A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Facts: Clever Infographics That Offer A New Perspective

By Sachin P

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When knowledge and entertainment are combined, real learning takes place. Giving somebody a dingy pile of obscure texts to devour as an assignment is one thing, but communicating the information in a compelling, logical, and approachable manner is quite another. Thank you for coming to the fantastical world of infographics!

There is a particular rationale for why infographics appeal to us. For starters, we’re visual beings, so it makes sense that we’d have an easier time taking in information as an infographic rather than a lengthy document.

The r/Infographics subreddit is an established internet community with a steadfast enthusiasm for infographics. Today, we’re highlighting a number of the best submissions from the community. Join us as we go on a journey of learning through easy-to-process images. Along with being amused, you’ll also pick up a lot of knowledge from them.

How do you show three of something, up north?

A new research study indicates that history may shock many people. Studies have discovered that a sizable proportion of Latinos, White Americans, and African-Americans share ancestors from groups other than their self-identified ethnicity. That’s crazy, right? (Sarcasm very much intended.)

Image source: Caliper/Maptitude via HyggeHoney/Reddit

For instance, the typical African American genome is about 25% European, whereas roughly 4% of European Americans have some African heritage. When it comes to overall ethnicity, most of the states are predominantly German! Next up would be LatinX which is quite obvious, given the proximity to South America.

What is Ikigai?

Ikigai is a principle that now has long been ingrained in the fabric of Japanese culture. To some, finding one’s “ikigai” is the key to living a purposeful and fulfilling life. But, what exactly is ikigai, and how can you find it?

Image source: inuiaea

Its literal definition is “purpose to live,” but its importance goes far deeper than that. Although the western concept of ikigai is sometimes compared to one’s vocational “sweet spot,” this is an incorrect comparison because ikigai ignores all restrictions or limitations.

Amazon’s amazing portfolio

The most widely recognized and significant company on Earth is Amazon. The corporation claimed to have substantial assets totaling almost over $420 billion in 2021. How is that? Well, there are an awful lot more Amazon-owned businesses than its exclusive major retailers and services for cloud computing.

Image source: SMB Compass via Raz0rRamon/Reddit

MGM Holdings, which happens to be the parent organization of the renowned Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, is one of the newest Amazon subsidiaries. MGM was purchased by Amazon in 2021 for $8.45 billion. In 2017, Amazon also paid $13.7 billion to purchase the well-known supermarket company Whole Foods.

The Beatles reign supreme

This infographic is from the data on the overall verified album unit sales within the US; streaming data isn’t included, so the quantifiable popularity of each artist is probably even higher. The Beatles, the finest rock band from England, continues to lead this chart of any and all greatest musicians based on record sales.

Image source: StatsPanda via Dremarious/Reddit

So, it appears insurmountable on a chart that includes a lot of unexpected placements. For example, it might come as a surprise to learn that country music icon Garth Brooks actually sold more albums than Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley combined.

What happened to all the car colors?

There has been a noticeable decline in the global demand for colorful cars. Today’s auto dealers stock the automobiles and trucks that they think will sell out quickly in a bid to prevent interest charges on the slower-moving stock. This is known as “floor planning.”

Image source: 100LittleButterflies/Reddit

But it’s not just the makes and models that are taken into account. Car colors rise and fall in popularity, as shown by this infographic of the Polish automotive industry. We’re not surprised that black, white, and gray have remained popular, but the mid-’90s seem to have been the most colorful years.

How much crew is needed to man a modern-day blockbuster?

Looking at the past two decades, the crew size for producing a film has grown by 51%. In 2000, 185 people were needed, but in 2018, it took 280 personnel. This transformation, though, hasn’t remained constant and consistent across all departments.

Image source: earthlymonarch/Reddit

Thanks to the rise of computer-based effects, two departments have seen the biggest shift: Special Effects employment (i.e., physical effects like rainfall, winds, and pyrotechnics), and Visual Effects occupations. Take a movie like Infinity War. There were a disproportionate amount of special effects crew, reaching a whopping 2590 people!

How safe is your password?

To greatly increase the number of possible password combinations someone is trying to guess, it’s crucial to use a broad range of characters, including numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and special characters. The more complicated and lengthier the password, more the effort and computing power will be required to break it.

