Why Are Celebrities Going Crazy Over “Sex Fast?”

By Divya G

Fasting is not that surprising in today’s modern age, especially considering the number of celebrities suggesting different fasting methods. But apart from opting for salad bowls and drinking cayenne pepper water, many A-listers are focusing on the so-called “sex fast” and its benefits.

Source: @ohshineon/Pexels

Celebrity couple Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian and also Alex Rogers have decided to take some time out from fornication. They aim to follow Ayurvedic medicine fast.

This type of fast will lead to some natural therapies and lifestyle interventions that will help balance the environment, spirit, mind, and body. But the idea of not performing any sexual activity is viewed to be pretty controversial. Many experts have even claimed people shouldn’t opt for this type of fast.

Dr. Amy Roskin from Favor has said that when a person is healthy and has no medical issues related to sex, they will not get any benefit from the sex fast. Many individuals do not wish to get intimate due to medical problems, such as surgeries or after childbirth. However, there is no proof of the benefits of sex cleansing.

But there have been several studies that showed that not having sex for some time can increase the sperm count and semen capacity in men. On the other hand, psychologist Laurie Mintz says that if people want to try out sex fast, it’s their decision to make.

There is certainly no hard evidence that proves that trying this fast will improve your physical health or your relationship. But avoiding sex for a long time will prevent you from getting all the “feel-good” chemicals that are released during sexual activity.

Source: @candice_picard/Unsplash

Kourtney Kardashian has said that this sex fast does make a person feel much better, and also suggested opting for matcha tea when you wish to cut down the caffeine intake.