45 Coworkers That Are Genuinely Walking Rays Of Sunshine

By Ridwan S

This article was originally published on GetHappyDay

Our jobs provide us with a stream of income that allows us to maintain a standard of living. They’re a necessary evil of becoming an adult. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up in a job that you love, doing something that makes you happy and feeling fulfilled. Unfortunately, you’re not doing it alone. Coworkers can have just as big of an impact on your work as the actual job itself. It’s only natural, given how much time people spend at work. We have all heard of, or know, stories of bad coworkers, but we’re here to show you that there are also good coworkers out there. People who seem to make it their life’s mission to make those around them smile and step a little lighter. Here are 45 funny and heartwarming stories people shared online about their wonderful coworkers. Enjoy!

When The Office Willy Wonka Retires

Working with wonderful coworkers makes the job enjoyable and is something you look forward to every day. The encouraging comments of your ecstatic coworkers are enough to motivate you to be highly productive. However, what do you do when your fantastic coworker is set to retire?

Image courtesy: Dabrina_Meah/Reddit

One thing we recommend is that you get them a thoughtful gift that they will never forget. What better way to thank your coworker that gave everyone candy than to write a heartfelt message with candy! We applaud the creativity and effort that went into this farewell message.

Office Fish

This person asked their coworkers to help feed their fish in the office while they were stuck working at home. Not only did one person volunteer, but it looks like the whole office signed up to help! His coworkers, to his delight and amazement, took this seriously and kept track of it in a logbook.

Image courtesy: LITTLEWASCHBAR/Reddit

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of working with intelligent people. The logbook isn’t just cute, but an important safety measure alongside the note on the cup reading, “Please don’t overfeed.” The fish’s owner must have appreciated the level of care their coworkers put into feeding the fish.

Best Coworkers Ever

This might be the most heartfelt gesture employees have shared with their coworkers. It’s one thing to smile at everyone in the workplace, but it’s a whole other story to make sure your coworkers are in a happy situation to smile back.

Image courtesy: CNN/Twitter

We would have loved to see video footage of the moment he received the car. It is an understatement to call this a kind present from his coworkers. Such a thoughtful gift not only affects his work life but his home life, too. Now he can get home to his kid(s) sooner!

Zookeepers Baby Blanket

Not everyone is good at giving gifts, so we don’t hold it against those who opt for store-bought presents. What matters isn’t the price tag, but the intention. Take a look at this blanket and think about how much time and effort it took this person to make it.

Image courtesy: nixknits/Reddit

The blanket will remind them of how lovely their coworker is, not to mention the gift being handy for the new mother. This is such a sweet and creative idea, we have to say. We value the amount of work that went into making this blanket.

A New Computer And A New Friend

Understanding others’ needs is a wonderful attribute that is not very common, especially in the workplace. And, even then, it takes a big heart to recognize how they can help and then figure out a way to help out those around them.

Image courtesy: JumpyyyKO/ Reddit

The person in the picture received the gift of a new computer and a new friendship from their coworker. Their coworker noticed their new friend’s need for a computer, so they built a computer and gave their old one to their coworker.

“Anime” Quilt Parting Gift

Giving gifts is always a kind gesture, but it’s especially lovely when the gift-givers know what you like and include that in the gift. And when it’s something that you can use every day like this quilt, it’ll warm your heart as much as it keeps you warm at night.

Image courtesy: AccordianAttack/imgur

This guy was leaving his job and his compassionate coworkers gave him a gift that he would treasure forever. Knowing that he liked anime, an older woman in the office made an “anime” quilt and the results are as sweet as they are hilarious.

Pick-Me-Up Note

We’ve all had gloomy moments when confronted with some challenges that dragged us down. It may be tough to escape from these situations if no one notices and helps us. Fortunately, despite his reserved personality, this person had an observant coworker who detected their problems.

Image courtesy: yodelaheehoo66/Reddit

Something as simple as a sticky note can make all the difference to someone going through a rough time. The coworker that left this note must have a big heart to recognize when someone isn’t happy but still respects their personal space with a small yet grand gesture.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Everyone has their good days and bad days. Even if you’re the perkiest person at work, no one can fault you for having some downer days. It happens. On days when we aren’t feeling well, the nicest gift we can receive is someone who recognizes our shift in mood.

Image courtesy: cahnimaz/Reddit

Getting a note from a coworker that notices your bad mood is always a nice pick-me-up, but we applaud this person for going the extra mile and getting a gift for their gloomy colleague. After seeing their coworker feeling sad, this person went out and got a Starbucks gift card!