Image source: Hive Systems

Avoiding using dictionary terminology. Several hacking tools begin with extensive lists of popular passwords before moving on to the entire dictionary. With today’s computing power, going through the full dictionary takes no time at all. But mix in symbols and numbers, and their job just got a whole lot harder.

Poisonous vs Venomous: Who bit who?

The word “venomous” refers to species that introduce their toxins through their bites (or stings), while the word “poisonous” refers to species that release their toxins once consumed. While both can be fatal, knowing the difference can be key if you’re interacting with unknown animals.


For example, some animals release toxins through their skin, and touching them can be disasterous. Of course, even if it isn’t deadly to hold a snake, we don’t recommend getting close enough to venomous ones, lest they get in biting range.

What do you believe in?

According to a 2014 survey, only 21% of Americans between the age of 18 to 29 say they attend worship at least once per week, but only 9% (of those surveyed) attend their places of worship a handful of times each year.

Image source: The Why Axis

Factoring in the responses to a range of questions, statisticians were able to come up with this handy graph. The future doesn’t look bright for houses of worship based on such data. We wonder how much advancing technology influenced this trend…

The evolution of our alphabet

Most languages weren’t created on a whim—though there are some artificially created languages. For example, the Latin alphabet Europeans use today gradually developed over centuries, passing through multiple variations before settling on the alphabet we know now. Since we’re writing this article in the modern Latin alphabet, let’s look at how we got here.

Image source: Lustikheimer/Reddit

The oldest roots can be identified as early as 3800 years ago, within Proto-Sinaitic. This was largely based on Egyptian hieroglyphics and was majorly consonant based. From that point forward, a series of minor adjustments led to the alphabet as we know it today.

The monopoly on Insulin

Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, and Sanofi, the “big three” insulin manufacturers, control upwards of 90% of the global insulin market—as a percentage of valuation. Typically, any one of these businesses provides insulin to a nation, giving them a monopoly-like position in the region.

Image source: RAND Corporation via Big_Maintenance_1789/Reddit

But the real determining factor is the government healthcare system. In a free market, like the U.S., companies set the price. Meanwhile, in places like the UK, the government can intervene and stop companies from charging so much and making drugs inaccessible to many.

How to pick the perfect watermelon

Picking the perfect watermelon is an artform. But, like any craft, it takes time and skill to master. Fortunately, this handy little infographic can help you speed up the process and pick the right watermelon without too much trial and error.

Image source: R3333PO2T/Reddit

That yellow patch comes from the watermelon sitting in the field. So, the darker the patch, the longer it’s been on the vine, ripening to the perfect juicy fruit. Forget checking for that hollow sound; just check this picture next time you go to the store.

What is the universe made of?

The question of “what is out there” has plagued humans for thousands of years. The universe contains practically incalculable quantities of planets, asteroids, satellites, clouds of dust and gas, and comets, all whirling around in the expanse of space along with hundreds of billions of galaxies and stars.

Image source: Visual Capitalist

Modern technology has helped answer that question a bit, and new inventions like NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have shown us what our ancestors could only dream of, but we still have a long way to go. Infographics like these sure do make us feel small.

Nobody likes a Karen these days

Aside from noteworthy outliers, favored baby names don’t typically change radically from one year to another. For instance, Biblical names like Sarah and David will always be popular, but Katrina dropped out of the Top 1,000 list following a hurricane of that name.

Image source: Randy Olson via Special_Agent_Whoa/Reddit

Despite the joke about Karens only making an appearance in recent years, you can see in this chart that it fell out of favor long before it was associated with entitled women. Something tells us it’ll be a while before Karen is popular again.

Revenue charts of Big Tech

Everyone knows the four companies that constitute the “Big Tech” corporations. They earned the term as they make up the largest firms on the planet by market capitalization. Some of their products are virtually irreplaceable today. Good luck writing/editing a virtual document without Microsoft.

Image source: sikeig/Reddit

But how do they make their money? Someone took the time to break down each of the big four to show how they’ve earned their spot as the biggest companies worldwide. Of course, having a monopoly on the markets sure does help.

