40+ Quirky Wedding Dresses That Make Us Question Designer Brands

By Jana I

This article was originally published on BrideLiving

Girls, for the most part, love fantasizing about wedding ceremonies and wedding dresses. Weddings should be your special day! It represents everything beautiful about life: union, family, love, partnership, loyalty, celebration, friends, etc. Although they can be stressful, the outcome, happiness, and satisfied guests make it worthwhile. However, sometimes those weddings are funnier than they are supposed to be. Today, we will present 40+ wedding dress fails that made us laugh out loud or frown in disgust. Most of them are quite silly, and almost endearing due to their quirkiness. Some might say they are horrible, whereas others might like them exactly for their unconventional style. If you’re in for a good giggle-fest, continue reading and enjoy scrolling past these carefully curated pictures.

Renée Zellweger

If we focus only on the positives, we can see how much the couple adores each other. They are deeply in love. The beach looks wonderful, the forest is luscious, and you could almost smell the salty water in the air. However, if we focus on the fashion aspect of their wedding, we have a lot to discuss.

Image courtesy of people.com

Renée is wearing Carolina Herrera’s wedding gown, but something about it feels off. Our bride doesn’t look comfortable or mobile in her wedding dress, and we gotta ask ourselves, is that how a bride should feel on her special day?! Certainly not! She should be comfortable dancing the night away with her new husband.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is the queen of weddings. For her wedding, she wore three separate dresses; can you imagine that? That’s certainly a great way to compromise if you can’t choose between your favorite styles. Your wedding is your time to shine!

Image courtesy of onefineday.com

This wedding is breathtakingly beautiful, but what we’re worried about is the fitted bodice. It looks uncomfortable and rather itchy. The material seems stiff, and the overall impression is a bit awkward, we have to be honest. What’s important is she seems to be loving it!

Britney Spears

Our favorite toxic lady Britney Spears is finally free from her father’s conservatorship! Hooray for Brit; it was long deserved! Although we love our blonde icon, we have to comment on her wedding dress from when she married Kevin Federline.

Image courtesy of flickr.com

Her strapless Monique Lhuillier silk gown was nice; however, we’re looking at the dress she wore after the recital. Her dress in the picture looks too tight and uncomfortable. Mr. and Mrs. Federline look attractive and happy, and we hope that the dress was more comfortable than it looks from here.

Anne Hathaway

When it came time to pick a dress, Mia Thermopolis must have had a hard time figuring out which outfit to choose. After all, Anne Hathaway had already shown us how fabulous she looked in a gown we couldn’t wait to see what she picked!

Image courtesy of Ok! Magazine

While we love the pinkish tint at the bottom, it might not be to everyone’s taste. With the white train next to the touch of pink, it is a bit confusing. Separately, of course, they’re both gorgeous choices for a dress. Though, forgive us for commenting on that headpiece. Why would she cover those lovely brunette locks?

Brigitte Bardot

During her acting career, Brigitte Bardot was one of the most beautiful and desirable women in the acting industry…and in general. She was charming and extremely attractive, with her roles leaning more towards sexy and alluring. However, when it came time for her wedding, she knew it wasn’t the time for revealing outfits.

Image courtesy of Brad Rossi/Pinterest

Despite the black and white photo, we know that the dress isn’t just white. The couple gives off the vibe of a traditional picture-perfect American couple, which is ironic given that they’re both French. While we might have preferred something that pops a bit more like a wedding dress, that soft smile is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Céline Dion

Our favorite “My Heart Will Go On” lady and queen, Céline Dion herself, has made it to this 40+ list of quirky wedding dresses. Her wedding ceremony with René Angélil was as if they were royals: elegance, luxury, and artistic expression.

