Before The Palace: A Look Back At The Toronto Bachelorette Pad Meghan Markle Left Behind For Royalty

By Ruby M January 8, 2024

This article was originally published on mydiwise

She was a classic Hollywood dream-chaser before Meghan Markle dazzled as a duchess. Long before Buckingham Palace, she staked her claim in the realm of Tinseltown, doing so with style! The star shone brightly on the TV show Suits, where she flawlessly portrayed the sharp-witted attorney Rachel Zane. As we rewind to those pre-palace days, we find Meghan in the most unexpected places—Toronto, Canada. Forget the palace’s grandeur; she was living her best life as a bachelorette! Long before a world of red carpets and tiaras, Markle knew how to embrace life’s simple pleasures. Her Toronto abode, now famous in its own right, was a world apart from her regal lifestyle. It’s a story of two worlds—one where she was Rachel Zane by day and another where she could blend into the crowd, enjoying the charm of the city, far from the pomp and pageantry of palace life. Join us as we explore the home Meghan left behind when she became royalty.

A Gift From Suits

During her solo years in Canada, Meghan transformed a modest three-bedroom, two-bathroom house into her dream home. While Meghan didn’t own this $1.395 million property, simple yet elegant touches gave it a warm and inviting feel. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Lucky girl, the Suits team rented her charming abode for her while she was filming. It was a brief stroll to the set’s location. She likely slept like a queen in this room, perhaps even exchanging texts with Prince Harry during their budding romance.

It was Her Very Own Dreamscape

The pristine, contemporary, all-white interior served as a perfect backdrop, complementing Meghan’s elegant taste while also allowing her to get creative and decorate the interior to her heart’s desire – and she did just that, transforming the space into her very own dreamscape.

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

The main bedroom, fit for a future princess, featured a large spacious bay window, bathing the room in natural light and a subtle, muted color palette that could easily be refreshed with some new cushions and a throw.

An Artistic Touch in the Main Bedroom

In her elegant rented space, Meghan added her personal flair to every nook and cranny – the bedroom is no different. Despite knowing it wasn’t a permanent stay, she aimed to make it as cozy and homey as she possibly could.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Her main bedroom got a makeover with neutral tones and light wood, embracing a traditional Scandinavian style. The tastefully hung portrait above her bed added just the right amount of artistic elegance to the room, tying in perfectly with the rest of the home.

Her Furry Roommates Even Had Their Own Rooms!

As any Meghan Markle fanatic will know, the dog-lover had two beloved rescues, Guy and Bogart, often featured in her now-deleted Instagram account. As you can see in this photograph, her beloved furry companions also had their own self-appointed rooms.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Unlike her master bedroom, this spare room displayed touches of gray to compliment the white walls, and judging by the unmade bed – her doggies had a restless night chasing each other about. But, more on the spare bedrooms later.

She’s Always Been a Proud Fashionista, and This Closet Shows It

Meghan, a connoisseur of all things chic, has proudly worn her love for fashion. Her passion for style isn’t exactly a well-guarded secret – she once ran a blog that dished out the juiciest nuggets on food, travel, beauty, and fashion. 

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

When she first laid eyes on her master bedroom in the Suits studio-rented house, we can only imagine the giddy thrill that swept through her. The gigantic closet was a runway dream come true, with six sections tailor-made for her designer ensembles and shoe collection.

She’s Always Had a Knack for Sharing Stunning Prepping Moments

But that’s not all. Meghan, enchanted by the wardrobe wonderland, decided to take it up a notch by adding a charming dressing table to savor the glamour of getting ready. It’s the space that could make any fashionista’s heart skip a beat.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Being a fan of fun and unique photo ops, she has always had a knack for sharing stunning prepping moments. In a now-deleted pic, she’s caught applying lipstick in her master bedroom, right in front of that fabulous closet.

We’re In Love with Her Shoe Collection!

