What It Really Means To Become A Mom

By Moureen N

Adopting a mother role transforms a woman in amazing ways. The moment you give birth, you stop thinking about yourself. You will have very little free time for the first year after giving birth. Baby is there to remind mom that he needs her anytime she has the urge to focus on anything other than him. For a mother, this is among the highest of highs. It’s a genuine awareness that another person needs us.

Image credits: Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

In our opinion, every mother has experienced the pride she feels when her kid accomplishes a goal she set for them. Perhaps it is the first time he claps his hands or laughs, or perhaps the first time he asks for his mother or father. This whole experience has been great. When you take a newborn that has no concept of self and anticipates something different, what do you get?

It’s no secret that pregnancy and labor hurt. A mother’s love for her child is undimmed by the hardships of pregnancy and childbirth. For some reason, we think every woman loves this journey. Those swollen nipples and painful breasts are the stuff of nightmares in the first few months after a kid is born; We can’t speak to whether or not all women feel the same discomfort. On the bright side, things improve with time.

Image credits: Daiga Ellaby / Unsplash

The first time a woman becomes a mother is unique for every single one of them. According to one mother, there was much more to do when she was a mother than women have now. She lamented that she did not have the luxury of modern conveniences like a dishwasher, microwave, geyser, etc. To add to the problem, spouses of the day did not do much housework. Nowadays’ spouses are the models of modern male nurturing and adult responsibility. And right now, that’s what society desperately needs. 

There are many experiences one should get hold of before one’s time is up on this beautiful planet, and motherhood is one of those blessed experiences.