Why shouldn’t you drink seawater and how to get fresh water from seawater

While we ingest a lot of salt in our daily diet, and our kidneys have no problem handling salty stew or overly salted popcorn, there’s a limit to how much our body can handle. Seawater easily upsets the balance between salt and water in our bodies.

Image source: Survival Life

If you find yourself among Gilligan’s crew, you can help provide fresh water to the distraught survivors. Just use an empty plastic bottle and soda can and use the power of nature to distill salty seawater into fresh water your body will love.

Is money really the source of happiness?

They say money can’t buy happiness—something those struggling with finances would sorely disagree with. To answer this question, researchers surveyed people from all economic standings to get a better insight. It’s important to note that this was conducted in one country, so the answer could vary in different cultures.

Image source: Visual Capitalist

Interestingly, happiness doesn’t constantly trend upward, and on both sides of breaking even, the perceived is more dramatic than daily emotions. So, according to this study, money can buy happiness. Or is it simply relief in the form of happiness? We’ll never know.

10 companies hold the monopoly over almost all the junk food

According to a recent study, almost 80% of supermarket products in the US are owned by a handful (or, two handfuls) of companies. While it’s not surprising, it’s still shocking to see just how much they control. Don’t believe us? Check out this infographic:

Image source: RealisticExit/Reddit

Honestly, props to whoever put this together. We could stare at this all day, zooming in and looking through all the products we consume daily and seeing which companies satisfy our junk food cravings. No matter where in the world you live, we bet you’ve had at least a dozen of these products.

Everybody Poops.

After the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, we seriously reevaluated just how much toilet paper we need. Unsurprisingly, the most populated country in the world, China, ranked #1 in the list of countries that use the most toilet paper annually.

Image source: elviejozuloqi/Reddit

We love this funny little infographic, but we’d love to see it adjusted for the average number of rolls per person annually. It doesn’t seem fair to measure by country when populations differ so vastly…as does toilet paper roll thickness.

A history of pandemics

A pandemic represents the most catastrophic case situation in the world of contagious diseases. An illness is deemed to be a pandemic when that extends over international boundaries. Although infectious diseases occurred during the hunter-gatherer era, the transition to an agricultural society 10,000 years ago expedited this.

Image source: Visual Capitalist

Formed groups in fixed locations increased the likelihood of epidemics and, by extension, pandemics. Fortunately, these civilizations also include advanced medicines, allowing people to combat these diseases and reduce the death rate. Too bad we’ll never irradicate the common cold.

What time would you like to have dinner?

There are countless differences between countries and cultures. Aside from food, and what we call meals, the time people eat varies, too. In Europe alone, supper, aka dinner, can start anywhere from 4 pm to 9:30 pm. By the time the Danish are washing dishes, the French are just getting started.

redeggplant01 / Reddit

Norwegian travelers better be prepared if they go on a vacation in Spain. Though, in general, Europeans should be very clear if they host someone from another country. No guest wants to have a rumbly tummy hours before it’s actually mealtime.

When did the wolf become “Mr. Snuggles”?

We all know that dogs weren’t always man’s best friend, but we have good news for all you dog lovers. Studies suggest that our canine companions were among the earliest creatures that mankind domesticated. Actually, according to genetic data, the separation between dogs and their wolf forebears occurred roughly 33,000 years ago.

Image source: Visual Capitalist

Why and when did these people domesticate wild animals? Based on archaeological discoveries, this timeline outlines the stages of domestication for 15 distinct species of animals. These estimations could differ by several thousand years since precise chronology is difficult to determine, and study into the subject is continuing.

What goes in a survival kit?

Emergency kits aren’t just for apocalypse survivors and the cast of The Walking Dead. Environmental disasters can limit your resources, and having your stuff efficient and organized can increase your chances of survival… Okay, so it’s also fun to imagine surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Image source: tomtermite/Reddit

The quantity can vary depending on environmental conditions and height/weight, but the general kit is the same. If you have a place to hunker down, travel lighter with a smaller safety kit. Remember, you can survive for three days without water, and three weeks without food.

What will it be? Pork knuckles or buffalo wings?