Speaking of her magnificent six-sectioned closet, let’s take a moment to admire this shoe collection befitting of royalty. In this photograph, we can see four rows of gorgeous shoes – but, honestly, there’s probably much more the camera didn’t capture – and many more pairs in her closet now!

Image courtesy of Hello Magazine

After meeting Harry, we wouldn’t be surprised if the prince charmed her with gifts of shoes galore based on her evident shoe addiction – but then again, what girl doesn’t secretly want a shoe collection the size of Meghan’s?

She Was Meticulous Right Down to the Smallest of Details

Right down to the tiniest details, Meghan’s home was perfectly styled. She made use of flowers, vases, glass, books, and beads to bring her charming abode to life – and we have to say she pulled it off very well.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Her favorite flowers are peonies, so her home was meticulously decorated with this flower in various colors in beautiful vases. She also has a love for luxury candles, so she dotted her home with these as well. we can only imagine how fragrant her home must have been.

She Gave Each Room a Personal Touch

The real estate folks selling her home went for the classic white and gray vibe when staging the house, but Meghan had her own ideas to ensure her guests felt at ease during their stay with the former Suits actress. 

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

She personalized each spare bedroom, making them cozy and inviting. As you’ll see in the photographs below, each spare room consisted of enough books to fill a rather extensive library – giving her guests some reading to unwind before bed.

Her Guest Rooms were a Hit!

Her guest rooms were a hit with people and the pups, too – as we previously stated, her dogs enjoyed making themselves home in Meghan’s spare bedrooms. Just look at how content Guy the Beagle looks. Oh, to be Meghan’s dogs!

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

We simply love the aesthetic created by the piles of books. Meghan even added little pot plants on the top of each pile, creating a homey and natural feel. As if a nod to her perfectionism, the books are all color-coded, too!

She Even Color-Coded the Books!

Taking a peek inside one of the spare rooms (that once again Guy has made into his own personal bedroom), we can see that the color coding has continued throughout the room; on every shelf, there is a different color. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

We wonder if the dogs demanded bedtime stories; we can just imagine how adorable it must have been – Meghan sitting on the bed with her pups, reading out loud so they could enjoy the magical stories between the pages of the books.

Her Home Not Only Belonged to Herself But her Two Dogs As Well

Meghan’s living room, the cozy heart of her Toronto home, was not only a sanctuary for the actress but also for her beloved rescue dog, Bogart. In an endearing scene, Bogart was often spotted lounging on the comfortable couch amid an array of plush scatter cushions. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

This snapshot captures the essence of a dog living their best life, a testament to Meghan’s love and care for her four-legged companion. It’s a touching glimpse of the warmth and happiness that permeated her home.

Bathing in the Lap of Luxury

While living in her Toronto bachelorette pad, Meghan probably spent most of her time on set – but at least she got to enjoy her two bathrooms during her time off, probably bathing in the lap (or, in this case, bath) of luxury. 

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

Although the realtors spruced up the bathroom in the picture above, we can easily picture the duchess indulging in that spacious bathtub and luxurious-looking shower. At the same time, her trusty canine companions kept watch to ensure their loving owner’s safety while she relaxed.

The Tables Were Often Turned…

At times, the tables were turned, and instead of Meghan basking in her luxury-sized bathtub, her furry pals received an extra bubbly bath (or perhaps just tolerated it, judging by their less-than-enthused expressions below). If we were in their place, there’d be nothing to complain about.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Meghan cherished her two rescue dogs, but when she moved to the UK to be with her prince, she had to bid farewell to Bogart. She mentioned in her post-engagement interview that he moved in with a dear friend. She must miss her loyal dog so much.

This Magnificent Home Even Had a Really Cool Basement!

Meghan’s Toronto abode wasn’t just about the fab open-plan living and dining area and three luxurious bedrooms – it also came with a cool basement. This extra space significantly affected the house’s hefty price tag of over $1 million.

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

The basement also had direct backyard access. We can imagine the duchess making great use of this extra gem during her single days, adding another layer of charm to her home. One can imagine how much fun can be had decorating this nifty area. 

