Hell Hath No Fury: 40 Epic Revenge Missions Of The Scorned And Cheated

By Farah J

Ah, revenge. The age-old practice of getting back at someone who has wronged you. While it’s not always the most mature way to handle a situation, there’s something undeniably satisfying about getting back at a terrible ex. And boy, do people get creative when it comes to this kind of payback.

From petty pranks to hilarious comebacks, some people absolutely refuse to let their former lovers off the hook. In a world where social media and creativity collide, the possibilities for epic revenge missions are endless!

Whether it’s through humorous texts, cunning plans, or sheer outrageously creative pranks, these exes found a way to get the last laugh. So, buckle up and get ready to giggle as we dive into 45 times people got sweet revenge on their not-so-sweet exes. Revenge is best served with a side of evil laughter, after all!

Plot twist

Having a long-term romantic relationship with a person usually ends with them having all sorts of pictures of you and knowing some deep secrets that no one else knows. It is all about the level of trust you have in them and your relationship.

Image Source: TheMehr/Reddit

But sometimes, when these relationships break, one person may end up threatening the other with leaking their secrets and especially nudes online in a fit of rage. However, when this guy tried that, he didn’t anticipate how badly that move would backfire on him with this legendary plot twist!

Happy hunting

Who doesn’t love a good, well-plotted treasure or a scavenger hunt with their family? Especially when your family or friends get super creative with clues and riddles for the quest set up all over the house. Nothing beats quality time with your loved ones.

Image Source: boredpanda.com

But who knew that a scavenger hunt would be such a savage move for taking revenge on your cheating partner? This lady certainly did! She wasted no time packing her partner’s stuff and leaving a letter containing clues about its location. We can’t help but feel impressed!

A daily reminder

Getting a similar or meaningful tattoo with your partner while in a relationship is seen as a symbol of love and devotion to them. But this person used this sentimental act as revenge on their partner for cheating on them.

Image Source: _Breyonnn/Twitter

This person was able to deviously convince their ex to get a matching tattoo after she found out he cheated. Their partner went through all that pain only to realize it was only a vengeful plot. It kinda reminds us of when “Rachel” and “Phoebe” on Friends went to get tattoos, and “Phoebe” bailed!

Best money ever spent

Whether you are in a relationship or married to your partner, you should know better than to cheat on them because chances are that it will be more of a loss to you than them. People can get vengeful after they catch you being sneaky behind their backs.

Image Source: Harsh Agrawal/flickr

For example, this wife bought a billboard in their town to confront her cheating husband about his scandalous activities. She didn’t forget to mention whose money she was spending on this pricey purchase. It must’ve been a nasty shock for the husband to discover this on his way home!

Let’s review, shall we?

No one can deny the apparent relationship between cheating and creativity for revenge. This painful experience always has a way of bringing out the worst – or should we say, best – version of creative talents in you when it comes to confronting your partner.

Image Source: sheecoulee/Tumblr

Check out the iconic and legendary way this girl confronted her cheating boyfriend. She printed out a file full of hard evidence of her partner’s infidelity in case he denied it, which he actually did! See the importance of receipts, folks? Let’s review from the beginning, shall we?


It is safe to say that Photoshop is both the best and worst invention of the modern tech era. It all depends on how you use it. Most of the time, it can be used for not-so-good purposes. However, other times, it’s a lifesaver!

Image Source: gknick/reddit

This sibling duo showed everyone what Photoshop should be used for: to fix your favorite photo of you and your brother instead of discarding it because of some ‘unsavory’ components! Simply remove the traitorous exes and pretend it never happened.

Carefully chosen card

People go to extreme lengths to figure out the best way and time to dump their cheating partners and make it a core memory they’d never forget. A lot of thought and scheming often goes into the process, and sometimes, it’s the epic sense of humor that does the entire job!

Image Source: reddit.com

Take this masterpiece breakup as an example. This person waited until their birthday dinner to call out their partner’s deeds in front of everyone. This was a carefully chosen card, you can tell! Not to mention the written details of their partner’s instances of infidelity.

A better replacement

Photoshop is quite a modern invention. Back in the old days, the only way to ‘crop’ someone out was to cover the unwanted area in your framed photos with cut-out cardboard. And to make it look ‘nicer,’ you could replace their face with a picture of your favorite celeb!

Image Source: JoshPatson/imgur

This iconic grandma neatly cut out the face of Leonardo Dicaprio from a magazine and replaced her husband’s picture with it in this photo frame as soon as he passed. She could not wait to get rid of his face beside her!

I am legend

It is a common and sometimes necessary thing to buy your partner things they want or what they have a need for but can’t afford. So, we often find ourselves buying them things as gifts or innocent tokens. Plus, it’s a great way to bond and show your love for them.