Image courtesy of Andrea Renault/Alpha

Although we love the gown itself and the fur overcoat she has, we can’t help but notice the headpiece. Like Anne Hathaway, her small and dainty head is not suited to a big headdress. It’s excessive, and it looks more like it’s wearing her, rather than the other way around.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey is a beauty! She is an attractive model and reality show personality from the USA, so it comes as a surprise seeing her in anything but the best designs possible. We are going to show you Bailey’s wedding gown from when she married Peter Thomas.

Image courtesy of brides.com

Although this hue goes perfectly well with her skin complexion and it accentuates her eyes, we are still of the opinion she could have chosen a better style. The dress seems disproportionate, with the bow near her head drawing away attention away from the rest of the outfit.

Cynthia Nixon

One of our favorite ladies from the Sex and the City has made it onto our list! We don’t know whether to feel excited or disappointed. If you’re expecting the fiery red-haired queen we got used to while binging the show, well, we have to let you down immediately.

Image courtesy of Laurie Rhodes

The dress is a beautiful choice with the lime green/yellowish flow and fairy-like air about it, but it doesn’t exactly scream “wedding dress.” What do you think? Maybe a bit more poof to the skirt? Maybe if she had her Miranda signature hair, we’d give it an okay. We love the flowers, though. Good one!

Rita Wilson

Rita and Tom are known in Hollywood for winning against the test of time. They were college sweethearts, and despite all odds, got happily married and are still going strong to this day. However, every love story has its ups and downs. Sorry Rita, but we think your wedding dress fits in the “downs.”

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Although she is an extremely pretty woman, she is beaming with happiness and contentment; both of them are, to be exact, we still can’t take our eyes away from that wedding gown. It’s a strange fit overall; however, love wins over anything, and just this time, we can forgive Rita and move away from this!

Danielle Spencer

These two lovebirds looked happy to be getting married, although they separated some 15 years later. We are suckers for love, so when we see it on people’s faces, we tend to focus more on their joy than the style of their clothes.

Image courtesy of Reuters/dailymail.co.uk

To be honest, we love the upper part of the dress, this butterfly-like torso; we dig it! However, we’re not sold on the lower part. The slit in the front isn’t very flattering and certainly an odd fashion choice. But the shorter skirt is a nice touch. It’s a shame when pretty shoes are hidden behind a poofy skirt.

Dita Von Teese

We’ve decided to color outside the lines with this one and show you what Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson looked like on their wedding day. This out of the box, gothic pair has had an iconic wedding, although it might be to everyone’s taste.

Image courtesy of Steven Klein/ Vogue

Their whole aesthetic is meant to represent goth culture, somewhat of a royal vampire couple eloping and merging their family bloodlines. If you get into the fantasy of it, it’s kind of fun. Even if the aesthetic isn’t to your taste, you gotta admit that the dress would look stunning in the traditional white.

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold were like a match made in heaven. Both are comedians, cheeky and goofy, and completely unbothered. They seemed to go so well together. However, despite their fit personality-wise, we have to add some commentary on their wedding attire choices.

Image courtesy of doesntmattr.tumblr

This critique isn’t so much on her gown choice as it is the fashion choices in the ’90s. The puffy shoulder sleeves would not be seen in a bridal shop nowadays. And the same can be said for the veil. We are digging the bouquet, though. It looks a bit unwieldy, but she’s making it work.

Emma Thompson

We know Emma Thompson from her numerous iconic movies; for example, she was an iconic teacher from Hogwarts — Sybill Trelawney! Even if you didn’t necessarily love her in that role, you cannot deny she put on an award-winning performance!

Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

She married Kenneth Branagh in 1989, so we certainly wouldn’t expect her dress to meet our modern-day fashion choices. But even then, her wedding dress choice was a bit unconventional. It has some ethnic motifs, puffed sleeves, and an unusually shaped bodice. We are not certain how to feel about it, but she seems to be rocking it with confidence.

Gwen Stefani

It’s time for our fiery “Hollaback Girl!” Gwen is both a successful music star and a gorgeous woman. But, even the biggest stars aren’t perfectly fashionable all of the time, and even then, not everyone will agree on what looks good and what doesn’t.