It’s the Little Things in Life

As we’ve seen based on her decorative taste, Meghan enjoys the little things in life- from the fragrant allure of fresh flowers to the soothing ambiance of scented candles. These are the personal touches that undoubtedly accompany her in her new home, too.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

The difference is that Meghan has gone full circle, most likely having a personal team of decorators at the royal palace and then back to the simple life when she left the Royal family with her beau. We wonder what she prefers deep down.

Even Bogart Loved the Entrance Hall’s Decor

Meghan decided to give her home’s entrance a splash of personality. Friends and family were met with cozy rugs and faux fur at the end of the hallway, making it as welcoming as the rest of her charming and sophisticated abode.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

And we have to say, she aced it! Meghan adorned the walls with gilded frames and laid a vibrant rug to cozy the wooden floors. Even Bogart seemed to approve in this (now deleted) Instagram post by Meghan is anything to go by! 

A Royal Surprise…

For those of you who don’t know the full story, the couple took everyone by surprise in 2021 when the duchess and her husband, Prince Harry, made a bold move by making the decision to step back from their royal obligations. 

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

Their initial destination to move to was Canada, with privacy concerns being the primary driving force behind their decision, leaving royal enthusiasts and observers astounded. Later, in 2021, the couple opened up on Oprah about the lack of support from the royal family – but more on the couple’s story later.

Her Spacious Kitchen was All About Modern Chic

Circling back to her decorating skills, Meghan’s wonderfully designed modern kitchen had many large windows, flooding the room with natural light. This made flipping through recipes and cookbooks a breeze, especially during those gray Toronto winter days while she was filming for Suits.

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

This spacious kitchen was all about modern chic. It boasted a bright open plan, white countertops, sleek stainless steel appliances, and backyard views. No wonder Meghan felt inspired to put on her apron and whip up something delicious!

Meghan Was Quite the Chef Who Loved Cooking Up a Storm!

While it’s safe to assume Meghan’s kitchen skills might have taken a backseat post-marriage to Prince Harry, she was quite the culinary whiz in the past. Her Instagram featured many cooking photos, suggesting she could whip up just about anything.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Given her fantastic kitchen, it’s a safe bet she frequently whipped up feasts for friends when not on set. Even when she ventured outdoors for a grill-off, she relied on her kitchen for prep because, let’s face it, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

It was the Perfect home for Entertaining

Meghan’s old pad at 10 Yarmouth Road in Seaton Village was marketed as a “perfect home for entertaining,” it lives up to the claim. Moving from the living room, you find a dining area perfect for dinner parties, relaxed takeout nights, or unwinding with drinks after a long day.

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

It’s evident while observing this room that it’s been perfectly staged for sale with clean lines and thoughtful furniture selections. However, Meghan’s dining room sported a distinct aesthetic, which we will show you below, setting it apart from the usual preferences.

The Dining Area Was One of her Fave Selfie Spots

Meghan chose a far more relaxed style, making this area the focal point of her home. She frequently shared snapshots and selfies from her dining table, proudly showcasing the homey yet sophisticated space, just like the fun pic shown below.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

As we can see above, Meghan thoroughly enjoyed taking cool selfies around her beautiful Toronto home in Seaton Village. She’s always had a fun demeanor and enjoyed the simple pleasures of uploading a pic to Instagram and interacting with her fans.

The Perks of an Additional Breakfast Nook

Meghan’s former dining room alone could sell the house, but her Canadian home had an additional perk: a cozy breakfast nook where she could savor her morning coffee before the day began. The real estate agency dubbed it the neighborhood’s coolest “luxe eat-in kitchen.”

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

With that fantastic kitchen at her disposal, we can picture Meghan as the hostess with the mostess, whipping up treats for friends when she wasn’t busy with work. Even for a backyard cook-off, the kitchen remained her heart of the home for prep.