Snail Babies

It’s always a relief when you can find somenoe to look after your pet while you’re away. This coworker didn’t just take excellent care of their colleague’s snail, they took care of their snails unexpected offspring. As an extra sweet gesture, they also planned a baby shower for the snail.

Image courtesy: outofthedesert/Reddit

Take a look at all the sweet messages. It must be heart-warming to return to such notes, especially when you weren’t expecting it. This coworker was inventive and talented, to make such small cards. The “it’s a snail” banner is our favourite element of the entire surprise.

Cake For All

We all need a strong and thoughtful support system in life. It’s tough when you’re working on life changes, like a strict diet, and your coworkers are free to eat as they please. This person was on a diet, so they suggested the office get a cake for everyone else to enjoy. Instead…

Image courtesy: itchypoopsarethebest/Reddit

What a surprise this must have been! The coworkers knew that it would be a downer to watch your colleagues eat your own birthday cake, so they put together a fruit platter that everyone could enjoy. And as an extra bit of fun, they added SpongeBob decorations! We love it.

Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension

People are incredibly inventive, and we admire the way they use their creativity to surprise their colleagues at workers. This ER nurse was retriting, so her goodbye party had the catchy phrase “goodbye tension, hello pension” pinned to the wall.

Image courtesy: Kvk1991/Reddit

After working so hard for so long, it’s nice to be sent off with a few laughs. You’ll understand why they waved goodbye to tension if you’ve ever worked in an emergency department. Nurses are literal lifesavers on a daily basis, so she deserves a fantastic send-off.

Dinner Date

Figuring out a good work-life balance can be tough. And if you’re dating or in a relationship, it can be difficult to find the time and place for a nice night out. This office knew how to meet their coworker’s needs with a lovely date night.

Image courtesy: JRosie279/Reddit

The recipient of this presentation had planned to be in Italy with their spouse. However, because they couldn’t be in Italy, a coworker planned something warm and inviting for them instead. The recipient shared that they were given a menu and three course meal. How thoughtful!

Goodbye Cake

After years of working somewhere, it’s only fair that people show their appreciation by acknowledging when you leave. However, certain workplaces, such as this one, don’t believe it’s vital to acknowledge your contributions. According to the post, their boyfriend left his job at a “big box mart” and the company didn’t acknowledge their departure.

Image courtesy: kmonizzle/Reddit

Fortunately, his coworker appreciated him and had a proper farewell prepared. As a goodbye, a coworker in the bakery made this beautiful cake; complete with the appropriate message to reflect the store’s attitude towards him. Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure out what letters were blocked.

Just The Charms

The nicest thing that can happen to you when you’re telling a story is for someone to pay attention to the details. It’s one of the reasons we appreciate friends who pay attention to us. When someone sincerely listens to your deepest concerns, it means a great deal.

Image courtesy: mccarthybergeron/Reddit

This person was lamenting to their coworkers that they never got the marshmallows from Lucky Charms, as their brother always got to the box first. Not only did their coworker listen, but they decided to make it up to them with a bag of just marshmallows to make up for those charm-less years.

Friendship Rock

Fights are unavoidable in any type of relationship. Even the closest of friends can get into a fight over little issues. Nobody is immune to making mistakes, and others might do things that irritate you. When disagreements arise, however, the wisest course of action is to seek common ground and reconcile.

Image courtesy: SpiderToaster3610/Reddit

A few months ago, these two coworkers got into an argument. The disagreement was resolved and to commemorate their repaired relationship, one of them made a “friendship rock.” With such a kind gesture to show how important their friendship is, it’s no surprise that they haven’t fought since.

Birthday Calls

For most of us, birthdays are one of the best days of the year. It is a day to be showered with love and attention. However there is no obligation to show affection, so we usually expect most of the gifts to come from family and friends.

Image courtesy: Eeenesto_/Twitter

When coworkers share in your celebration, it’s a pleasant surprise. But when it’s something this big, they’ve more than earned their title as friends. This person decided to help their coworker celebrate their birthday with a video call from his wife to sing “Happy Birthday.”

Bringing An Extra Lunch

Seeing things like this helps us believe that the world is still full of thoughtful and decent people. So far we’ve seen kind gestures from coworkers, and not as much from superiors. Well, this boss is here to prove that anyone can be kind.

Image courtesy: Metallschleifer/Reddit

Knowing her situation, the employer went out of his way every day to take care of her, all without her asking. This is an incredible and next-level gesture in our opinion. It’s comforting to know that someone is keeping an eye out for those unexpected occasions and taking precautions.

Satisfying Cravings

The satisfaction that comes with having your cravings satisfied is indescribable. And being the one to meet those desires is one of the kindest gestures anyone can make. Oftentimes when we have a craving, we can’t satisfy it, so when someone goes out of their way to help out, we can’t help but smile.