Image courtesy of shared.com

Her veil and her hair are, without a doubt, wonderful! Everything below the neck is a bit busy for a wedding dress. Like Anne Hathaway, she also went for a pink tint at the bottom, though with a stronger pink. Perhaps the bolder pink doesn’t fit well with the poofy skirt. What do you think?

Helen Worth

Helen Worth seems like such a nice and pleasant lady. She is surely one of those kind neighbors that would lend you their watering can and bring you freshly baked pie on a Sunday morning. The bouquet even looks like it was cut from a bed of flowers in her yard.

Image courtesy of MatrixPictures.co.uk

Helen married her music teacher, and although their love is long and true, her wedding dress doesn’t sing to us like a lovely melody. We always applaud the courage to steer away from conventionally white wedding gowns, but we are not sure silver is the right fit here. It’s more suitable for a high school prom night.

Jackie O Henderson

The next picture we’re about to show you is not from a wedding ceremony but from Jackie and her husband Lee Henderson’s vow renewal. Vow renewal ceremonies are a lot more flexible in terms of fashion, but we’re not sold on this choice. There is certainly a lot of pink.

Image courtesy of Barcroft Media

There is something about this picture that’s iconic. Is it the fact that Jackie reminds us of the queen herself, Regina George from Mean Girls, and this is exactly how we envision her wedding/vow renewal? Probably! We cannot bash Jackie; look how happy they are! Although, this will surely cause some pink flashes when you close your eyes.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada and Will Smith are a couple almost anyone interested in popular culture and celebrity news knows. Will is known for his movies and Jada for her show Red Table Talk. Although the couple seemed to have slight turbulence in the past few years, they are still going strong.

Image courtesy of Red Table Talk/Facebook

First of all, let’s discuss what a nostalgic feel this photo holds. Are we the only ones that get transferred into a blissful era, mid-nineties, by just looking at this? Must be a millennial thing…Nonetheless, Jada’s dress looks tight and uncomfortable, considering she was pregnant with Jaden at the time. She could’ve chosen less lace and more silk, but alas!

Jessica Biel

Jessica and Justin Timberlake represent those #couplegoals everyone goes on and on about. They have two beautiful children, the crown of their decade-long marriage; they are talented, gorgeous, and seem truly happy. However, their wedding wasn’t as perfect — at least, not in terms of fashion choices.

Image courtesy of Hello Magazine

It seems like brides love to choose pink as their accent color of choice for a wedding gown, and we get it, okay. It’s romantic, dainty, sweet, princess-like, and whatnot. However, we are yet to be satisfied with the outcomes so far. Gwens, Jackies, and Jessicas of the world, you still have some work to do!

Julianne Moore

Now it just looks like we have a personal vendetta against pink and lilac hues, but that’s simply not the truth, okay! Hear us out. Julianne and her husband Bart Freundlich had a very interesting clothing choice on their wedding day.

Image courtesy of Infphotos.com

We can’t even start to list the things wrong with this picture. Sure, they look in love, elated, a bit tipsy too, but his tux and her dress are simply a no-no in any book. Visiting someone else’s wedding reception — fine! Getting married wearing this — no way!

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Buruss and Todd Tucker got married in a wonderful ceremony in front of their loved ones. Now, although weddings are about love and goodness, we have some things to say. Kandi made an…interesting choice for a wedding dress, don’t you think?

Image courtesy of bravotv.com

We’re digging the tiara, but looking at the gown, we can’t help but imagine it as a fuzzy blanket or cardigan rather than a shirt on a wedding dress. It looks tight around the thighs, but looks must be deceiving because Kandi looks like she danced her heart out in that dress.

Kat Von D

We’ve loved Kat Von D’s engagement ring, and in case you haven’t seen it, you must Google it immediately to get the full picture here. Are you back? Excellent! Now, let’s discuss her wedding choices. Where do we even start?