Meghan was all about doing it for the ‘Gram

Before she became part of the royal family and bid farewell to her personal social media, Meghan was quite active on Instagram. She shared travel, relaxation, work, and food pics, with her breakfast nook often stealing the Instagram spotlight.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

In the above snap, Meghan showcased a distinct breakfast setup. It sported a cozier, less modern vibe with a larger table, accommodating her meals, fruits, and laptop. We can only imagine how many pics she snapped in that nook—probably hundreds!

A Dramatic Entrance…Hall

Every home needs an entrance, and Meghan’s house had its own private front door leading to a rather dramatic hallway. It was the gateway she strolled through daily before heading to the royal palaces and before shooting the popular series.

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

In these official photos, the hallway may appear a bit unwelcoming, with its hardwood floors, cool white walls, and gray artwork in line with the overall house theme. Yet, Meghan’s personal touch, as approved by her doggo, Bogart, earlier, revealed her color choices were a better fit.

Come Rain, Come Shine, Come Snow – Meghan Was Ready for the Outdoors!

Meghan found a sense of belonging during her time in Toronto, and we can imagine she might occasionally miss those chilly days when she’d accompany Bogart and Guy into the yard, ensuring their needs were met. Rain, shine, or even snow, Meghan relished her outdoor moments.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/@meghanmarkle

In April 2016, Meghan shared this pic on her now-deleted social media handle with the caption, “Time to play in the snow before heading to set.” Her house and yard had indeed become her sanctuary, and who can blame her? It’s a beautiful home.

She Was a Grill Master

During her time in Toronto, Meghan honed her skills as a gracious host, an ability that likely came in handy after joining the royal family. While not hosting grand banquets or international dignitaries, she did frequently invite friends over for barbecue gatherings.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Meghan was just as adept in her yard as she was in the kitchen. She’d fire up her Egg Barbecue and whip up outdoor feasts, fully embracing her outdoor area. The actress proudly displays her grilled fish and veggies in this Instagram pic.

The Dogs Loved The Backyard, Too!

Of course, her little rescues enjoyed her backyard just as much as she did (if not probably more). Guy and Bogart made themselves at home, lounging on the outdoor furniture as if it was purchased solely for them and their entertainment.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

We can imagine the sunny afternoon where this pic was taken; it was probably a restful Sunday – Meghan would have been preparing for her friends to come over for a BBQ, and the dogs kept her company while she lit up the grill. Sounds like the perfect day to us.

A Beautiful Yard Indeed

Since Meghan deleted her Instagram account before joining the Royal family (and then leaving it shortly after, along with her beau, Harry), you won’t find this pic on her profile – but with such picturesque trees as a backdrop, we totally get why she captured this stunning moment.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

The above picture reveals Meghan’s personal touch in her outdoor space. She adorned the paved area with trendy, monochromatic furniture featuring black and white stripes (as seen in the previous pic). You can easily picture her relaxing there with a glass of wine, going over her Suits script!

The Toronto Home Had a Compact Yet Multifaceted Design

What made Meghan’s Toronto yard special was its compact yet multifaceted design. It featured trees, greenery, and dog-friendly grass and offered paved and decked areas, making it a charming, multi-functional outdoor space. Many folks would be ecstatic to live there.

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

Meghan’s Toronto garden allowed her to unwind, possibly tend to a few herbs, or simply relish the sight of falling leaves. Judging by her old Instagram posts, it’s evident that she cherished spending ample time outdoors in this splendid space.

She Frequently Hosted Gatherings in This Very Yard

During her time in Toronto, Meghan frequently hosted gatherings in her yard, which might have even included Prince Harry. It’s known that she had a penchant for entertaining, and what better place to do so than in the great outdoors?

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

Meghan’s yard, surrounded by tall trees and hedges, provided her with the privacy to enjoy without prying eyes from the neighbors. It offered ample space for her guests to relax and enjoy the party. And, of course, being with friends requires a barbecue. As we saw earlier, Meghan knew how to get her grill on!