Image courtesy: CorporateGranola/Reddit

This person shared a story of a time they had a Cheetos craving. Well, one of their coworkers stepped up to fill that need. And not with a small bag, but a 3kg sack of Cheetos! Sharing is caring and they certainly bought enough to go around.

Morning Notes

Some people are “morning people;” those are the ones that show up to work bright and early with a smile on their faces. Of course, there are some morning people who don’t feel so peppy when they remember they have work.

Image courtesy: MissChemistryNerd/Reddit

To spread some joy and make the mornings a little less dreary, this person drew pictures for their coworkers. It’d be hard to show up to work and find that on your desk and have a sour day. Hand-drawn notes take time, and to leave one on every desk takes dedication and care.

I’ve Got You Covered

It took us a minute to process this image. Why is a construction worker digging a wholesome gesture? Well, take a look at the umbrella over his head. And, look at how it’s held up. This kind gesture deserves to be recognized.

Image courtesy: Hijae/Reddit

You might not understand the caption “I’m a nice colleague” if you haven’t properly understood the image. A coworker came up with a way to protect their colleague from the elements while they were digging. We can only assume that the job required only one of them to be laboring outside, for this little setup to occur.

Tira-MISS-u Quarantine Birthday Cake

The pandemic was a trying time, but it was especially tough for those who had to remain in quarantine. They had to stay isolated from their friends, family, and work while they rode out the illness. We never thought that we’d miss going to the office until we were forced to stay at home for weeks on end.

Image courtesy: OpulentOctopus/Reddit

In this scenario, the coworker was quarantined on his birthday and hence was not able to interact with other individuals. As a result, his coworkers sent him a cake to commemorate his birthday. The slice he received appears to be a piece of pure heaven.

Hysterectomy Party

When making a serious decision like having a hysterectomy, you need all the help and support you can get. We look to our friends and family, but sometimes our colleagues step up. These coworkers knew how to show their support and comfort their colleagues before this major life change.

Image courtesy: tjackso6/Reddit

It’s a fantastic idea to have a surprise party thrown in your honor to support whatever decision you make. This workplace went all out in the celebration, having a whole “food day” in honor of the occasion. We especially love the notes on the cupcakes.

Replacement Bicycle

Collaboration is the key to doing any kind of good deed with others. These workers came together for the common goal of helping out a stranger. After discovering that this kid’s bike had been stolen, these wonderful coworkers banded together to get him another one.

Image courtesy: shark-bananas/Reddit

The boy was more than happy and very appreciative of the kind gesture. It must have been devastating to learn that someone stole his bike, but these people turned his frown upside down. The kind individuals knew the right thing to do, even if they weren’t at fault and weren’t obligated to do anything.

Birthday Work Pass

What could be a better birthday present than a free pass to get away from work whenever you want? Without thinking, we might choose this over a box of cupcakes However, we hope no one asks us to choose between the two, especially if the cupcakes are red velvet.

Image courtesy: oganNoLs/Reddit

This is a fantastic concept for anyone who works in a shift-based environment. On your coworker’s birthday, you can give them an access card to use to get away from work. It’s crucial, though, that the receiver understands that the card is only good for the shift you’re willing to cover.

Holiday Night Shift

Christmas is a time of year when everyone spends time with their families at home. That is not always the case, however, for frontline workers whose services we cannot live without, even over the holidays. Even when everyone else is at home, these individuals go to work.

Image courtesy: HumperMoe/Reddit

This individual has given up his vacation to help his coworkers who had to return home for the holidays to see their families. He chose to prioritize others before himself; this is a selfless act of love and compassion, and we admire his selflessness.

Surprise Birthday Cake

With the number of birthday surprises for coworkers we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that this is a special day for everyone. When coworkers go out of their way to celebrate you, whether it’s with a meaningful present or just a sweet treat, we can’t help but feel loved.

Image courtesy: LTguy/Reddit

This person didn’t just get a cake to celebrate their coworker’s birthday, she baked one! Not only that, but she added a personal touch with, we assume, her favorite activity. Baking something that looks so professional must have taken a lot of time. The coworker must have felt truly loved.

Let The Sunshine In

At work, it’s easy to get caught up in one’s own head. We’re so wrapped up, we don’t notice others, so it’s such an honorable thing to pay attention to those around you and how they’re feeling. It takes a big heart to see someone is feeling down and then do something about it.

Image courtesy: lacunaluna/Reddit

This person was feeling down and stepped away from their desk for a pick-me-up coffee. The weather was dreary outside so the best solution they had available was to close the blinds to keep the gloom away. Their coworker noticed and brought out the sun upon their return from their coffee break.