Image courtesy of Kat Von D/Instagram

Kat von D was never a conventional figure, never a soft aesthetic. She is dark, bold, and intense, as was her wedding. Instead of worshipping God through her wedding ceremony, she included elements of Satan with horns and symbols. These details aside, we applaud her courage to stay true to herself, although we would never do it in this manner.


Sorry, Kelis, but this dress is not it. The only thing we can say right now is simply: why? Milkshake gal is such a beautiful, attractive woman, and while anything looks good on her, perhaps this isn’t the ideal wedding dress for her.

Image courtesy of glamazonsblog

The green ball gown with a white accent is reminiscent of Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. And while any woman should get to feel like a Disney princess on her wedding day, the dress style doesn’t work for everyone. The gold design on the bodice is a nice touch, though.

Khloé Kardashian

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny Khloé Kardashian is one sassy chick. Lamar Odom and Khloé were dating for a very short time before they decided to marry. When we say short, we mean short — less than a month in total. No wonder the marriage didn’t last long…

Image courtesy of Jake Holly/Startraksphoto.com

Vera Wang knows her way with gowns and dresses, but we question the designer’s choice with this one. The mermaid style is a good choice, but it doesn’t sit well on everyone. We think Khloé would look so much better in a slip dress.

Luisana Lopilato

This beautiful Argentinian Rebelde has stolen so many hearts in her prime. Her beauty and elegance made sure of that. She tied the knot with Michael Bublé in 2011, and ever since, these two lovebirds have been building their little family.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

We’ve considered Luisana as a model-like personality and therefore expected her to come at us hard with her wedding gown, and we were let down. Out of her three weddings to Bublé, the second dress she wore is certainly not a fan favorite. The bodice with tiers screams Victorian era to us, and we are not up for it.


The absolute queen of pop is ready to be assessed, and let’s just say we’re a bit disappointed. Instead of serving the same energy as she does in her performances, she kind of let us down with her wedding outfit.

Image courtesy of Alux.com

This time, we’re not questioning the dress. We’re not even questioning the choice of a crown instead of a tiara because, honestly, it suits her. But the veil is what is stopping us. Madonna is petite, and this amount of fabric simply swallowed her.

Mama June

If you don’t know Mama June From Not to Hot, then you’d at least recognize her daughter Honey Boo Boo, aka Alana Thompson. These two have very unique personalities and looks, to be frank. What we are talking about here today is June’s wedding dress.

Image courtesy of Jason Winslow/Splash News

Mama June didn’t want to be anything ordinary, so she chose a camo and orange combo that pops as a unique prom dress rather than a wedding gown. We do love that she appears to be matching with the groom, who is pictured behind her in an orange vest and camo pants.

Mandy Smith

There are many wrong things about this whole situation. First and foremost, Mandy was only 18 when she married 52-year-old Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. To make things worse, her mother married Bill’s son the same year. But we’re not here to talk about that — we’re here for her dress.

Image courtesy of Phil Loftus/Capital Pictures

With the puffy sleeves, there’s no question that this was a dress designed in the ’90s, and the poofy veil adds to that look. Sorry 1990s, but we are not a fan of the poof. We love the bouquet; it looks like a fairy maiden created it just for her.

Mariah Carey

All we want for Christmas is you, Mariah Carey! This gorgeous, successful, and talented woman echoes in every household during the holiday season, and you can not convince us otherwise. But today, we are going to talk about her wedding, of course.

Image courtesy of Jade Simpson/en.Vogue.fr

When she married her mentor Tommy Mottola she resembled a princess. She was gorgeous. However, we still have to discuss the dress and the bouquet. Although the bouquet does have its charm, it looks too unkempt, and as for the dress, we would prefer it longer and maybe lose a layer or two.

Natalie Wood

The next star on our list has to be the late actress Natalie Wood. Sorry, Nats, we love you, but boy, oh boy, is there a lot to discuss her wedding getup. Natalie wanted to branch out, be bold and daring, and we commend that.