Image Source: karlousm/Twitter

This loving partner bought his girlfriend a fridge so she could drink cold water on hot summer days. Well, you can imagine how mad he was after catching his partner cheating! He was so angry he decided to carry a whole refrigerator all by himself! No more cold water for you!

Free giveaways!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? We all look for ways and opportunities where we can get good quality things for free or at least at a low price. This person decided to combine this innate longing and his ex’s stuff.

Image Source: KJAYS/reddit

He killed two birds with one stone in the politest way possible. He put all of his ex’s stuff in a big bag and put up a yard sign for people to help themselves to some free clothing. People really are creative out here!

In your face!

For a couple who is into sports and games, buying two tickets to watch a live match of their favorite sport, especially when their favorite team is playing, is considered one of the most intimate and romantic dates. The adrenaline, excitement, and romance are on another level. 

Image Source: hsunamii/tumblr

Well, it was a bummer when this guy was caught cheating on their sports-loving soulmate right before the big game. Look how proud this woman was! She ripped her boyfriend’s ticket at the last minute before showing up to the match with this poster in a supreme revenge move!

Modern cold war

Sharing premium accounts with your partner and their family has become a thing in the modern dating world. It feels like a partnership, a win-win, a sign of trust and devotion. Maybe even a love language. Plus, it saves costs.

Image Souce: YoungTiempo/Twitter

But breaking up with a partner often means revoking their access to your accounts – the final sign that things really are over. This move means there is no chance of going back. This person did the same. Unfortunately, an innocent dad was caught in the middle.

Spicing up the tattoo

When you are in love with your partner, you might get a sentimental tattoo of their face, name, your wedding anniversary, your partner’s birthday, etc. Permanently inking yourself is seen as a sign of your commitment to them. Sadly, the breakup always makes you regret doing it.

Image Source: SomeJagaloon/reddit

There are two ways of handling this when it happens. While some people try to get it removed, there are others who “update” the tattoo. The example above is a perfect example of the latter. This guy ‘spiced up’ the tattoo of his ex-wife’s face into an ugly demon after she cheated on him!

Petty but savage

Breakups are awful, sure. But what’s worse is what comes after. That said, although it’s rare, sometimes it’s a harder process for the one who cheated. Why? Because you never know how mad your ex is until they turn a simple thing into revenge for cheating on them. 

Image Source: boredpanda

For instance, this partner asked for their concert ticket money back. But instead of giving it back all at once, this petty person decided to create a direct debit system that would automatically send their ex only 1 penny per day! Let’s hope they live long enough to receive it in full!

Passive-aggressive bargain

After your partner cheats on you, you start thinking of ways to get back at them. Some people get angry and pull pranks, whereas others think of all the ways they could get rid of their ex’s filth in the most passive-aggressive way possible.

Image Source: PatriarchVespa/reddit

This person clearly belongs to the latter group. She put up a yard sale on her lawn and started selling everything her ex ever bought or gifted her, including a diamond necklace! She could’ve sold it and gotten good money, but her pettiness took the best of her.

Annoy > destroy

We love how humans’ creativity skyrockets when they are pissed at someone enough to take revenge on them for cheating on them behind their backs. Some people storm out of the house and confront their exes head-on in full Hulk mode!

Image Source: whatcanieattoday/reddit

Others prefer annoying their exes by pulling seemingly minor inconvenient pranks to frustrate them to the core. For example, who would think of screwing off the drawer handles before leaving their ex’s place? This person did, and it worked beautifully!

You have a new message

When it comes to getting revenge on an ex, sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. Take, for example, this Tiktok user who signed up her ex-boyfriend to every email newsletter under the sun. It’s the kind of move that’s subtle yet satisfying.

Image Source: Balcacer/reddit

From cat grooming tips to discount coupons for adult diapers, this guy was inundated with a daily dose of spam. His inbox must have been flooded faster than he could hit the unsubscribe button! Maybe now he’ll think twice before breaking someone’s heart again.

21st-century apple-bobbing

One of the most common ways of getting revenge on your cheating partner is to smash their most prized possessions. Usually, this includes electronic devices such as laptops and video game consoles or ripping apart their favorite outfits or even the entire closet.

Image Source: potetosarada000/reddit

This Japanese woman entered the 21st century with a bang! Instead of taking her rage out on her partner’s devices, she calmly filled the bathtub with soapy water and submerged all of his Apple devices in it, including the PC! We hope his apple-bobbing skills are excellent!

Anti “miss you.”

People send postcards, letters, and little love notes to their partners, especially when they are in a long-distance relationship or when they are on vacation without them. It shows their significant others that they are loved and are being missed. 

Image Source: ronlechler/reddit

Well, apparently, so do exes. This cheeky person sent their ex a postcard that said, “Glad you’re not here” when they had gone on a vacation where they were supposed to go together before the breakup happened. Getting an “anti-miss you” card must have stung!

Netflix strikes again!