Holiday Decorations

No matter where you work, whether it’s in the service industry or in a cubicle, the mood and atmosphere of each employee have an impact on the whole workforce. This person clearly knew that and wanted to bring some holiday cheer to the whole office.

Image courtesy: BusinessShower/Reddit

Christmas decorations are usually a few baubles or candy canes strung up, but this person took decorations very seriously and made a mini winter wonderland. It’d be impossible to have a bad day at work with this mini gingerbread house proudly on display.

Makeup Graduation Ceremony

The girl in this picture told her coworkers that she was missing her online commencement ceremony. Rather than just saying “congratulations” they took it to another level with their own mini celebration. The genuine smile on this graduate’s face is all the proof you need that even a small gesture can go a long way.

Image courtesy: idiotlasagna/Reddit

Making someone smile doesn’t take an expensive gift; a thoughtful gesture is a magical experience. Graduating is a big accomplishment, and being unable to celebrate can feel like a bit of a letdown. This little workplace celebration must have been a wonderful experience.

Midnight Birthday Cake

Yes, we’re back with another birthday story. We can’t help it, they’re just too wholesome. Working on your birthday can be a real downer. It’s the one day a year that you can unapologetically make things all about you, so being stuck at work like any other day can be depressing.

Image courtesy: Dumb_Reddit_Username/Reddit

This person was stuck working on their special day, but their colleague made their shift the best one ever. The sweet treat in the picture was a surprise cake gifted by the security guard that the Redditor barely knew. At midnight on the dot, no less.

Replacement Tamagotchi

Some offices have Secret Santas or other gift swaps, as a way to celebrate the holiday season. We don’t usually expect anything personalized from our coworkers; thoughtful gifts are reserved for our friends and family. This person was overjoyed by a personalized gift from her colleagues.

Image courtesy: adreyjay/Reddit

She shared with her coworkers that, as a kid, her father broke her Tamagotchi because it was a midnight nuisance. Twenty years later, she told the story to her coworkers. They showed that they care and really do listen, by getting her a replacement Tamagotchi.

Just Keep Swimming

Breakups are heartbreaking! There are endless reasons that couples part, and few of them end well. With messy breakups, you go from knowing someone deeply to feeling like a stranger. After spending so long together, it’s disruptive and depressing to be alone.

Image courtesy: krispeon/Reddit

With an especially messy breakup, it sometimes feels like you’re drowning. This person’s coworker came in as a life raft with a “Just keep swimming” pick-me-up box. And, of course, they included Dory, our mascot for swimming on when things are tough.

Ball Pit Office

Birthdays are meant to be occasions when we do what makes us happy, and adulthood should never stop people from doing things they enjoy. The president of this company never lost his appreciation for the little things in life, with his employees affectionately calling him a “giant kid.”

Image courtesy: CivilRiceOnionRing/Reddit

To bring out his inner child, the office filled their boss’ office with plastic balls, creating a ball pit for him. The look on his face says it all. It was a brilliant idea that was well-received, though we do feel bad for whoever was tasked with cleaning it all up.

Memes From The Receptionist

This is by far the most amusing thing we’ve ever seen. This 66-year-old receptionist devotes their time and resources to making their coworkers happy. Even if work is chaotic, no one will be able to look at this and not grin. It reminds them that they are all in this together.

Image courtesy: tokensbro/Reddit

However, we’re curious as to what the employer thinks of this and other memes found on their receptionist’s desk. This is a fantastic way to get everyone in the office in a good attitude. We’ll always stroll past the receptionist’s desk just to chuckle if we work somewhere like this.

Paramedic’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

We talked about the difficult job ER nurses have, so we’d like to take a minute to show some appreciation for paramedics. They are literally lifesavers that go out day after day to treat people and keep them alive until the ER can take over.

Image courtesy: RedDeadVegetation/Reddit

Working as a paramedic can be exhausting, therefore we believe they deserve all the support they can get. This paramedic, however, set aside time over the weekend to bake cookies for their coworkers. This is incredibly considerate of them, and we are confident that their coworkers will enjoy it.

Literal Cheesecake

Even if there’s nothing to celebrate, there’s nothing wrong with sharing some cake with your coworkers. One person took it upon themselves to bake a homemade “cheesecake” for their office. Well, sort of. We can’t argue that it isn’t a cheese cake, that’s for sure.

Image courtesy: nicksalot/Reddit

This world would be a fantastic place to live if we could find more people who do things like this. Not only did they bring a yummy treat for the whole office to enjoy, but they made a joke with it at the same time.