Image courtesy of honeyandhemlock.com

The pattern, the color, the style, and the veil — everything is kind of underwhelming. With the setting, it looks like she’s attending Sunday mass in her best dress rather than her own wedding. While we love unconventional wedding dresses, this one doesn’t do it for us.

Nicky Hilton

If you took a peek at this picture from afar, you’d be confused as to why we put it on this list. Nicky is a babe! She looks wonderful — her hair, her silhouette, her confidence — top to bottom, an icon. But, if you look closely…

Image courtesy of Wenn.com

Notice the neckline and the lace that you can almost feel pressing against your skin and suffocating you, making it uncomfortable to move and breathe. We are certain this dress would make anyone claustrophobic. We have a sudden urge to scratch our necks.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is someone to respect and admire. She is both smart and talented. To top it all off, she is gorgeous, elegant, and charming. Now when Nicole and Keith announced their wedding was going to be Victorian style, we were stoked. Little did we know they went all out with the theme!

Image courtesy of Cath Muscat

They completely nailed the style, especially her, but maybe a little bit too much for modern eyes. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Nicole Kidman, but we pictured something Victorian complemented with modern details to break it all off and give it a unique feel.

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak is a babe. Very attractive, girl boss, absolute icon. She went full-on with her wedding outfit and wore three gowns. She and Nicole Richie must have been sharing wedding ideas. This Elizabethian era-Esque dress, however, we’re a bit baffled by.

Image courtesy of NY Daily News

There is just too much fabric all around. And that’s not just our opinion based on the photo — the dress was 32 pounds, as we’ve found out. So the question is, how in did she move around in this?! She would suit a simple ball gown much better.

Christina Hendricks

American actress Christina Hendricks is a beaut! When we saw her wedding outfit, we were happy and excited at first! The strapless gown was the perfect design choice, but when we look at the back, we need to take a moment to reconsider.

Image courtesy of rightprom.com

What happened here? It looks like the dress was too big on her body, so they used ribbons to tie it up and make it fit better. How did she even sit in this? Too many questions and no answers on this one. Well, at least wedding pictures usually show the front.

Coco Austin

Ice-T and Coco Austin are the perfect couple, that’s for sure. They go so well together and have had their TV shows for a while. They have been married for over 15 years now, and it seems like it’ll stay that way. We love that!

Image courtesy of snow412.info

Although they look so freaking good together, like Bonnie and Clyde, we can’t help but comment on Coco’s dress. While the bustle added to the back of the dress may have felt like the right choice, we can’t help but wonder how it managed to retain its shape after sitting down. The crown steals the show, though; it’s gorgeous.

Sofia Vergara

You can’t NOT love Sofia Vergara! She is an outstanding actress and has an even bigger personality. She shines with optimism, great humor, and positivity. And being bilingual, there’s more of her to see with both English and Spanish series.

Image courtesy of Sofia Vergara/Instagram

Although she has a great figure, this dress still doesn’t do her enough justice. The bustle is beautiful, but the excess fabric on the sides, why? This dress supposedly took 32 people, 1.6k, and even more hours to make. They could’ve cut that time in half and just not added those side pieces. Unnecessary fabric, in our opinion.

Katie Price

Although our girl Katie isn’t the luckiest when it comes to love, we’re not sure she’s the luckiest when it comes to picking a wedding outfit. Her wedding gown from when she married Peter Andre steals the cake on the pinkiest wedding dress ever.

Image courtesy of thesun.co.uk

This pink meringue dress didn’t take the world by storm, that’s for certain. She was aiming for a princess look, and she did achieve it, looking like Glinda from The Wizard of Oz. We love both the shape of the dress and the style of the veil, however. Good choice.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner is one of the best vocals of the century. No person doesn’t know Tina or some of her greatest hits. Tina’s wedding outfit is a little less memorable, though, and certainly doesn’t stick with us as her songs do.

