Time” Wedding Wearing Matching Dresses

Brittany and Briana planned their wedding down to a T. They called their unique fairytale wedding theme “Twice Upon a Time,” and they made their special twin connection a major part of the whole event. They even walked down the aisle in matching gorgeous wedding gowns. 

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Josh and Jeremy were also wearing matching tuxedos, and they were also married by identical twin ministers. Every detail, from the flowers to the veils, was matching. There were also several sets of twins in attendance. When the couples got married, they also synchronized their “I do’s,” which made the day truly an event to remember. 

Their Wedding Day Was A Fairy Tale Affair, But That Was Only The Start Of Their Adventure

The day of the twins’ marriage was just brimming with love. While Briana and Brittany loved their partners individually, they also loved the fact that they were able to share this journey with the other twins. “It’s really been a fairy tale come true,” Brianna said. “Marrying twins is something important to us.”

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“I get to marry the man of my dreams, and at the same time, I get to look over next to me and see my twin sister marrying the man of her dreams, “she added. It was a fairy tale, alright and while the women thought their lives couldn’t get any better, there was more lying ahead of them.

The Newlyweds Moved Into The Same House

Given that they were now married, both sets of twins knew that they had to start their lives as individual couples, but no one wanted to part with their respective twins. They all shared such strong bonds, and they were all so close that it made no sense for them to part. That’s why they simply decided to all start this chapter of their lives under one roof.

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Both couples moved into one big home, but everything remained the same. The brothers and the sisters still dressed alike, and they also continued to share their lives on social media. Their followers love seeing what they were going to wear that day, what they would do, and how they made their unique situation work. 

In August 2020, Both Couples Shared Some Pretty Big News

Since they were children, the twin couples had done everything together, but still, fans were still caught in surprise when both Brittany and Briana and their respective husbands announced that they were both pregnant at the same time. The couples dressed up in Baywatch outfits for the big reveal and captured this photo. 

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They captioned this photo, “Guess what!!?? BOTH couples are pregnant! We are thrilled and grateful to experience overlapping pregnancies and to share this news with you all!” There was a few weeks’ difference in the babies’ due dates, but Briana and Brittany still remained in-sync.

The Women Loved The Whole Pregnancy Journey

As Brittany and Briana’s due dates drew ever closer, the women continued to enjoy every second of this beautiful shared experience. From buying the same baby clothes to choosing the same maternity outfits, they loved the process. They also had fun sharing their looks on Instagram for their fans to see. 

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Josh and Jeremy were just as excited as the ladies as well and they also continued to share their excitement with their followers. Of course, given their unique situation, some people had questions about how the babies would be related, given that Brittany and Briana and Josh and Jeremy shared 100% of their DNA.

In January 2021, Brittany and Josh Welcomed Baby Jett Into The World

Brittany was the first of the sisters to get pregnant, and she welcomed her son Jett into the world on January 21, 2021. They uploaded these two photos on their joint Instagram page to announce the birth, and Josh was the one who wrote the caption with his raw and honest take on becoming a father.

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He announced that their son would be named Jett Salyers. In addition to that, he also wrote, “Brittany did wonderfully in delivery. I am so proud of them and excited to be Jett’s dad!” Of course, Briana and Jeremy were the two first people to meet little Jett which also made them more excited for their own baby.

In April 2021, Briana And Jeremy Welcomed Baby Jax Into Their Lives

Less than three months after her sister gave birth, Briana welcomed her own son into the world on April 2021. They also had a son who they named Jax Salyers. And by the picture they uploaded, it’s easy to see how happy they are to finally meet their baby. 

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“I am so proud of my beautiful wife, Briana, and how well she did,” Jeremy wrote on Instagram. “She was so strong and brave and did an amazing job. I am thankful that our boys will grow up together.” There’s more, though. Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice that Jax and Jett were spitting images of each other. So are they twins too?

Jett And Jax Are Technically Cousins Rather Than Brothers, But Biologically, They’re Described As Quaternary Twins

Before starting their families, Briana and Brittany were asked about having children. “When we have children, me and Josh’s children will be genetic siblings to Briana and Jeremy’s children,” Brittany told People in 2018. “Even though they’re cousins, they’re technically genetic siblings. We imagine it will be like two moms and two dads all raising families together.”

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In the scientific community, Jett and Jax are known as quaternary twins – a rare phenomenon that happens when identical twins have children with another set of identical twins. Like their parents, they share 100% of their DNA. Because of this unique family setup, many people are asking a lot of questions that the couples are extremely open and honest to answer. 

Both Couples Co-Parent Each Other’s Child By Mutual Decision

Because of their close bonds and the fact that they all live under one roof, both couples agreed to combine their families somehow. They want to treat their children as though they’re part of a wider family, so they decided to co-parent each other’s children. They want both Jett and Jax to believe that they have four parents instead of just two who will love them and care for them. 

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“I feel like I’m Jett’s parent, and I think [my brother] feels the same way about Jax,” Jeremy told Entertainment Tonight. “We all live together, and we are raising the kids together. It feels like one family unit, not two separate couples with their own babies. It’s the four of us with our two babies.”

Brittany and Briana Also Breastfeed Each Other’s Kid

Brittany and Briana have taken their co-parenting roles as far as also breastfeeding each other’s babies. This allows them to support each other when their schedules get too loaded or when they’re running low on milk. They also believe it’s the best way for them to parent both kids. 

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To make things a little less confusing for the children, they’re also working on what to call each other. While the mom parents of the kids will be called “mom” and “dad,” they also want to have their twin counterparts an important name. So far, they’ve been throwing around ideas like “mom” and “aunt mom” and “daddy” and “duncle.”

They Know That Some People Are Questioning How Close They Are, But They Believe It’s What Works For Them

Brittany, Briana, Josh, and Jeremy aren’t naive about what people might think of their family setup. After all, they have a very rare family, and a very unique setup which they understand is not for everyone. But both couples believe that they have to make the most of their twin connection, and they like this is the best and most natural way to do it.

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They understand that some people think they’re strange and that they’re a little too close, but they simply don’t care. They are more than happy with the way they are and how they’re living their lives. It works for them, their relationships, their twin bond, and their children, so they’re not going to let anybody tell them otherwise, and they’re going to continue living the best life they can.