Vegans, you might want to skip past this slide. Here, we’re going to look at the most popular meat across the globe. Before we get started, take a minute to guess what you think each country lives on as its main source of animal meat…

Image source: nasandre/Reddit

It’s all about accessibility and resources. Landlocked areas can’t rely on seafood, and smaller countries might not have room for bovine. Keep in mind that this handy little infographic colors countries by popularity; so, the US still eats plenty of beef…but not as much as they do chicken.

How to spell…

Who knew Twitter could be so insightful? With the help of one of the most popular social media platforms, someone was able to analyze every US state’s literary Achille’s heel. Looking at the list, we can’t help but laugh at how ironic some of them are.

Image source: Wordtips via RhetoricalObsidian/Reddit

It’s outrageous that so many people show such ignorance toward the existence of spellcheck. Schools should promise to address this problem, and guarantee parents that kids are definitely learning how to spell. People should learn to reference the dictionary, lest they accidentally embarrass themselves online.

How rich is Jeff Bezos?

It’s crazy to think that Amazon started off as a bookseller. The company is now synonymous with online shopping, and the founder, Jeff Bezos, is the fifth richest person in the world. So, what does his bank account look like compared to us normies?

Image source: giuliomagnifico/Reddit

In July 2021, he launched himself into space. During that 11-minute up-and-down journey, it’s estimated that he earned close to $1.6 billion. That alone is an astounding amount, but it’s just a drop in the bucket for a man worth $117.1 billion—according to Forbes.

What is the IPA?

Learning a new language can be tough, especially if there are sounds that your native tongue doesn’t have. It may feel impossible, but we’re all human, which means we have the same anatomy and, therefore, the ability to produce those sounds.

Cheshix / Reddit

The International Phonetic Association developed the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as a linguistic standard. It includes every tongue used on the planet, using 107 letters in all, 52 diacritical marks, and 4 prosodic marks. The IPA uses certain non-Latin letters in addition to the Latin alphabet.

Who do you trust with your news?

The internet is both a blessing and a curse. We have so much information right at our fingertips, and we can answer questions in seconds. Unfortunately, this also comes with a lot of misinformation, and it can be tough trying to filter out trusted sources.

Image source: [deleted user]/Reddit

Sadly, what counts as a “valid source” varies, often by political alignment. This infographic is possibly the most ironic, since the creators didn’t even cite their sources, or mention where they collected their data. Did they ask mostly Democrats? City-dwellers? Reddit? We’ll never know.

The wealth of Croesus among seven individuals

We may have the numbers, but they have the power. As we saw earlier, money might be able to buy happiness, and we know it can buy influence. So, who are the top 11 people who don’t have to worry about having enough money for food and electricity?


We’re glad that someone didn’t make a median wealth vs. Bernard Arnault or Elon Musk wealth. We’re not sure we could handle that comparison. It’s at least interesting that the list is comprised of six self-made Americans, a French luxury goods entrepreneur, a French cosmetics heir, a Mexican telecom tycoon, and an Indian industrialist.

Food trends: Past and Present

Just as fashion trends change throughout the years, so do food trends. Sometimes, it’s a result of clever branding, while others come about from innovative cooking techniques. Everyone is obsessed with air fryers, so someone decided to remind us what foodies obsessed over before pasta chips…

Image source: Sort_of_Frightening/Reddit

Many of these foods have survived the short-lived fame of trends. You can still find bubble tea and sliders with ease, and your health-conscious friend probably has some kale chips at the ready. Although, our blood sugar levels are healthier without freakshakes in our lives.

What’s better? Plant-based or animal protein

With veganism on the rise, people have been looking for alternate sources of proteins and essential nutrients. Of course, the die-hard carnivores will insist that there’s no replacement for meat. While meat may have more protein, there are plenty of plant-based options.

Image source: crowbiryanii/Reddit

We love infographics like these, and they’re handy as a quick reference sheet for protein-rich foods, but they’re incomplete. We need more than just protein. Vitamins and minerals are essential parts of any diet, and many of the plants listed here have those in abundance.

Some of these are still running?

There are few things more disappointing than learning that your favorite show wasn’t renewed for another season. We become attached to characters and settings, and it can be hard to let those go. But there are some shows that seem to feel the same about us…

Image source: StatsPanda via Dremarious/Reddit

Looking at how long some of these shows have been running, we have a new appreciation for the actors that have stayed on since episode one. Of course, even The Simpsons pales in comparison to The Tonight Show, which has been on the air for almost 70 years!

