What Is It Like To Feel The Pain Of Periods?

By Moureen N

Everyone knows that women go through menstrual cramps during their periods, but what most men don’t know is how bad that pain can be. Period pain can last from a day or two to several days. The pain may be mild or can cause pain strong enough to send you to a hospital.

Source: @imani_bht / Unsplash

What most men don’t know is that periods aren’t just a simple pain in the tummy – when there’s a shedding of a lining in the uterus, that is called menstruation. For this to happen, the muscles in the uterus contract and cause sharp pain in the abdominal area.

There is so much stigma and lack of proper education among people about periods that most people don’t understand, and neither they talk about it. However, companies like ‘Somedays’ are trying to spread awareness about period pains among men, and in their bid to do so, they have come up with a period pain simulator.

They hooked some men with the simulator machine to give them a fair idea of what their partner, mother, or sister has gone through on a regular basis. The machine has a scale of 1 to 10, each with varying degrees of pain. The experiment has received various mixed responses as some people often turn away upon hearing the word periods.

Source: @karolina-grabowska / Pexels

However, there have been a few who have lined up to feel what it’s like to have a period. Ever since then, people have been trying it out with their partners, which has generated a lot of empathy and even improved relationships.

Lastly, here is a shoutout to you ladies who have been carrying out your day-to-day activities even under tremendous pain. Kudos to you!