Moving Cubicals

Goodbyes are the hardest words to say, even if you know it’s only for a short time. So, even if it’s something small, throwing a goodbye party is a great token of appreciation for the person leaving. It’s nice to feel loved and know that you made a difference in people’s lives.

Image courtesy: sunkist268/Reddit

The image above is a tribute to a coworker who had to move to a different cubicle. The move certainly wasn’t big enough for a full goodbye party, but it warranted some acknowledgment. Moving around can change the atmosphere of a place, and it seems like there was a positive vibe if that’s how they said goodbye.

Doggy Socks

Some dogs and their owners have an enviable bond. You simply need to spend a few minutes with such owners to realize how much affection they have for their furry companion. Maybe they talk about their pet, have endless pictures to share, or even bring the furball to work.

Image courtesy: princesshaley2010/Reddit

In this situation, the dog owner’s coworker must have noticed how much the owner loves their pet. As a result, they got them socks with his dog’s face on it. This is a thoughtful present for dog owners, and the dog will be thrilled when he sees the socks.

Replacement Lacroix

We’ve all had the experience of leaving a drink in the fridge with the intention of enjoying it later, only to find it missing when we go back. Someone took our drink without our consent! Usually, the culprit remains anonymous and we can’t do anything but silently fume.

Image courtesy: bobert_the_wise/Reddit

This coworker drank their coworker’s Lacroix and decided to replace it with an entire case of the same beverage. They also sent a note detailing why they drank something that wasn’t theirs, to begin with. It was such a thoughtful gesture that a third party chimed in to show appreciation.

Value Your Coworkers

As we’ve mentioned, there’s no replacement for an attentive listener. The kind of people that take the time to truly listen to you and remember the conversation, because it’s something that matters. It shows care for the world around you and few things can top it.

Image courtesy: thepedrolorian/Twitter

This gesture could only come from the biggest heart. This person had told their coworker about their love for The Mandalorian and the colleague got them a present from the series. The recipient couldn’t contain their joy so they brought it to the internet.

Lottery, Candy, And A Joke

Working is one of the aspects of adulthood that we despise. Our greatest fear is having to face the dull monotony of working every day. Come to think of it, our greatest fear is actually losing our jobs. Even if we hate it, we need our job to afford food and housing.

Image courtesy: wrinklyrice/Reddit

When this person had a tough time at work, their coworker noticed. They feared that their job might be in jeopardy, so the coworker took it upon themself to lighten the mood. Knowing that they might lose their job, this colleague provided them with a scratch card, some candy, and a sweet letter.

Divorceversary Cake

There are no restrictions on what you can celebrate; everything you choose to celebrate is worthy of recognition. To make a successful party, you need your loved ones’ support. So, whether it’s a birthday, a housewarming, or a divorceversary, a cake and good company to enjoy it with is all you need.

Image courtesy: Versaton/Reddit

His coworkers bought him a cake to commemorate his first anniversary since divorcing his wife. They scribbled “she gone” on the cake to remind him of his ex-wife’s departure. It must be wonderful to be able to commemorate his first divorce anniversary surrounded by those who love him.

Photoshopped Secret Santa

The best presents are those that fulfill our deepest desires, whatever they may be. The person in the picture is a fan of Seinfeld, and their colleagues knew it. So, when the office Secret Santa came around, the coworker thought to combine his two loves into a single present.

Image courtesy: daniklein780/Reddit

The coworker photoshopped George into a photo of himself and his wife. We can only imagine their surprise when they saw their present. For next Christmas, we’re hoping for a framed photograph of us with our favorite celebrity, or at least something as creative as this.

Heartfelt Farewell Notes

We are suckers for personal messages written to coworkers to show appreciation or brighten someone’s day, so this is something that will undoubtedly warm our hearts. This manager said goodbye to their employees with a note to every single person he worked with.

Image courtesy: ThePoorIronMan/Reddit

Now that he wrote it out, all concerned parties need to do is go to the bulletin board and read. In this way, the feedback he offers each of them is documented, and they may refer back to it. We’ll use this strategy to tell our coworkers how we feel about them soon.

Farewell For A Math Student And Baker

This is a cryptic message for those who, like us, did not appreciate mathematics in school. We’ve spent around 35 minutes trying to figure out what this message means. The good news is that the recipient of the message is a maths graduate and thus understands the message.

Image courtesy: sovietmariposa/Reddit

When Joseph saw this, he must have smiled sheepishly, especially since he knew exactly what the message meant. This type of message indicates that the sender understands you and is eager to communicate with you in your language. Cindy, the sender, must be a math prodigy herself.