Whether you have been in a relationship or not, you most certainly know this one thing about breakups and exes: they tend to get more bothered when you don’t miss them or beg them to get back together. They don’t like seeing you moving on happily.

Image Source: boredpanda.com

Allow us to give you a real-life example. This used-to-be couple shared the same Netflix account. After they broke up, instead of changing the password, this person started watching romantic chick flicks alone just to annoy their ex, making it look like they were happy with someone else!

Sweet n’ sad

One thing we don’t usually talk about much is the friendships that are lost due to a breakup. Married or not, when you are together, you meet a lot of people who become part of your life, including your partner’s family and friends, the friendly neighborhood you move in, etc. 

Image Source: 98Toyota4Runner/reddit

So naturally, after the breakup, these good relationships have to break up too. For example, this person who was cheated on by their partner had to move out. She had a sweet time embarrassing her cheating husband while also bidding her neighbors goodbye. He probably left soon after too!

Wait for it

Who knew sharing accounts with your partner when you enter a relationship with them could become such a commonly used method for sweet, sweet revenge if they ever cheat on you? Anyone would prefer a mental annoyance to physical damage to their property.

Image Source: ourjourneyends/Tumblr

This seemingly innocent sign of commitment quickly turns into a plot for revenge post-breakup. For example, this guy waited until his ex was deep in season 2 of a 7-season suspenseful show before changing the password of his Netflix account! So cold!

It was his!

Let us say this once and for all: cheating on your partner after you are married to them is stupidity on your part. It will seem like fun for you for a short while, but in the long run, it’s you who’s going to suffer, not them!

Image Source: Jahmay/reddit

Well, this ex-wife is proof that cheating will bring you a lifetime of pain and embarrassment. After the breakup, this woman got everything that belonged to her now ex-husband, including the BMW. She immediately got “WAS HIS” vanity plates as revenge! Iconic! 

Welcome home, cheater

It is a sad, sad thing to discover that your partner has been cheating on you while you’ve been so devoted and loyal to him as well as his family. It can also turn you, a super sweet and loving partner, into a raging, vengeful one. 

Image Source: fewthingsbotherme/reddit

This banner shows how spiteful and angry this woman must have been when she found out her husband was having affairs behind her back with not one but two women while she was tending to his mother! It’s game over for him.

Game over!

If you think you can go lying and cheating on your partner for so long without them knowing or even arousing suspicion, then you have another thing coming. Whether it’s just their sixth sense or catching you red-handed, you should know that your partner knows all too well.

Image Source: gmb83/reddit

This woman rid her apartment of her cheating husband’s stuff except for his ridiculous t-shirt that he wore to his bachelor party that said, “Game over.” Well, if the game wasn’t over then, it sure is now! What a way to break up with a cheating spouse!

Better than breaking windows

You see people smashing car windows and destroying their ex’s properties in rage and revenge all the time. But have you ever considered going one step ahead, and instead of destroying their property, you play a super annoying prank on them as their lesson?

Image Source: placelikethis/Twitter

You have to admit, this is so much better than breaking windows. No mess or risk of injury! This person simply wrapped their ex’s car in layers and layers of cling wrap! Unwrapping cling wrap from a sandwich is frustrating; imagine a 10x harder version of it!

That was you? Yes!

People usually avoid going to parties and gatherings where they suspect their ex will be present. Some say that it would be hurtful to see them with someone else, while others say that it will make them angry enough to do something they may regret later on. 

Image Source: Princekwg/reddit

But why not get passive-aggressive revenge while they are with their new partner at that party? This person slyly wore a custom-made shirt to a party that said something their ex would hate them forever for! Yes, newbie, I was her trainer.

Five more to go

It’s not a usual occurrence, but some people take their cheating partners back after they beg them for their forgiveness and promise to change. While some do so without a big fuss, some devious ones make sure they make their partners work for it.

Image Source: boredpanda.com

For example, this person was given six embarrassing tasks to go through as payback for his infidelity. For the first one, she made him stand in the sun wearing a dog hat with a shameful poster! Imagine still seeing her leave after all six are completed!

Lost the best of both worlds

PS and Xbox video games make a gamer more excited than anything else ever could. So, it’s common for a loving partner to decide to save up and surprise their significant other with their favorite thing – a PlayStation set – on their birthday. 

Image Source: jlowrey10/reddit

How sad is it that this cheating boyfriend lost the best of both worlds in one go? Because of their infidelity, they lost not only a caring partner but also a brand new PS5! Honestly, giving it away sounds like sweeter revenge than selling it and getting the money back.

Not much of a welcome

Believing that your partner is too naive to learn about your lies, cheating, and secret affairs tells a lot more about you than them. Though they are a few exceptions, people, especially women, can always tell when something is not right.

