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Want To Tone And Firm Your Face? Try These Face Yoga Exercises

Face yoga is like doing resistance training for your face. It involves a couple of facial exercises that help create resistance for the muscles in your face by moving them properly. It can help lift the area around your jaw and give you fuller cheeks when you do it right. Here’s teaching you three simple exercises of face yoga.

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Forehead stretching (five repetitions) 

It will help in avoiding the wrinkles made by furrowing or scowling your brows. 

  • Put your fists in the middle of your forehead 
  • Apply gently pressure with the knuckles of the middle and index finger and slide the fists towards both sides of the face 
  • Increase the pressure on reaching the temples and release 

V Eyes (seven repetitions) 

It helps to eliminate eye bags and wrinkles while firming the skin around the eyes. 

  • Put your middle finger at the inner end of the eyebrows 
  • Put your index finger at the outer end of the eyebrows 
  • Now, apply pressure gently with those fingers 
  • Keep looking up while you apply pressure 
  • Try to squint and pull up the lower eyelids 
  • Hold the position for one breath and release

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Frog cheeks (five repetitions) 

 It aids in defining the cheeks and releasing the tension around the jaw area. 

  • Take one deep breath 
  • Use this breath to puff up the cheeks like a cute chipmunk 
  • Hold the position for at least two breaths 
  • Try to stretch the cheeks outward once more and release 

Try these face yoga moves, and you will see the results soon!