She Even Had a Double Garage

Despite living in the heart of Toronto, Meghan’s three-bedroom house had a suburban touch with its own backyard. While not as extensive as her LA spaces, it was her private outdoor haven, and she definitely relished it. She often posted pictures of her yard.

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

To top it off, she had a double car garage – these bonuses made her house quite a catch. While her outdoor space wasn’t extensively decorated, it served her needs, especially for her dogs, which required a safe play area.

She Loved her Down Time

Meghan relished those cherished moments on her cozy sofa with a glass of wine, once shared with her rescue companions, Guy and Bogart (who had since moved to the UK and with friends when Meghan made her move after her engagement to Prince Harry). 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Let’s take it back a notch, starting when the couple got engaged. Amidst months of fervent speculation and rumors, Clarence House officially confirmed Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement on November 27, 2017, bringing their romance into the public spotlight.

The Royal Announcement

“His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle,” the statement read. “His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle became engaged in London earlier this month.” It was news that surprised people.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

“Prince Harry has informed Her Majesty The Queen and other close members of his family. Prince Harry has also sought and received the blessing of Ms. Markle’s parents.” They had a formal interview with BBC and participated in a celebratory photoshoot to mark the joyous occasion.

Leaving Legal…

Furthermore, Meghan confirmed reports of her departure from the legal drama series Suits on USA Network after seven seasons. Addressing questions about leaving her career behind, she stated, “I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change.”

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

“It’s a new chapter. And keep in mind I’ve been working on my show for seven years. For me, once we hit the 100-episode marker, I thought, “I’ve ticked this box, and I feel really proud of the work we’ve done there.”

The Wedding Was a Magical Affair

Approximately half a year following their engagement, Prince Harry and Meghan exchanged vows in a wedding held at St. George’s Chapel within the enchanting Windsor Castle. The spotlight naturally gravitated towards the bride, who graced the occasion in an elegant boatneck dress created by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

The guest list was a star-studded affair, boasting around 600 attendees. Among these familiar faces were athletes and celebrities such as Serena Williams, George and Amal Clooney, Elton John, and even the queen of talk shows, Oprah herself – in the flesh.

Even Oprah Was in Awe

Everyone was impressed. When speaking about the extravagant and romantic experience, Oprah remarked in the August 2018 edition of O, The Oprah Magazine, “You couldn’t be in that chapel, or even watching from afar, and not feel the power of love.”

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

“I can’t wait to see the goodness that will come from their union. Goodness that I know for sure will help change the way the world thinks about what is possible, even more than it already has.” Oprah was quoted saying.

Soon After, Even Bigger News Surfaced – The Family Was Growing!

On October 15, 2018, the couple embarked on their first official royal tour, mirroring Harry’s parents’ tradition. The 16-day journey took them through Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, and Tonga. As they landed in Sydney, even bigger news surfaced…

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pleased to announce that The Duchess is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019,” stated Kensington Palace. “They have appreciated all the support received since their May wedding and are delighted to share this happy news with the public.”

After Leaving the Royal Family, They Moved to LA

After a brief time in Vancouver Island, Meghan and her little family relocated to Los Angeles, California, in 2021. There, they celebrated their son’s first birthday and lent their time and presence during the pandemic to Project Angel Food, a nonprofit organization. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@meghanmarkle

The organization’s executive director shared, “What Meghan said is she wanted to show Harry Los Angeles through the eyes of philanthropy.” Their involvement reflects the “great deal of love and selflessness between them,” demonstrating their commitment to giving back.

Meghan’s Toronto Home Sold for a Whopping $1.6 Million!

Meghan’s former home in Canada was sold for $1.6 million. Before becoming part of the royal family, the actress-gone-royal-gone-rogue spent many wonderful days in her beautifully designed and decorated home. We can only think of her many treasured memories there.

Image courtesy of Freeman Real Estate

Putting her love for her prince charming aside, we wonder if she ever reminisces about her former Toronto abode, where she lived with the adorable Guy and Bogart, reading her abundance of books, cooking up a storm, entertaining guests, and, of course, prepping for her role on Suits.