Image Source: dstorms492/reddit

Fear women! This particular one represents womankind all over the world. For six months, her husband was cheating on her, but she knew it all along! Ever since the first incident! Her calculated act of revenge for her “babe” is simply savage. 

Facebook petty

In today’s world, when you start dating someone, it’s normal to ask for their social media username so you can follow them. So, even if you break up in real life, sometimes you’re still “friends” with them on platforms like Facebook for a while.

Image Source: itsfarishilton/Facebook

This man used this little window to get back at his cheating ex. We agree that it is giving stalker vibes (taking the same bus as your ex), but at least he communicated his vengeful thoughts in a less stalkery but more savage way: a Facebook post.


Everyone must have a clue how much being in a relationship costs. With all the gift-giving, vacations and outings, going out on dates, and if the connection feels real, buying a ring for your fiance when you have a mediocre low-paying job, it’s not easy.

Image Source: Upvoteyours/reddit

So, if a breakup happens after all this hard work, naturally, your first response would be to sell what you can instead of throwing the expensive stuff away. This dude immediately sold the ring he bought her partner and treated himself by buying some good food!

Pandemic revenge

We all know what it was like when the pandemic suddenly hit. It got chaotic at the grocery stores when people started rationing items that were basic needs. Toilet paper was one of the top three items humans started fighting over. It was a sight to behold, no lie. 

Image Source: insommilly/Twitter

So, imagine the stages of shock and emotion this person went through in a small amount of time when he found out that his ex staged a whole drama just to get “pandemic revenge” on him! We wonder how long she had been plotting that move.

Out the window

Anger – or more like maddening rage – is the first thing that bubbles up inside you when you find out your partner is cheating on you. And when you are married and have been living with them for years, it gets a bit more complicated.

Image Source: reddit.com

A neighbor in this complex heard shouting in one of the apartments and the crashing of things outside. When they peeked outside, the view spoke for itself. When this person found out her husband had cheated on her, she started throwing his stuff out the window in a hot rage! So long, cheater!

Not-so-happy Valentine, ex!

Valentine’s Day is the most special for people who are with someone, whether they’re dating, engaged, or married. They make all sorts of lovely preparations to make their partners feel loved and special and expect the same in return from them.

Image Source: muncho/reddit

Well, this person’s ex cheated on them at the wrong time of the year, i.e., just before Valentine’s Day. So, guess who got a revenge “I hope you choke to death” cookie on this special day of love? It was certainly a memorable V-Day!

Look what you made me do 

Look what cheating and lying to your partner can make them do! It can switch their Hulk mode on and turn them into a raging beast you cannot stop. Forget smashed windows. This girl felt that wasn’t enough damage to put her point across.

Image Source: zodiac200213/reddit

This is what a “fragile, delicate, sweet little girlfriend” can become when you play with her heart: a She-hulk! She completely destroyed her cheater ex’s car with a sledgehammer. You can tell how angry she must be to destroy metal like that!

Well, here you go

Vandalizing property is illegal in most parts of the world. But who do you think will stop a pissed-off woman who got cheated on by their partner from taking their rage out on their car or practically any belonging of theirs they can get their hands on?

Image Source: stankycheese/reddit

The answer is no one. This person vandalized her ex-boyfriend’s car badly by smashing its glass windows and spraying the word “liar” in all caps on the trunk, saying, “Now we’re even.” We can tell that this Volkswagen was the most prized possession of their ex, and that’s why it was the prime target. 


Usually, when a couple breaks up after one of them cheats, the majority of them end the relationship right there, no matter how long they have been together. Once the trust is lost, it is harder to get it back fully. And well, there is no relationship without trust.

Image Source: boredpanda.com

However, a small percentage of people decide to take their exes back because “everyone makes mistakes.” This person’s girlfriend tested his commitment to her by punishing him publicly! The poster itself tells that this was his punishment for cheating on her. Would you do this to get someone back?

Vengeful Snow White

For a married woman, her wedding dress is one of her most prized possessions. She keeps it safe and sometimes hidden away so it doesn’t get soiled or torn. So, if a partner cheats on the other, one unlikely question that sometimes arises is, “What do we do with the wedding stuff?”

Image Source: ticktock44/reddit

Well, there is only one reasonable answer, and this person presented it very well: do a wedding dress camo and ruin their outfit in the process! This man wore his ex-wife’s bridal gown and did a hilarious photoshoot with a shotgun. The results were incredible!

Spiteful revenge

Well, looks like this ex-boyfriend finally found a way to get revenge on his partner for cheating on him – by encrypting her external hard drive! Who knew that all those hours he spent playing video games would come in handy for something like this?

Image Source: sara-fawx/reddit

Talk about going the extra mile for revenge! Always into computers; this guy used his tech skills to get payback! After their messy breakup, the cheating girlfriend discovered that he had encrypted her external hard drive, likely to get back at her. There goes all her precious files.