What’s the most popular TV series in Iowa?

There’s a certain level of comfort and satisfaction when we watch a show that takes place in our hometown or state. Sure, some are more obvious than others, but it’s fun to know what fictional characters call your state home, too.

Image source: StatsPanda via Dremarious/Reddit

You’ll never pin down The Simpsons since there’s a Springfield in every state. But we couldn’t imagine Breaking Bad, Smallville, or Stranger Things taking place in any state but New Mexico, Kansas, and Indiana, respectively. Oh, and let’s not forget Friends in The Big Apple.

What app gets your goat?

The term “hate” is powerful, and it has no limits. We have people, foods, and trends we hate, and even apps aren’t immune. Once again, Twitter helped provide insight into the different US states and what people find most annoying.

Dhorlin / Reddit

Something is missing that makes this feel off… Where’s Twitter on this map? Do people not dis Twitter on the site, or did the analytics tool simply omit the source material? Whatever the reason, we call BS on this map!

Does Elon own Tesla? If not, who does?

We associate Tesla with Elon Musk and vice versa. After all, he provided the funds to kick-start the company. But how much does the CEO control? As it turns out, not a lot. The second-richest man in the world only comes in at number three in Tesla “ownership.”

sikeig / Reddit

But that’s still impressive since his holdings are still more than the next five major “owners,” comprised of several investment companies. Overall, 11 individual shareholders, excluding Elon Musk, collectively control 21,119,211 shares of Tesla or 1.9% of the company’s shares outstanding.

Oil Monopoly of the World

The use of crude oil is so ingrained in many societies that countries are finding it hard to switch to renewable resources and reduce their use of fossil fuels. So, where does the world get its oil, and how much do those major providers, well, provide?

giuliomagnifico / Reddit

Politics significantly affect this distribution, but it’s interesting to see which countries are the greatest contributors to the global oil supply. No wonder oil exports are so vital to certain countries’ economies… and why they’re not looking for alternatives any time soon.

Largest oil reserves in the world

Speaking of oil, let’s look at what’s hiding just beneath the surface. While some countries take advantage of the crude oil under their land, not all tap into those resources. So, now that we’ve seen who exports the most oil, let’s look at who actually has the most oil.

Saharochok / Reddit

While we’re on the topic, just what the heck is oil? As animals and plants decompose underneath, their organic material mixes with the soil’s deposits. Intense pressures and temperatures shape these remnants into petrol and oil over such a long period of time. So, a plastic dino is technically made out of a dinosaur.

The cryptids of Wales (Also, what’s a cryptid?)

When you hear the word “cryptid,” what comes to mind? Depending on where you live, it could be a bipedal beast (Bigfoot) or a sea serpent (Nessie). In general, a cryptid is an animal not proven by science, though that doesn’t mean it can’t exist.

Image source: NeilParkinsonMakes/Reddit

Platypuses and Komodo dragons were once merely myths. Many of the cryptids shown in the picture stem from legends, and we doubt they’ll all be verified. Still, we can hope that someday another fantastical creature will reveal itself to the world.

Why is Leonardo DiCaprio afraid of the number 25?

After allegedly splitting from his 25-year-old lover Camila Morrone, speculations about Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life have surfaced again. Many memes and gags regarding DiCaprio’s alleged unwillingness to date anybody older than 25 were published on the internet as a result of the revelation.

everywhere_anyhow / Reddit

This threw social networks into a frenzy. Over the duration of his acting career, the Titanic, Don’t Look Up, and The Great Gatsby star has been in a variety of notable romances, but it appears that the now 47-year-old actor has never truly dated anyone past the age of 25.

A short glossary of geological terms

Non-geologists may find a certain amount of terminology and words that geologists are using to explain the Earth to be unfamiliar or incomprehensible. Knowing the meaning of these terms can help you better comprehend, for example, how well the thermal water systems work.

MrJones- / Reddit

Also, you will be aware of the difference between a cape and a bay, a strait and a channel, a beach, and a sound, and a marsh and a bog. It’s quite easy to confuse these terms, but they mean totally different things.