Image courtesy of tinaturnerblog.com

She shared with Hello! magazine that she bought this dress on a whim after she saw it on a fashion show. She didn’t buy it to wear to her wedding, but when it came time to pick a dress, it called to her from her closet. We may not love the dress, but we love the spontaneity.

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle

When Tiny and rapper T.I. announced their marriage, everyone and their mother were super excited to see the wedding outfits and photos. Tiny went all out and almost asphyxiated herself in all those ruffles! Take a look and decide for yourself!

Image courtesy of T.I./Instagram

Although the dress is not the best choice, Tiny’s personality, smile, and charm almost erase it all away. We love her hair and veil, we’d love for a necklace to be thicker and the bouquet to be tamer and not so magenta pink. But that’s just us.

Ulrika Jonsson

Swedish-British television presenter and model Ulrike Jonsson is a babe; there is no point in denying that. However, what she wore at her wedding ceremony was not as flattering as it should’ve been. She could’ve done so much better, but alas.

Image courtesy of thesun.co.uk

Her hair and veil are perfect; we even like the ribbon earrings — they are cute and dainty. She has beautiful neck and collar bones, so revealing it was a great choice. But the sleeves with those huge puffs? What was the ’90s thinking?

Victoria Beckham

An absolute fashion icon, Victoria Beckham is in the house. Posh Spice is a synonym for style, chic, power, and fierce womanly attitude. With this in mind, we were baffled by her wedding outfit choice. This time, the dress is fine, but it’s the accents that we’re questioning.

Image courtesy of The Stylist Diaries

We love the necklace as well as the dress; it’s phenomenal. The hair, we’d consider changing since it’s too simple and a tad too urban for the overall feel. However, the bouquet looks like weeds pulled from her grandma’s garden. Apples? Really?

Angelina Jolie

Angelina is an icon of natural beauty, posh, elegance, and ethereal energy. Besides being an actress and movie director, she is a mother of six. She loves her children so much she let them leave a mark on her wedding outfit.

Image courtesy of weddingspro.info

Angelina let her children draw on her wedding veil. It’s wholesome and deeply meaningful, and it makes your children active participants on this special day — we still don’t love it. The drawings are childish and surreal, which is not what you expect in a wedding outfit. However, we love Angie. She can do no wrong.

Whitney Houston

Our favorite singer and lady Whitney Houston was a voice of a generation. “I Will Always Love You” is a tune everyone and their mother knows. However, even though we have so many good things to associate with her, we can not ignore her wedding dress.

Image courtesy of Splash News

Her gown is all in lace, and that’s all you can see. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not our favorite. But, once again, she went with a headpiece that does not suit her. Is there any hair under there?

Mariah, Again

Only Mariah could make it to this list twice. The Songbird Supreme has been married twice, and the wedding dress featured here wasn’t even what she wore for her wedding to her second hubby, Nick Cannon. She wore this satin mermaid-style gown for her vow-renewal ceremony.

Image courtesy of Pacific Coast News

Cannon and Mariah got married on April 30, 2008, in the Bahamas, and until they broke up, the two renewed their vows annually. This body-hugging dress with a black sash is what she wore for their 4th renewal ceremony in Paris. Certainly an improvement from her first wedding dress, right?

Jennifer Lopez

Last but not least, Jenny from the block! We love Jennifer, and we support the newly rekindled Bennifer, oh we were stocked when we found out! Now, today, unfortunately, we won’t talk about her and Ben Affleck, but her wedding with Cris Judd.

Image courtesy of wireimage.com

This fit just doesn’t suit our girl, Jenny. Yes she looks pleased, and her happiness can be felt through the screen, however, this is too lacey, too traditional. Jennifer Lopez should break boundaries and sweep us off of our feet! We expect nothing less if she and Ben decide to tie the knot. We are rooting for you!